The Justice League of Creatives - A Calling for Co-Creation

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Information about The Justice League of Creatives - A Calling for Co-Creation

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: davin2013



Creative Professionals United

CPU The Innovation League of Super Heroes Joining the Forces of: Creative Professionals United The Creator Collective The League of Awesomeness A new association for a new era Creative Professionals United

THE INVITATION: Our Potential Affiliate Partners Sponsors & Supportive Movements and the many Creativity associations & Education networks

JAMES BARNARD // Creative Strat Do you envision your photo here ? Or would you like to know more about the story unfolding and organizations to u ? My professional mission is to assist people imagination and activate their full potential. Let’s continue ... Everybody has a story to tell whether through their Core Skills &

Once upon a time... The Forces of Nature were all that existed on earth.

Then humans emerged and built civilizations with cities and governments, companies and destinations. we learned how to explore inner creativity and outer creative landscapes.

But we built way too many boxes. We lived, ate, worked and slept in them.

Both ancient temple builders and Masons loved the natural forms that carry energy thoughout nature and our living environments. modern innovative architects are returning to these principles.

Most of our past cultures had ways of living & working that invite and empower creativity

organizations and companies are like libraries. they are resources to create shared value for all 100% of humanity. how did we forget this?

we may be connected by technology and economics, but, unfortunately, we are far from being connected by civilized peace, integrity, and effective collaboration. What happened? Where do we go from here?

what if Google’s “GooglePlex” employee campus and its creative landscapes met with Disneyworld or.. Jacque Fresco’s “Venus Project” cityscapes

the network: ideas and people create worlds

The most valued things in the new economy are not products. They are skills. These come from people. Creative people and authentic experiences replace products in this new era.

The future of business is about the EXPERIENCE The Product Is You

we are getting close with our sleak modern office design. But we are neglecting our body’s energy, posture, and need for sunlight.

not to mention unhealthy energy-deprived food, unhealthy flourescent lights and ventilation, and unhealthy postures and break relaxation time. unused office rooftops that could be used for gardens, exercise, fresh air and sunlight. also a perfect place for veggie and fruit gardens.

A complete re-invention of the way we work, create and play professionaly together. The performance that leads to innovation can be the same energy that kids use to become super heroes

you may never have the innovation of google but we all deserve playful work spaces to express our gifts and dicover our genius.

MindValley constantly voted One of most democratic and best working environments must be the wonder woman sculpture or the number of smart and creative young entrepreneurial women that work for them

MindValley’s Bi-Annual “Awesomeness Fest” 300 entrepreneurs gather to learn, share best business practices, form partnerships and celebrate nature and healthy lifestyles

So in the meantime... back to the creative and healthy work Environments

And through athletic training, community development, interlinking teams and councils, that practice civilized and creative communication while developing high values...

Surrounded by creative geniuse build a better c world.

all of these es who want to collaborative

Over the next several pages, let’s look at many examples of new paradigm organizations, collaborative methodologies, crowdsourcing projects, and product innovation and problem solving through collective intelligence and applied creativity

Surrounded by all of these creative geniuses who want to build a better collaborative world. JAMES BARNARD // Creative Strategist My professional mission is to assist people and organizations to unleash their imagination and activate their full potential. Everybody has a story to tell whether through their creativity, projects, product ideas, or unique service – everyone has a voice that they want to be heard. Core Skills & Ser vices Brand Identity Art Direction & Design As an artist, entrepreneur, and inventor with a passion for creativity and collaboration, I have successfully produced hundreds of creative projects. Business Development Marketing & Sales Training Event Production / Promotion With a proven process to align vision, strategy and action, I help people and organizations to create inspiring symbiotic relationships that connect people who have aligned values. Customer Engagement Strategy Content Strategy & Development Evergreen Marketing Strategies If you have a commitment to your vision, I can help you make it happen. Multi-media Development Product Design Social Media SEO www . infinitesynergy . net • james @ infinitesynergy . net • 805 613 7550

Effective Creative Performance Prolific Organized Self - Community - Global

Mind body Unified by spirit The skills most needed to face the challenges of the 21st Century

the futures agency These folks are doing it

a manifesto to unite the world of The world is changing faster then ever. Business is transforming into new pardigms. business Creative professionals and entrepreneurs are the future of the economy and its creative capital. We are sought after because of ability to combine the creativity most powerful human resource, creativity, and turn ideas into gold. We create and healthmemes, trends, culture, enterteinment, education, products, and messages, services. For a while now, our ideas have been used to create an unsustainable healthy world by being extracted from creative agencies and professionals and used to mostly sell things that we don’t really need. Times are changing, and so will the value of our skills, and the needs of our creative leadership. The future of business is about experiences words and graphics by Davin infinity

The Co-Creators Code: A Constitution for a New Era of Collaboration & Business Partnerships Build the place where we can gather and share our visions of the future we would like to create. To create a future that represents a gift to future generations – where the incredible potentials of humanity are one day realized. The rally becomes to de- velop and inspire an even more effective collective response to affect change. One grounded in a deep analysis of what is truly happening - what is the force behind reality creation and how we are affecting it? How we can affect it at its root, dive into its source and dismantle our destructive beliefs in the process? Visionary leaders are intuitive pioneers who see an inspirational picture of the future and are successful in making it a reality in today’s world. They tap into their inner resources to build a coherent support “field” around their mission. Leaders think and act outside traditional norms so they can lead from their core spiritual values. Their vision fits in the bigger picture - the Higher Plan of evolution. They are on the pulse of the event horizon of galactic emergence. They gather a global community of changemakers led by investing in youth social entrepreneurship, financing opportunitites that bring planetary growth for assessing local and global resources and talents. We help the young ones develop the inner resources of their passionate spirit to be effective leaders and respond creatively to change, and to address the notion of galactic intelligent life contact in the near future. We, for these reasons, and in a spirit of unity and creativity, here declare that we intend to create a living model of a creative society through a world wide web business that models and demonstrates these ideals and criteria for a better life for all, and that this model will grow and thrive as an example of the power of shared consciousness and purpose driven activity, and the good such a society can manifest in the real world. ( Creative Capital for the 21st Century: Currency is the current, or energy exchange between individuals and businesses. Products, services and entertainment are only symbols that allow the exchange to occur. The truth of today’s economy is that the items and services lack true life-force energy, therefor we are scratching our heads over the lack of quality in the mainstream consumer driven reality. If we were a more earth-spirit based culture, we would have healthier products as well as a more sacred commerce and current. We will help lead humanity into an “abundant ideas economy” with creative production not limited. The Core Community: Informed, Inspired, Connected and Empowered A spectrum of ideas around community building and collaborative leadership. The CORE conference will help expose the inherent pillars that hold communities structures together and provide us with new leader- ships insights into the human behavior practices (coherence building, dynamic governance, collaboration methodologies); technological tools (online community platforms, crowdsourcing software, collaborative wi- kis); platforms (offline, online, physical space, currency


CPU The Super Heroes of the business world Creative Professionals United

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