The Kennedy & Johnson Years

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Published on April 9, 2008

Author: rfoster


The 1960s:  The 1960s The Kennedy and Johnson Years Slide3:  And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country. Kennedy Adopts View of Liberal Consensus:  Kennedy Adopts View of Liberal Consensus Election of 1960:  Election of 1960 The Camelot:  The Camelot New Frontier Reforms:  New Frontier Reforms Kennedy’s Assassination:  Kennedy’s Assassination Slide9:  Chapter 28 – Section 2 Background on L.B.J:  Background on L.B.J Entered Congress in 1937 (Texas) - elected to Senate in 1948 More concerned about accomplishment than popularity Failed to win Democratic nomination in 1960 (JFK won it) - but.. he runs with JFK at vice-president nominee Vowed to carry out JFK’s initiatives following this assassination Initiatives of the Great Society:  Initiatives of the Great Society Tax Cuts in order to get it through, Johnson had to cut government spending Gross National Product rose economy grew by 5% deficits shrank unemployment fell inflation stays in check Poverty Economy Opportunity Act (summer of’64) organization VISTA: volunteers in service to America Medicare Focus on health care for elderly Education Provide funding for elementary and secondary education Aid to states based on number of children from low-income homes Other Reforms Immigration Act of 1965: ended all quotas that restricted immigration Housing Assistance Aid to Colleges/Universities The Warren Court:  The Warren Court Upheld measures that protect African Americans Protect rights of those accused of crimes - Gideon v Waimwright (1963) - right to free legal aid - Escobedo v. Illinois (1964) - access to attorney while being questioned - Miranda v. Arizona - must be given rights before police questioning Griswold v. Connecticut - states give rights to personal privacy Baker v. Carr - “one person, one vote” - court rules that religious prayer in public schools is unconstitutional Challenges to the Great Society:  Challenges to the Great Society Criticisms rose: middle-class Americans complained that too many of their tax dollars were being spend on the poor critics argued that the Great Society programs put too much authority in the hands of the Federal government people complained that the Great Society did not fundamentally alter the distribution of wealth and poor in the economy people felt not enough money was being spent to successfully fix the problems they were dealing with

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