The Krunkles ISBI: Chapter Six

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Published on February 2, 2014

Author: SuperFrog4


Welcome back to the Krunkles ISBI! Last time, our founder, Rob, died. Sour had to rush through university in order to come home and be torch holder. Birthdays were had. And some main line generation three! Hooray! If none of that sounds familiar, I recommend taking a look back.

We rejoin the family to find Serdar bonding with his newborn son, Rhubarb. “There you go, little fella, a nice comfy floor for you to lay on,” Serdar’s not really used to this whole parenting thing.

Not when he has other things on his mind, anyway. “I’M SO HUNGRY.” “Weren’t you just standing in front of the fridge?”

Luckily, not everyone in the house is as useless with kids as Serdar. Hari’s practically a saint in comparison. “AGAIN, UNCLE!”

“I like you, kid. Make sure you grow up to be as awesome as me!” As helpful as Hari is around the house, I can’t keep him here…

Hari’s got a future to get to! He’s off to college, where he graduates from uncontrollable to fully controllable. We’ll catch up with him later.

Sour did try to see him off, but apparently, hanging out in the rooms with sun lamps is too much work, and she passes out from a lack of sunlight. This happens far too often.

The day, once Sour has sorted herself out, is Rhubarb’s birthday, and we finally get to see what kind of kids Sour and Serdar make. “Ew, I’m smelly!” Unfortunately, Rhubarb is not the only person in the house who has to be fed and cleaned.

He’s cute! I’m not going to sit here guessing which parent gave him which features, as I’m not really sure. Best of luck with these crazies, Rhubarb.

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Sour is pregnant again. She’s a family sim, she wastes no time!

“Serdar! Amazing news! I’m pregnant again!” “That is great news! And I’m sure it’s not the last pregnancy, either!” Not with ACR involved and also family sims.

“Rhubarb, can you say ‘Mama’?” “…” “Come on, Rhu, try say ‘Mama’.” “...” “Typical.”

No one tells Rhubarb what to do, I guess – not his mother, and certainly not his toys.

Sour gave up trying to coax words out of Rhubarb, and went outside to enjoy the sun with Rolo instead. I am constantly mixing up the boys names. I know which one is which, but I still manage to mix their names up – I have to keep checking my notes. Lesson learned – I’m not naming the next baby using the letter ‘R’.

That night, Rolo grew up. He’s so adorable, with his round little cheeks and elf ears!

Sour was feeling broody, what with her eldest growing up and everything, and couldn’t wait the extra twenty-four hours to meet her new baby – so she spawned up a new one.

Sour had a girl this time – this is Dolly. She’s named after dolly mixtures. She, like Rolo, will be cured of her plantsimism so she can grow up normally with her siblings.

“Serdar, sweetie, I’m making dinner, can you stop picking at things in the fridge?” “But Sour! Someone left a whole tub of grapes in here!” “Serdar, get out of the fridge.” “Fiiiiine.”

“I should’ve carried out picking out of the fridge. This stuff is terrible,” “Serdar, this stuff is good for you!” “Mum?” “Yes, Rolo?” “You’re part plant, isn’t this cannibalism?” “That’s it, tomorrow, we’re having pizza.”

After dinner, it’s time to entertain the toddlers. Tamara takes Dolly, who is newly transformed into a human.

And Sour takes Rhubarb, because he still hasn’t learnt to talk yet. “Where’s Mama, Rhu?” “…”

He laughs and he smiles, but still hasn’t said a word. “Aren’t you Mama’s cute little boy?” Sour just doesn’t have a lot of time for toddler training with this household to run – Rolo and Dolly were plantbabies, so they can already talk and walk when they’re born. It’s just finding time for Rhubarb.

Rolo has new things he has to learn, which takes the attention away from Rhubarb being mute. Every night, Rolo has to be taught how to do his homework, or the family risks the social worker. And who has to do that, make dinner, change nappies and make sure Serdar doesn’t die from exercising? Sour. It’s no wonder some things, like teaching Rhu to talk, just don’t get done.

Some evenings spent doing homework are a complete waste at the minute, because it’s the middle of winter. Rolo got the day off, rendering his homework last night useless.

He did learn an important lesson, though, despite not being in the classroom – don’t play sports with Tamara. “What? It was an accident, I swear!”

Later that day, the newest Krunkles baby was about to make its appearance. I’m still not giving it an ‘R’ name after confusing Rolo and Rhu so much.

It’s a boy! This is Twix. He was actually named by Ani-Mei, who told me – after I’d named Rolo – that I needed a kid named Twix. So there you go, that’s why his name is Twix!

*SCREECH* “I’m so good at this already! Mum, are you looking?” *SCREEECH* “Mum, you’re not looking!”

“Ugh, they never pay attention to us, Rhu.” “…” ACR decided this. If I’m not mistaken – and I could be, it’s been some time since I loaded the main lot – Sour is pregnant again. The house really is becoming a baby factory.

I’M BACK, DID YOU MISS ME? Thank goodness! The house needs some space! YOU’RE TURNING INTO ONE OF THOSE COLD HEARTED SIMMERS WHO KILL OFF THEIR SIMS FOR NO REASON, AREN’T YOU? I resent that! And you’re not here because I messed up, you’re here because –

TAMARA IS NEEDED ON THE OTHER SIDE. It is unfortunate. With Tamara gone, that’s both of my founding couple.  CHEER UP, SERDAR. IF YOU CARRY ON USING THE TRAMPOLINE LIKE YOU DO, YOU CAN COME SEE TAMARA SOON. I might possibly have to rethink anything even close to exercising in this house.

“Alright, boys! Cake time!” Tamara hasn’t even been gone five minutes yet. I don’t think Sour even noticed Death coming in.

Rhu is cute. And still mute. He never did learn how to talk.

There’s another problem I have with Sour being my torchholder, and having far too much to do – She passes out every single night.

“Mama?” There isn’t enough money to do the whole house up in sun lamps, and so Sour spends most nights passed out on the sidewalk. Something needs to be done about this!

I cured her. It’s just a real struggle to keep her sunshine motive up and get everything done that needs doing. Poor Rhu didn’t learn any of his toddler skills. Hopefully, Twix will have a better chance now that Sour is human again.

Speaking of Twix, it’s his birthday! Let’s see what he looks like – I’m so excited!

Twix is all points and angles, but he’s still cute. He’s mostly Serdar, but I’m pretty sure he’s got Sour’s nose.

Dolly also grew up that night, after a pretty uneventful toddlerhood. She’s really pretty, and looks a lot like Sour.

“I dyed my hair blue like Dad’s!” I’m pretty sure Dolly’s going to be my little troublemaker. That’s it for the main house, this update, but it’s not the end entirely! Let’s go see what Patch and Hari are up to at university.

I had Patch drop out, so he could be the same age as his twin. It felt wrong not to have him and Sour the same age.

That leaves Hari at university, by himself. Didn’t he turn out handsome? I don’t have his personality handy at the minute, I’ll put it in the next update.

I originally planned to throw Hari to the simselves, and see who he liked best, but he quite liked his teenage girlfriend. I’m pretty sure her name is Audrey.

“Damn, he’s good looking.” I decided to let those two work out what’s going on with them. So far, it seems quite sweet and lovely. Let’s go check on Patch.

Patch got himself a nice little house, and moved in his sweetheart, Tosha Phillips.

Like everyone else this generation, Patch and Tosha wasted no time getting started on a family. Didn’t matter who was there, or what time of day it was. Seriously, ACR kicked straight into gear with these two.

All of that *ahem* hard work eventually paid off, and they ended up falling pregnant. Oh look! A picture of Tosha with her clothes on!

Look at the little cutie they gave me! This is Harrison Phillips, and he’s cute as a button!

Saturday is the unofficial cousins day, and even though Harrison was too young to join in, really, all five of the cousins who were old enough to leave their homes were invited over. They mostly stuck to family groups – Eira and Elijah wandered off by themselves, while Rolo, Rhu and Dolly stuck together. Not really the bonding experience I’d imagined.

“POW POW! You’re dead, Rolo! Why aren’t you pretending to die!” “You missed me!” “NU UH!” “Then I had a forcefield on to protect me!” “That’s cheating!”

“Rolo was cheating! There’s no such thing as forcefields, everyone knows that. Wanna play, too? We could get him back!” Rhu waved his hands and shook his head. “Okay, great! You can be on my team!” Dolly ran off, leaving Rhu to sigh and wander after her.

The day ended, the cousins went home, leaving the Phillips household quiet once more. “Don’t worry, Harrison, you’ll be big enough to join in one day.”

It wasn’t long before Harrison grew up. I can’t get over how cute he is. -------*-------That’s it for this time! See you next time!

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