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Information about The Internet and Multimedia

Published on March 29, 2014

Author: CeliaBSeaton



This presentation covers the various types of multimedia, the advantages and disadvantages of their use as well as how multimedia can be used in education.

 Multimedia Issues  Audio  Movies and Video  Virtual Reality and 3-D Modeling Celia B. Seaton

 Adapted from the words “Multi” and “Media” Multi means many Media means ways of communicating

 Multimedia is a mixture of graphics, video, animation, audio, 3-D/ Virtual Reality and text. These are combined and conveyed interactively via electronic or digital means. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

TEXT  Text is the most basic form of multimedia.  It entails the use of words to express an idea or convey a message to end user.  Text is frequently used in menus, contents and navigation bars. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

GRAPHICS  Graphics are typically two- dimensional.  Can be produced manually ( drawn, painted) or digitally (computer aided).  Graphics help to make the message clearer (diagrams, illustrations) by supporting text. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality


AUDIO  Audio is that which is heard.  In the context of multimedia, audio can take the form of speech, music and digitally generated sound effects. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

AUDIO  Audio is stored in online repositories such as soundcloud, spotify, 8tracks. AUDIO TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

ANIMATION  Animation is defined as a series of successive drawings which creates the illusion of motion.  In the multimedia context, animation is used to enhance or further reinforce a message. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

VIDEO  Video is the capturing, processing and displaying of motion picture.  Video tends to be more realistic than animation and can be transmitted live as well as delayed.  Video files utilize more storage space than regular files and come in different formats. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

VIDEO  Common video formats include:  mp4, avi, mkv, vlc and wmv.  At times depending on the format and our machine’s capability, we have to download plug-ins or drivers to play different video formats. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

3-D/ Virtual Reality  Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software.  The simplest form of virtual reality is 3-D imagery.  Users can have an experience which is facilitated by virtual reality through the use of a computer. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

3-D/ Virtual Reality  Real environments can be simulated. Example (classrooms, webinars, tutorials etc.)  Imaginary environments can be simulated. Example (virtual tours, models, games, etc.) TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

3-D/ Virtual Reality  Software used to create 3-D and Virtual reality include:  Google Sketchup, 3-D StudioMax, Visual Reality and True Space. TEXT AUDIO GRAPHICS VIDEO ANIMATION 3-D/ Virtual Reality

 Multimedia is used in a myriad of instances. Some are: Business Education Entertainment Home Government

 Business Use and Applications  Sales / Marketing Presentations  Trade shows/ Expos  Staff Training Application  Company Kiosks

 Education Use and Applications:  Teaching and Learning (Courseware / Simulations)  Distance Learning  Research  Archiving

 Entertainment Use and Applications  Movies  Games (Leisure / Educational)  Music

 Home Use and Applications  Television  Satellite TV  Instant messaging(chats, voting)  Internet

 Public Places Use and Applications  Information Kiosks  Smart Cards  Security

Briefing Products  In this instance linear products are used to present information quickly and concisely.  Characteristic of briefing product:  Short Development Cycle  Limited Number of Presentations  High use of text to present information.  Limited use of graphics, audio and video.  Few navigational controls. (pointer, mouse click)  Content and the format are suitable for the target audience.

Briefing Products  Briefing products depend on:  The understanding of the presented subject.  Integration of the content.  Consistency in layout  Examples Include:  Corporate Presentation  Sales Presentation  Educational Lectures

Reference Products  These products are used for general browsing or to source specific information. (stored on CD/ DVD ROM, online)  Characteristic of reference product:  Used by wide range of users (children – adult)  Have navigational menu, book marking, searching, printing capabilities

Reference Products  The usability and success of these products depend on:  The developers understanding the body of information and how the end user will want to access it.  Help function should always available to explain concerns and trouble shoot issues.  Examples of reference products are electronic forms of:  Encyclopedia  Dictionaries  Cookbooks, Historical, Informative

Reference Products  Example of Reference Product:

Database Products  These are similar to reference products in that a large amount of data is made available to the user.  Data such as text, graphics, animation and sound can be made accessible.  Characteristics of Database Products are:  Manages multimedia data (large data)  Descriptive finding methods  Content based search  Simultaneous access  Online database

Database Products  Examples are:  Google Search  Google Earth  Imap Jamaica

Education and Training Products  These are similar to textbook or training manuals but have added media such as audio, animation and video.  These can target various audiences; from pre-school to postgraduate as well as training in the corporate world.  Products used in this sector can be:  Instructor Support Products  Standalone or Self-Paced Products  Combination Products

Education and Training Products  Example

Kiosk Products  An interactive station which is usually found in public places giving information or providing a particular service.  Characteristics of Kiosk Products:-  Limited target users and usage.  User friendly.  Quick response time.

Kiosk Products  Categories of Kiosk  Point Of Information  Point Of Sales System  Allow users to purchase or make orders  Some examples of Kiosk Products:-  Instant Photo Booth  Banking Kiosk (Express deposit box)  University Information Kiosk

Entertainment & Games  Usually in CD ROM or DVD format.  Typically these types of multimedia are:  Immersive.  Requires constant feedback and interaction with the user.  Challenging and sometimes intriguing for user  Enabled online play for more than one user experience.

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