The Jessica Rabbit Effect

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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: mariehoag



When estrogen and testosterone are peaking at the same time.

How estrogen and testosterone effects the sensuality of women.

Hormones and sensuality.

The difference between a female libido and a male libido, and the combination of each.

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Who is Jessica Rabbit?

Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon character from the Disney movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Jessica is a tall, beautiful, and voluptuous woman. She has a curvy and slender hourglass figure with a narrow waist, buxom bosom and broad hips. She has fair skin and long, luxurious deep-red hair with side bangs that cover her right eye. Her light green eyes are heavy-lidded and seductive with long dark lashes and accented by a shimmering purple eye shadow. Jessica's nose is fairly small, especially in relation to her large, red pouting lips. Jessica's ensemble consists of a red, sequined strapless dress with a low back, sweetheart neckline, and high thigh slit.

Jessica Rabbit Perception Jessica Rabbit’s persona is that of a seductress woman who eludes sensuality and sexuality. She takes you off guard with her seductiveness. She oozes femininity and sex. She walks with a swagger and look like she’s ready to be bedded.

Libido Libido /lɨˈbiˈdoʊ/, and colloquially sex drive, is a person's overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity.

Male vs. Female Libido There’s a significant difference between a female libido and a male libido. They have two separate purposes, for one outcome.

Male Libido • Designed to meet a need. • One goal in mind. • No emotional connection needed. • Mostly driven by testosterone. • Chomping at the bit. • Measuring tool.

Female Libido • Strong sense of sensuality. • Seduction. • Sexuality. • One goal in mind. • Femininity and girlie. • Pheromone production. • Measuring tool.

Libido Misconceptions • Women get their sex drive in their mid-thirties • Testosterone drives libido in women • A libido should be consistent every day • It doesn’t matter if I have a libido or not • All women get a libido • “I can never have sex again as long as I live and be a happy woman”.

How Estrogen Effects Libido • Without optimal levels of estrogen, a woman will not have a sensuality libido. • Estrogen raises libido by raising dopamine in the brain as well as serotonin. • Estrogen makes a woman feel more alive and energetic. • Estrogen allows a woman to make emotional connections. • Estrogen allows a woman to spread her legs.

Pheromones Pheromones are substances that are secreted by one species, that can be detected by another member of the same species, and in the case of sexual attraction, result in physiological changes in the receiver that will often result in a reciprocal behavioral response of receiver to sender. Without estrogen, no pheromones are exchanged.

Having a Libido Having a libido is just a natural outpouring of feeling alive. That’s why it’s such a great barometer of health. Having a libido has little to do with being sexual. An antidepressant.

How Estrogen Cycles Women’s bodies cycle with the phases of the moon……..

Estrogen Tide 28 Day Ocean Tide 24 Hours

The Jessica Rabbit Effect The Jessica Rabbit Effect is when a woman peaks in her male libido (testosterone) and her female libido (estrogen) at the same time, resulting in a heightened sense of sensuality, sexuality, and an over sense of wanting to get laid as soon as possible.

My Testosterone Libido My first testosterone libido was the first libido I experienced…..

My Estrogen Libido The libido I got from estrogen was different then the libido I got from testosterone……

My Jessica Rabbit Effect When testosterone and estrogen dance……

When Estrogen Gets Too Low When estrogen gets too low, a woman will develop problems with vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, or dyspareunia. Other symptoms of low estrogen include endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. She can also develop vulvodynia, which is a painful vagina with or without stimulation.

How Can I Get The Jessica Rabbit Effect? Fourth Generation HRT Bioidentical Cyclic Hormone Restoration

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Why Isn’t My Ob-Gyn Talking About This? Doctors, including Ob-Gyn’s and Endocrinologists, are taught in medical school to treat the symptoms of diseases instead of treating the root cause of the disease, or preventing it in the first place.

The Conventional Medicine Approach Keep the patient with the disease but treat the symptoms of the disease with surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs. This is a good business model for pharmaceutical companies.

The Functional Medicine Approach Get to the root cause….. If you need help finding a 4th generation HRT specialist, email me for a referral at

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All the information in this podcast is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as personal medical advice. Marie Hoag, MBA is not a physician, and does not give medical advice. She encourages you to do your own research and to make your own health care decisions with the guidance of a qualified physician. *This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither the information, nor any formula(s) mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The above information, comments, and opinions are for educational purposes only. At no time should it take the place of individualized evaluation and treatment recommendations provided by a qualified and licensed health care practitioner in the context of a clinical relationship. Practitioners should evaluate the above information using their expertise coupled with each patient’s individualized assessment.

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