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Published on February 14, 2008

Author: Raimondo


The Legend Of Theseus:  The Legend Of Theseus Slide2:  MAIN CHARACTERS Slide3:  Who is… Theseus Said to be the greatest Athenian hero, Theseus developed quite a reputation through his many adventures, that a saying famous saying came out of it, “nothing without Theseus.” He was the son of the Athenian King, Aegeus. Theseus spent his youth in southern Greece with his mother. Once he grew up to be big and strong, he lifted the rock his father had placed over a special sword and shoes, and then left to find the King, and gain status of a hero as quickly as possible, and therefore chose to take the more difficult and monster ridden path through the mountain. He is well known for killing the legendary Minotaur, who you will hear about later. Slide4:  Who is… Medea The heroine of the Golden Fleece Quest, and Aegeus’s personal sorcerer, it was her idea to poison the cup Theseus would drink out of at the banquet, which failed when the King recognized the sword who could have been no one else but his son, and rightful heir to the throne. Slide5:  Who is… King Aegeus of Argos Father of the revered hero Theseus, he left his child and wife early on, but not before leaving some shoes and a special sword covered by a massive stone. If he were to have a boy, who grew up to be big and strong, and could manage to remove the rock he would then travel to the King’s court and he would recognize the sword, which would tell him that it is indeed his true son and future heir to the throne. Slide6:  Powerful ruler of Crete, whose son, Androgeus, was visiting the Athenian King. Aegeus had sent Androgeus on a mission of extreme danger to kill a horrible bull. Quite the opposite happened and Minos son was sent to a most certain death, and bit the dust. Minos, enraged, invaded the country, and demanded that every nine years seven maidens and seven servants be offered as a sacrifice to the minotaur, or he would raze the city. WHERE’S MINO?! Slide7:  Minotaur is a cruel monster that is half human, half bull, the offspring of Mino’s wife Pusiphae, and a wonderfully beautiful bull. This was punishment from the sea-god Poseidon who gave Mino a bull to offer as sacrifice, which instead he kept as a pet. Instead of killing the brutal creature, Mino asked Daedalus, a great architect and inventor, to build a place where the monster could live yet never escape, and be able to feast on helpless prey. MINOTAUR Slide8:  Who is… Ariadne Minos daughter, Ariadne instantly fell in love with Theseus when she saw him being taken to the labyrinth. She then summoned the help of Daedalus, the original architect, to develop a way for Theseus to escape the maze. Ariadne explained her plan to Theseus and “bring about his escape” only if he agreed to take her back to Athens where they would marry. Slide9:  Who is… Antiope Theseus wife, an Amazon woman, bore his son Hippotyls, and played a part in the horrific accident at Pirithious’s wedding, which is mentioned later in the actual tale. Slide10:  Who is… Pirithous During the Calydanian Hunt (where King of Calydon called upon Greece’s best warriors to kill a psychotic rampaging boar) Theseus saved his life, and they became best friends. Later in their relationship Pirithous stole some of Theseus’s cattle to create a fight and see who was the better man. When the actual confrontation took place, he suddenly forgot everything due to his admiration of Theseus, and said he would take any penalty put upon him by Theseus, who in turn only asked for his friendship. Pirithous was the King of Lapithae and during his wedding (where Theseus was his best man) drunken Centaurs (half-man half-horse creatures) came and started harassing the women and tried carrying away the bride. They were eventually driven out of the country, but his wife had died in the struggle. Slide11:  Who is… Phaedra Theseus’s second wife, and Ariadne’s sister, Phaedra was put under a spell by Aphrodite that made her fall madly in love with Hippolytus, and led to her suicide, Hippolytus being banished, and a horrible wretched sadness that consumed Theseus himself. Slide12:  Who is… Aphrodite The goddess of love, beauty, and romance, who was angry at Hippotlys for his disgust of women kind, and belief that romance was silly and immature. To get back at him and ruin his whole family, she cast a spell on Phaedra to fall in love with Hippotlys. Slide13:  Who is… Hippotylus The son of Theseus and Antiope, he despised Aphrodite and believed romance as a waste of time for those with no purpose in life. He had a very “intimate” relationship with his father, which was later destroyed by the evil-doings of Aphrodite. The Story of Theseus:  The Story of Theseus Theseus, Which was one of the greatest war heroes in Athens, was son of the Athenian King, Aegeus. Even though his father was the King, he grew up he grew up with his mother in the south of Greece. Before Theseus was born Aegeus said, that if his child was to be a boy, to send him to the rock were his father set under a pair of boots and a sword and if he was to succeed then to send him to my Kingdom.. Slide15:  Theseus was born and he had reached manhood. The time came for him to acquire the possessions that his father had left which he did with great ease. Theseus left to seed his father on the very dangerous road that led to Athens were he came upon Bandits, Sciron, Sinis, and Procrustes. These characters took their Pleasure in torturing and hurting others. What these men did to others, Theseus returned the favor with great pleasure. Theseus had finally reached Athens but when he got there he didn't predict the welcoming that he received.Medea, being an evil sorceress, knew who Theseus was and didn’t want the influence that she had over Aegeus. So she told Aegeus, not knowing that Theseus was his son, to poison him. Right before Aegeus was going to give Theseus the poison, he recognized the sword that Theseus was carrying and instantly knew that that was his son.Medea escaped to Asia never to be seen again Slide16:  While being part of his fathers Kingdom, Theseus hears the obligation, that his father and Athens have to King Minos of Crete. So Theseus decides to rescue his people. It is said that Minos son had died being a guest in Aegeus’s household. When King Mino found out the two Kingdoms went to war and Aegeus lost. So every nine years Aegeus had to send seven of his Athenian boys and seven of his Athenian girls to get sacrificed to the evil half-man half-bull Minotaur.So Theseus decided to challenge this and offer himself as a sacrifice to the Minotaur, only knowing that he would succeed. When Theseus arrived in Crete to battle he met the enemies daughter, Ariadne, and they both fell instantly in-love with each other Slide17:  Despising and loathing her own father, Ariadne,with the help of her friend Daedalus, gave Theseus a spool of golden thread that he could use to find his way in and out of the the Labyrith Maze were Minotaur crept. When Theseus finally found Minotaur he was in a deep slumber, so Theseus jumped on and beat Minotaur to a pulp with his fists. The battle was over and Theseus used the golden thread to find his way back, rescue his beloved Ariadne, and sail away in his ship. On their way back to Athens Ariadne wanted to stop on the island of Naxos, while she was there, a violent wind started to blow which carried Theseus out to see. When he returned to come back for his beloved he had found he already dead. Being afflicted so badly by losing his love he forgot to lower the black flag and raise the left, so when his father saw the ship coming upon Athens and that his son had “died” the King commit suicide not knowing that his son wasn’t really dead. Slide18:  Theseus became the new king of Athens. He was a very different ruler than his father were he wanted a peoples government and to were all people were created equal. Theseus had many small adventures, He helped Oedipus while on his death bed and took care of his daughters, and he also saved Hercules from killing himself and killing his family. He journeyed to the Amazon jungle were he took away with him the Queen of the Amazons and the borer of his child Hippolyta(Antiope). When their son was born the Amazons came back for their Queen in which there was a battle, and Theseus won. They never returned again. Slide19:  Theseus sailed to Argo to find the Golden Fleece. He took part in the Calydonian Hunt, were he was to kill the great boar and also saved his best friend Pirithous. When Pirithous, who was King of Lapithae, decided to get married, Theseus was his best man and the wedding feast was not as they expected and went horribly wrong. The Centaurs,vicious half-man half-horse beasts, invade the wedding seizing the women and killing the bride of Pirithous. The battle was fierce and gruesome but the Lapithae eventually drove the beasts out of the country with the help of Theseus at the end. The last and only conquest the two would under take would be their last and only. After Pirithous’s unsuccessful marriage took a devastating turn he decided to pursue the wife of the Lord of the Under world, Persephone. Slide20:  As Theseus and Pirithous begin their journey to the underworld,Hades, already knew about their plan and to his amusement decided to play with them and not kill them because they were already in the realm of the undead. Hades invited them as a friendly gesture to come and sit in his presence,but, what the two heroes didn’t know was that Hades was tricking them to sit in the seat of Forgetfulness, to were they would forget every thing, mind becoming blank and paralyzed for all of eternity. Luckily, the big, strong, Hercules came to Theseus’s rescue and saved him but for Pirithous they could not, for that was the price he had to pay, to try and take away Persephone. Slide21:  In the last years of Theseus’s life he met and fell in love with Ariadne’s sister, Phaedra. This union would forever demolish Thesues, Phaedra, and his son Hippolytus. When Theseus and Phaedra returned to his old home to reunite with his son, Phaedra became totally in love and infatuated with Hippolytus, but on the other hand Hippolytus was completely disgusted with the thought of this affection with any women and loathed Phaedra. But this was not all Phaedra’s fault, Aphrodite was behind it all, she was angry at Hippolytus for scorning her and despising her that she decided to punish him with great pleasure. With knowing that Hippolytus will ever love her or any women, Phaedra kills herself and leaves a note to Theseus saying that Hippolytus had raped and destroyed her with dark intentions. Slide22:  Not knowing that it is all a lie and not believing his son, Theseus curses and exiles Hippolytus to were he meets his death and is devoured by a hideous sea monster. Artemis arrives in the presence of Theseus and tells him that everything was a lie, only being too late, because Hippolytus is already dead. Being in complete despair and loss by his own blind actions of his sons death, Theseus leave Athens to visit his friend, King Lycomedes, for comfort to were he is, Mysteriously, killed by Lycomedes.

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