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Published on December 3, 2008

Author: AnneOsman


Chapter 3SUFFIXES : Chapter 3SUFFIXES ADDITIONS TO THE ENDS OF WORDS COMBINING FORMS : COMBINING FORMS Slide 3: COMBINING FORMS Slide 4: COMBINING FORMS Slide 5: SUFFIXES SUFFIXES : SUFFIXES --ptosis blepharoptosis --sclerosis arteriosclerosis --scope laparoscope = drooping = drooping of an upper eyelid = hardening = hardening of an artery = instrument for visual examination = instrument for visual examination of the abdomen Slide 7: SUFFIXES --stasis hemostasis --stomy tracheostomy --therapy chemotherapy = stopping, controlling = stopping blood flow = opening to form a “mouth” = surgical opening into the throat = treatment = using a chemical to treat disease SUFFIXES : SUFFIXES -tomy laparotomy -trophy hypertrophy atrophy = incision, cut into = incision through abdominal wall = development, nourishment = excessive development = cells decrease in size SHORT NOUN SUFFIXES : SHORT NOUN SUFFIXES -er radiographer -ia pneumonia leukemia = person who does = technologist who assists in making x-rays = condition = inflammation of the alveoli of the lungs = excessive number of white blood cells SHORT NOUN SUFFIXES : SHORT NOUN SUFFIXES -ist nephrologist -ole, -ule arteriole venule -um, -ium pericardium -y nephropathy = specialist = kidney specialist = small = small artery = small vein = structure, tissue, thing = a membrane that surrounds the heart = condition, process = disease of the kidneys ADJECTIVE SUFFIXESmeaning “pertaining to” : ADJECTIVE SUFFIXESmeaning “pertaining to” ADJECTIVE SUFFIXESmeaning “pertaining to” : ADJECTIVE SUFFIXESmeaning “pertaining to” cardiac peritoneal tonsillar pulmonary laryngeal chronic adipose mucous necrotic heart peritoneum tonsils lungs larynx continuing for a long time fat mucus death

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