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Published on July 23, 2009

Author: jericm


The Various Types of Letters : The Various Types of Letters English 323: Technical Writing Types of Letters: Inquiry : Types of Letters: Inquiry I: Begin by telling the recipient who you are and giving your status or position (such as student, researcher, interested consumer, etc.), and tell how you found out about the individual or entity that you are writing to. B: Clearly state as specifically as possible the purpose of your inquiry and what you would like the recipient to do to help you accomplish your goal. If appropriate, flatter the recipient without going overboard (perhaps mention the recipient’s qualifications for responding to your inquiry). C: Include the date by which you need the information, services, etc., that you are requesting, and indicate that you await the reader’s response. Thank the recipient for his/her time. Types of Letters: More Tips : Types of Letters: More Tips Be courteous. By making this request you are imposing on the reader’s time and/or resources. Do your homework first. Don’t inquire about something you could find out by other means. Also, the more you know about the organization, the more impressive your letter will be. Clarify that you are not soliciting or trying to sell the recipient anything. Your letter can be fairly short, but it should be long enough to adequately explain what it is that you are inquiring about and what you want the reader to do in response to your letter. Be patient. Give at least a couple of weeks for the recipient to respond to your inquiry before you send a follow-up letter or make a follow-up phone call. If appropriate, you may want to mention that you will keep confidential any information provided. Make it easy. Offer to pay for any needed photocopies or mailing costs. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and necessary forms, questionnaires, or other documents. Include contact information, such as your cell or home phone number or e-mail address, and when the recipient can contact you. When the recipient responds, send a quick note to express your appreciation, telling how the information helped you. Offer to share your information on the subject, research, resources, etc. Types of Letters: Complaint : Types of Letters: Complaint Also called a Claim Letter I: politely state problem; include pertinent information (serial numbers, dates, names) B: explain in detail—don’t be general; after documenting the claim, state what you want & why C: end positively, professionally with good will and confidence of company’s integrity; include contact info Types of Letters: Good/Bad : Types of Letters: Good/Bad Good News Letter I: immediate, positive word usage B: exactly what has justified the commendation C: what you plan next, when, why the date is important; include contact info Bad-News Letter I: buffer—language the reader can accept B: preface your assertions with quantifiable proof C: positive note; include contact info Types of Letters: Buffers : Types of Letters: Buffers Agreement: find a point on which you and the reader share similar views Appreciation: express sincere thanks Cooperation: convey your willingness to help Fairness: assure the reader that you’ve considered all aspects of the situation Good news: start with the part of your message that is favorable Praise: compliment an achievement or an attribute Understanding: demonstrate that you understand the reader’s need Types of Letters: Adjustment : Types of Letters: Adjustment 100% Yes I: state that you agree and will honor the request B: explain what happened, why, and how the problem will be avoided in the future C: resell, upbeat; include contact info 100% No I: buffer; positive B: explain what happened with facts and figures; deliver bad news C: upbeat with alternatives; include contact info Partial I: good news first B: what happened, then bad news C: resell; include contact info Now you should be ready for your quiz on The Letter : Now you should be ready for your quiz on The Letter Be sure to read about the letter in your text book starting on page 104.

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