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Published on May 9, 2014

Author: bpfaller



Yep, this is a school project

By Brendan Pfaller COMM 2220 Term Project

 (A.k.a. this study) • I consider myself a very moderate Internet and technology user, but I can’t help thinking that much of what I do is based, or dependent, on the Internet or technology.

 Low self-esteem and confidence b/c of Cosmo and Men’s Health. ◦ I’ve been taught to compare myself with others who are superior to in one aspect of life.  My faults to someone’s highlight reel

 “Knowledge” about: ◦ animals (Koala’s having 2 vaginas?) ◦ lifting vs. cardio ◦ movie facts ◦ how to get women (be cool, mysterious, friendly, dangerous, etc.) ◦ how to fight ◦ how to fix or do something (Google = mentor)

 Very dependent on the Internet as a source of information, as well as entertainment. ◦ So, very important parts of my life are centered around the Internet.

 I wake from the alarm that goes off on either my phone, or my first generation iTouch (I’m proud it has lasted 5+ years)

 I wake up 1 hour to 1.5 hours before my first class, usually around 7:30 or 8. No later than 9:30 on weekends.  I read somewhere to not wake up more than an hour or so later than you usually do, so your internal clock isn’t messed up.  Or I read it wrong. I don’t know; it was at least 3 years ago when I read that in an article Stumbleupon brought me to. Maybe not the most reliable. I was a naive Internet-er

 I also read that there are certain times to wake up so you’re not groggy. Like at the end of a sleep cycle. And that it takes the average adult 14 minutes to fall asleep.  Essentially I could sleep for 3-ish hours and be okay. There was even a calculator of when I should go to bed if I wanted to wake up at a certain time.

 I drink the water I keep right next to my head on the dresser.  My mouth and throat are usually dry in the morning

 I read that it is good to drink a glass of water in the morning to wake up. Also to drink a cup before every meal to help with digestion. 2 cups before exercising, for muscle building I imagine. And NOT to drink a lot during a meal, messes with digestion. ◦ I think I saw the image for much water I should drink on Imgur.

 After taking a large swig of water, I fling my sheet and down comforter off, and get out of bed, wearing only boxer briefs.

 I don’t want my body getting too warm and breaking out b/c too greasy or something. ◦ I read it somewhere, I think Men’s Health a few years ago.  only exception is in the winter when it is too cold to not wear a shirt

 I adjust my pillow to be parallel with my under pillow.  My top pillow, the one my face touches, is usually covered with a clean shirt.

 It was a Life Hack I read on Imgur to help with acne breakouts. ◦ pillow cases get dirty, and sleeping on it without washing it every week or so is bad for your skin

 I sleep on white sheets, but they have lots of colored stripes  I don’t use plain white because I read, and have witnessed, that white fabrics stain easily, even just from skin.  My suite-mate’s sheets are white, and are kind of gross- looking

 I stand up, put my palms on my very lower back, right above my butt, push and lean back to crack my back ◦ I read this was a good way to crack your back in the morning.  I may or may not have read that article / tip correctly…

 I check my phone for the following notifications:  Text messages  Missed calls  Snapchats  Updates on apps (normally just delete these notes)  Facebook notifications

 After replying or ignoring these notifications, I turn off any other alarms I may have set (on phone and iTouch)  I don’t want one going off in class or Bruff; that’d be embarrassing

 I walk over to my closet door, which is a sliding full-length mirror and check out my morning-physical-attractiveness.

• This low self-esteem stems from many years of being known as an athlete, and trying to meet people’s standards of what I should look like since I play sports.

• Low self-esteem also comes from:  Looking at Men’s Health magazine  Seeing actors in movies and TV as the physical specimens they are (Wolverine and Spartacus)  Seeing attractive girls with attractive men  (as much as I deny that I don’t care about looks, I would prefer to be with someone attractive. I’m human!)

• I also like to see if there is any noticeable progress from the 8+ hours I spend a week in the gym  I feel most confident on an empty stomach because my abs are most visible then.  You look you’re most lean in the morning, because you haven’t eaten anything in approx. 8 hours  read that in a Men’s Health article

 After sucking in and flexing my abs (feeling the ridges a little bit), I walk to the toilet, close the door to my suite-mates’ room, and pee.

• This is usually a long pee, so I look over to my closet door-mirror. It gives me a side view, and I can easily see my arms. I flex my triceps a little, just to check how they look.  There was a scene in some show where the main character, a very handsome and physically fit man, choked someone and had very ripped and large triceps. That is what I want.

 I flush the toilet  Open door to suite-mates’ room  Wash my hands in their sink quickly  Peek to see if they’re awake  Then walk back over to my sink and turn on my iHome.

 I hit the play button and listen to the next song on my workout playlist. ◦ Read this Life Hack to help wake up and motivate in the morning. I’d say it works; especially with my workout playlist

 I give my face a quick little water wash and pat it dry  This wakes me up, and washes off some face grease/oil  Greasy/oily skin = more acne breakouts and clogged pores. I read it in a Cosmo…

 I begin brushing my teeth. ◦ I frequently research, hoping to have a different outcome, which toothpaste and toothbrush are the best.  I always get frustrated b/c everything says something different.

• I brush for like 2-3 minutes, b/c I am self-conscious my teeth are not white enough, so I brush longer than what was suggested to me in 3rd grade  I don’t think it is a bad thing

 I brush my tongue as well ◦ I read/watched/learned this helps with bad breathe.  The video seemed scientific-y and made sense.

 After I finish with my teeth, I lather on acne-care lotions and topical solution. ◦ I had really bad acne when I was younger, and have been doing as much as possible to get rid of it.  I took accutane my senior and freshman year  Which sucked, by the way, my skin was as dry as the Sahara

 But hey! My skin is much clearer than it was. ◦ The pain I suffered for 12 months, 2 separate 6 month periods, was worth it for the sake of beauty.  Oh the world we live in; we hurt ourselves to become aesthetically pleasing.

 I use Proactive and some solution I was prescribed a while back. ◦ Hayden Panettiere has beautiful skin (spokesperson)

 I take another big swig of water, go to my dresser and pick out clean socks and shorts.  Next, I need to pick out a shirt; this is a whole ordeal…

• The selection process is logical, but very mindful. • The factors that come into play are (in matter of importance from first-last):

 If it’s hot, will it show my sweat?  Cold, will my (possibly erect) nipples show through the shirt?

 Too tight = I look like a silly douche-bag trying to show off my muscles ◦ which I am, but I don’t want people to know that  Too loose = it doesn’t accentuate my muscles enough ◦ all that hard work in the gym mustn’t go to waste

 Fashion is important to attracting possible mates ◦ Source: every magazine, article, book, movie, show, and advertisement in the world

 I don’t like to waste an article of clothing’s use. ◦ I believe in getting a (close to) 12 hours use of an outfit. ◦ Or if I work out in it, then it is officially dirty.

 After a few final glances in the mirror, I go and pack my backpack. ◦ I usually bring more than is necessary, because I believe it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.  Heard it from a baseball coach, and read it in multiple life advice columns in Men’s Health.

 Packed and ready to go, I gather my suite- mates and embark for Bruff Commons for some very mediocre breakfast.

 For breakfast, I used to get eggs every morning, because eggs are a good source of protein and I am always trying to gain muscle. ◦ But this semester I had had enough of their shitty, laxative-filled eggs  they actually do put laxatives in them in case something goes wrong and don’t want to poison the whole student body.

 I was tired of having to leave my classes to take trips to the bathroom.  I have always hated going number 2 during class, because I find it embarrassing when people recognize I’ve been away for a while at the bathroom; obviously they know what I did.

• I blame the media for portraying to the public the stigma of going poop and talking about it. • People do not like to talk about it, but it is a natural, and necessary, bodily function. • So, GO FLY A KITE, MEDIA.

 Nowadays, I get a banana and make peanut butter toast ◦ Maybe a bowl of cereal and coffee, if there’s time.

 The 12-grain bread and coffee don’t fix the bathroom problem, but they taste better than the eggs. ◦ And coffee wakes me up.  Peanut butter has protein, and is great for getting bigger because it is also fatty. ◦ Thanks for the tip, Internet and football coaches

 I learned, from the Internet and coaches, that in order to get larger, one must eat much more calories than they burn, and peanut butter makes that easy. ◦ It’s always been hard for me to bulk because I don’t like overeating; I feel gross and fat, and usually give up after a few days.  I’m afraid I’ll lose my abs and just get fat.

 If I end up sitting alone, either from sleeping friends, or from not finding anyone I know, then my phone keeps me entertained. ◦ Checking Facebook, (pretend) texting, checking Imgur for funny posts

 I feel less like a loser if I finding something else to occupy my time, and distract me from looking sad and lonely to a spectator.

• Walking to class I try to look cool, but nonchalant.  I keep my eyes up, not looking at my feet (read that this displays low confidence, and like looking around and being aware of my surroundings),  I sometimes pull my phone out if I want to avoid a possible awkward interaction with someone I kind of befriended last year, and am not sure if I should say “Hi.”

 I try to say “Hi” to as many people as possible. ◦ I read it’ll make me a happier and more liked person, and I’m alright with those outcomes

• When I am walking towards the academic quad, with people traffic, I tend to compare myself to and judge many of the individuals I pass.

 I think about: ◦ am I better looking? ◦ am I stronger? ◦ am I smarter? ◦ could I take them in a fight? ◦ What kind of person are they?  Nerd (which is not a negative thing to me, I wish I was a nerd)  douche bag (very negative)  cool (someone I could be friends with)

 Thoughts (radio edit): ◦ Would I sleep with them? ◦ Check out various body parts and approve or disapprove ◦ How’s their fashion? ◦ Are they a…  Bitch?  Prude/Weird?  Cool (possible date)?

• I pay attention, as much as humanly possible, and take very good notes. • I don’t talk when anyone else is talking  That’s just rude and disrespectful  And I don’t want to miss any important information

 I answer questions when I am positive I know the answer. ◦ I am very hesitant if I am not positive, for I don’t want to look like a jackass/be judged/looked down upon.  I have always acted this way, ever since I became socially aware in 4th grade-ish (a.k.a. when I started caring about what others thought of me).

• Sometimes, when the class permits commuter use, and there is a break in the lecture, I usually check Facebook, email, or Imgur.

• I try to get as much protein, vegetables, and as little sweets / carbs, as possible.  I’m always trying to look better • I go to Loyola’s dining hall b/c they have a Vegetarian line, and regularly have Veggie burgers ready to eat.  I am trying to go vegetarian, but for the wrong reasons. I kind want to brag about it.  And to stand up to condescending vegetarians

 I think part of the reason I try to eat healthy is b/c I would be embarrassed eating a bunch of pizza and desserts. ◦ To be perfectly honest, I sort of look down on people who eat unhealthily.  This outlook didn’t start until college.  Maybe my “friends” have made me a more cynical asshole.

 “Friends” is in quotes b/c I feel like my friendships are very one-sided; that is, I am a friend to them 24/7, while they’re only a friend to me at their convenience. ◦ I do not know if that makes them friends  according to various self-improvement articles Stumbleupon has brought me to, they aren’t.  I live with 3 of them, so I don’t have a choice but to deal with them.

 The time varies every day because of our schedules and workload: ◦ 10am, 3pm, 5pm, 8pm, or 10pm  I usually reserve an hour or 1.5 hours of my day for the gym

 We lift, do an ab workout, or play racquetball. ◦ Sometimes a combination of the three.  I try to play basketball as often as possible b/c I think of it as a cardio, but it’s much better than running or riding a bike for an hour.

 I am always in a dilemma of whether I should cut or bulk ◦ Cutting means getting leaner/skinnier, doing more cardio, and eating healthier/less. ◦ Bulking means gaining weight, muscle and fat, by lifting heavier and eating more.  I never really enjoy either b/c I’m either starving or perpetually full; scrawny or fat.

 I have no idea. Thanks, Obama (Internet joke) ◦ Everything I read gives advice for both, never saying which is better for being attractive  I ask other people what they think I should do (guys and girls), but you know people, they say you look great and don’t need to change. ◦ They’re no help.

 Eat protein, or clean myself first? ◦ One always follows the other

 I like to take quick showers, mainly because I like to be efficient with my time. ◦ I also read that quick showers can help with productivity, so there’s that.

 I settle down for some Internet time ◦ Facebook first, to check any notifications and cool posts on my Newsfeed  may follow some links to articles or videos  This is gasoline to the fire that is the thin knowledge I have of unimportant topics.  Like a pancake, large area but very thin. ◦ Email ◦ Imgur,  depending on how much time I have already spent on it determines how much time I dedicate at this point. ◦ Stumbleupon  this is if I am desperate and the other SNSs have not satisfied my wasting time

 Once I foster some inspiration, I do academic work (study, read, write, etc.) until I feel justified binge-watching Dexter or The Office on Netflix.  Once it is 11:40-ish, I start to think I should wind down for the night.

 Stop Netflix around 1am, then: ◦ brush teeth ◦ different clean shirt for pillow case ◦ face lotions / solution ◦ de-robe and check self out in mirror ◦ fill up water bottle and place next to bed

 Laying in my bed, I browse Imgur for anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour.  Fall asleep.  Repeat.

 Fighting off a mugger, ninja, or assassin ◦ How would do so in whatever scenario I’m in?  Helping someone in need

 What to say to people who are trying to guilt me into taking a flyer, or signing/buying something. ◦ What’s my excuse?  “I already have one.”  “I’m not Jewish.”  “I hate Greek life.”  “Do you accept Wavebucks?”

 What I would say to an attractive girl ◦ Should I smile?  Prepare to catch someone if they fall ◦ Prepare to help someone if they are hurt.  Like @ bar fights and horseplay

 Anxiety when in line to order something ◦ I rehearse what I am going to say so I don’t look stupid to the cashier or people behind me  Conscious of the volume level of headphones ◦ and of farts/burps

 I think I am a very average and moderate Internet/SNS/technology user. ◦ I am skeptical of robots; I think Terminator is very possible. ◦ But I also embrace new technology.  I think I may already be part cyborg/A.I. since I am pretty dependent on the Internet and technology for information. ◦ I am also dependent on them for entertainment, and use them as tools (research, taking pictures/videos…).

 The Internet and technology are a very important aspect of my life; much more than I would have hoped.  But, I think that technology and the Internet will become even more entrenched into our daily lives and functions, so I might as well not dwell on the possibility of the Terminator, or nostalgia of simpler times, and just embrace my dependency.

 It was very eye-opening to see how much I really use, am shaped, and depend on the Internet (and technology). ◦ I am definitely more aware of why I act and think the way I do.  Thanks for assigning this project, and having such a great/applicable/relevant class!

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