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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: linkedin-talent-solutions



Recruiting expert, Lou Adler, shares what’s going on in the minds of professionals today. Click through to learn how satisfied they are with their jobs, and what motivates both passive and active candidates to accept new offers.

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Recruiting, Staffing and Hiring 2014 Trends and Some Wild ‘n Crazy Ideas

Agenda and Objectives One Review LinkedIn Survey Results 2013-2014 on Job Satisfaction and Job-seeking Behavior Two Using Career Zones to Develop Sourcing and Recruiting Strategies Three Implement a 50-30-20 Sourcing Plan to See/Hire the Best Available, not the Best Who Applies Four Avoid the “Vicious Cycle” to Maximize Attraction, Retention and Performance

Satisfaction Over Time 31% 46% 12% 4% 7% 38% 41% 9% 9% 3% Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied 2010 201378% vs. 79%

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Very ActiveTiptoersExplorersSuper Passive Time GrowthandImpact Extraordinary Career Move Significant Career Move Much Better Job Lateral Transfer Career Zones & Job-seeking

2013 Career Zones 23% 13% 43% 21% Job Hunting Status by Career Zone Active Tiptoer Explorer Passive

Satisfaction by Career Zone 45% 9% 4% 1% 44% 53% 29% 19% 4% 3% 16% 21% 25% 25% 8% 22% 46% 55% 72% Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Zone 1 - Passive Zone 2 - Explorers Zone 3 - Tiptoers Zone 4 - Active 38% 41% 9% 9% 3%

Job-Seeking Behavior Over Time 28% 40% 15% 17% 21% 43% 13% 23% Zone 1 Passive Zone 2 Explorers Zone 3 Tiptoers Zone 4 Active 2010 2013 68% vs. 64% 32% vs. 36%

Job Satisfaction by Seniority 48% 38% 29% 36% 44% 42% 6% 8% 11% 8% 8% 12% 2% 2% 5% NAMER Director+ NAMER Manager NAMER Individual Contributor NAMER Job Satisfaction by Seniority Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied

Use Career Zones to Reposition Your Opportunity Time GrowthandImpact Accelerated Growth High Job Satisfaction Fully- employed Zone 1 Slowing Growth Adequate Job Satisfaction Fully- employed Zone 2 Flat Growth Lower Job Satisfaction Fully- employed Zone 3 Declining Growth Lower Job Satisfaction Under- employed Zone 4 Very ActiveTiptoersExplorersSuper Passive 21% 43% 13% 23% 30% Solution: Max Use of Time There is more risk in not looking. Speed: change jobs as soon as possible! Optimize Best Career Opportunity

Implement a 50-30-20 Sourcing Program 20%30%50%

Use Career Zones to Reposition Your Opportunity Going Towards Strategy More Passive Advanced Recruiting Going Away Strategy More Active Basic Recruiting

Positive Motivators Negative Motivators IntrinsicExtrinsic Career Maximization Learn – Do – Become Helping others Team – Hiring Manager Company or Mission Slow growth Work mix not satisfying Not part of team Mission not important Cultural misfit Low salary Bad boss Not appreciated Deteriorating business Economic need Compensation Max Short-term Rewards Contests, Bonus Big Title - Big Brand Ego need GETTING DOING & BECOMING Marketing, Recruiting & Retention

Great Ads: Capture Intrinsic Motivator McFrank & Williams Advertising Agency, Inc.

Compelling Email to Prospects • Going-away or Going-towards? • Capture intrinsic motivator • Focus on what person can do, learn, or become • Describe impact • Email 1st, don’t call • Make it viral

Summary and Q&A Key Points  While job-satisfaction is on the rise, employees are more open to consider switching jobs.  Senior managers are more satisfied and less likely to move.  55% of the Very Satisfied are still open to change jobs!  Career Zones can guide recruiting strategies programs.  Implement a “Going-towards” recruiting program focused on long-term positive motivators

Lou’s whitepaper and analysis of the report are coming out in a few weeks. In the meantime, download the research this webinar was based on:

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