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Published on December 3, 2008

Author: AnneOsman


Chapter 4Prefixes : Chapter 4Prefixes Divide words into parts. Relate the words to the structure and function of the body. Be aware of spelling and punctuation problems. COMBINING FORMS : COMBINING FORMS carp/o cib/o cis/o cost/o cutane/o dactyl/o duct/o flex/o gloss/o glyc/o immun/o wrist meals to cut rib skin fingers, toes to lead, carry to bend tongue sugar protection COMBINING FORMS : COMBINING FORMS morph/o mort/o nat/i nect/o norm/o ox/o pub/o seps/o somn/o son/o shape death birth bind, tie, connect rule, order oxygen pubis/ anterior part of pelvic or hipbone infection sleep sound COMBINING FORMS : COMBINING FORMS the/o thel/o thyr/o top/o tox/o trache/o urethr/o to put nipple shield place, position poison trachea, windpipe urethra SUFFIXES : SUFFIXES -blast -cyesis -drome -fusion -gen -lapse -lysis -meter -mission -or embryonic, immature pregnancy to run coming together; to pour producing, forming to slide, fall, sag breakdown, separation, loosening to measure to send one who SUFFIXES : SUFFIXES -partum -phoria -physis -plasia -plasm -pnea -ptosis -rhea -stasis -trophy birth, labor bear, carry; mental state to grow development, formation development, formation breathing droop, sag, prolapse flow, discharge stop, control, place nourishment, development PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY a-, an- apnea anoxia ab – abnormal abductor ad – adductor adrenal glands No, not, without Not breathing Not enough oxygen Away from Not normal A muscle that moves a limb away from the body Toward A muscle that moves a limb towards the body Small glands that sit on top of the kidneys PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY ana- anabolism ante- ante cibum (a.c.) antepartum anti- antisepsis antibiotic antigen up, apart the constructive part of metabolism before, forward before eating before birth against fighting infection a substance that inhibits or destroys life. a foreign substance that causes an immune response PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY auto- autoimmune bi- bilateral brady- bradycardia cata- catabolism self, own relating to antibodies that attack tissues of the body producing them two relating to the right and left sides of the body slow slow heartbeat down the destructive part of metabolism PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY con- congential anomaly connective contra- contraindication de- dehydration with, together an abnormal condition present at birth binding together against, opposite a symptom or condition that makes a particular treatment inadvisable down, lack of lack of water in body tissues PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY dia- diameter diarrhea dialysis dys- dyspnea -ec, -ecto ectopic pregnancy through, complete a line through the middle of a circle frequent, liquid bowel movements a procedure that removes wastes from the blood bad, painful, difficult, abnormal difficultly breathing out, outside pregancy outside the uterus PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY en-, endo- endocardium endoscope endotracheal tube eu- euphoria euthyroid ex- exopthalmos in, within a membrane that lines the heart an illuminated tubular instrument for visualizing the interior of a hollow organ a tube placed through the mouth into the trachea good, normal exaggerated feeling of well-being normal thyroid function out, away from protrusion of the eyeball PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY hemi- hemiglossectomy hyper- hyperglycemia hyperplasia hypertrophy hypo- hypodermic hypoglycemia half removing half of the tongue excessive, above high blood sugar increase in number of cells increase in size of cells deficient, under under the skn low blood sugar PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY hemi- hemiglossectomy hyper hyperglycemia hyperplasia hypertrophy hypo hypodermic hypoglycemia half excision of one side of the tongue excessive, above high blood sugar increase in cell numbers (tumor) increase in size of cells deficient, under under the skin low blood sugar PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY in- insomniac in- incision infra- infracostal inter- intercostal intra- intravenous (I.V.) not unable to sleep into, within cutting into beneath beneath the ribs between between two ribs into, within into a vein PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY macro- macrocephaly mal- malignant malaise meta- metacarpal bones metastasis micro- microscope large an abnormally large head bad cancerous nonspecific bodily discomfort beyond, change hand bones between the wrist and the fingers a cancerous tumor that has spread to a new location small an instrument for viewing very small objects PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY neo- neonatal period Neoplasm pan- pancytopenia para- Paralysis per- percutaneous new first 28 days of life a new abnormal growth of tissue (tumor) all deficiency of erythrocytes, leukocytes, & thrombocytes abnormal, beside, near disruption of the connection between nerve and muscle (nerve cannot cause movement) through through the skin PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY peri- pericardium poly- polyneuritis post- postmortem postpartum pre- precancerous prenatal surrounding a membrane surrounding the heart many, much inflammation of several nerves at the same time after, behind after death after birth before tending to become cancerous before birth PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY pro- prodrome prolapse pseudo- pseudocyesis re- relapse remission before, forward symptom occurring before an illness a body part falling from its usual position false false pregnancy back, again return of symptoms after apparent recovery symptoms improve and patient feels better PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY retro- retroperitoneal retroflexion sub- subcutaneous supra- supraorbital syn- synthesis syndrome behind, backward behind the peritoneum abnormal backward tilt under under the skin above above the orbit of the eye together, with production of a substance a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY symmetry asymmetrical tachy- tachycardia trans- transfusion equality of parts on opposite sides of the body lack of similarity between opposite parts fast abnormally rapid heartbeat across, through transferring blood form one person to another PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY : PREFIXES and TERMINOLOGY ultra- ultrasonography uni unilateral beyond, excess using ultrasound to examine structures one one-sided

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