The Just City Manifesto

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Information about The Just City Manifesto

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: KODU


PowerPoint Presentation: The Just City is an ideal, it exists on the horizon; our collective actions will determine the speed of our movement towards or away from it. It is a condition to achieve, not a commodity to specify and supply.   It will not be legislated or manufactured into existence; we will reach it when the spheres of society perform in harmony .  PowerPoint Presentation: QUESTIONNAIRE PowerPoint Presentation: How long is your commute to work or school? Under 15 minutes Between 15 minutes and 1 hour Over 1 hour PowerPoint Presentation: Do you live within 10 minutes travel time to: (check all that apply) The grocery store Public transportation A public park PowerPoint Presentation: How do you feel around police officers? Indifferent Safe and protected Tense or frightened PowerPoint Presentation: PARTICIPATION FACILITATION USER MANAGER IDEATOR CREATOR

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