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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: drlmarkerting


The Kidney Disease Solution is an e-book by Australian naturopath Duncan Capicchiano, ND. This resource offers information about natural treatments to ensure healthy functioning kidneys. Dr. Capicchiano covers diet, healthy foods, causes of kidney disease, and much more. To obtain additional information including access to a free pdf about natural treatments, click the link above.

The Kidney Disease Solution PDF

The Kidney Disease Solution • 111-page PDF ebook by Duncan Capicchiano, ND • Dr. Capicchiano is a second- generation naturopath from Australia • Totally natural solutions to kidney health

Topics Include (introductory): • What is kidney disease • What the kidneys do • What causes kidney disease • Acute kidney failure • Stages of kidney disease • How to confirm kidney disease • Western treatment model • Dialysis • Transplants

Additional Topics: • Repair Tools • Herbal medicine • The Treatment Plan • Plans determined by causes such as: • Diabetes • Berger’s Disease • Physical Trauma • Heavy Metal Overload • Antibiotic Use • Infection • Loss of Blood Flow and Oxygen • High Blood Pressure, etc.

Kidney Stones • What kidney stones are • How to prevent and treat kidney stones through natural methods

Food for Healing • Alkaline Diet • Tea • Juicing

Lifestyle • Good Vibrations: Guiding Principles, such as • Thinking of exercise as an opportunity rather than a nuisance • Incorporating regular movement throughout the day • How to set goals for motivation, etc. • Relaxation and Meditation

Who Is This For? • Those who are concerned about the side effects of traditional treatments • Those who want to practice preventative care • Those who understand the value of natural treatments • Those who have a loved one who can benefit from this information • Those who want to control the high costs of healthcare

http://TreatmentForKidney Click the link below for more information about The Kidney Disease Solution and to access a free PDF report with some of the best natural solutions for kidney health.

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