The internationalisation of universities promotes global employability for students

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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: nigel_healey



To succeed in a globalised world, graduates will need a range of intercultural competencies. This presentation outlines the ways that these competencies can be developed within an internationalised university.

‘It’s a jungle out there: why you need to be international to succeed in a globalised labour market and how NTU can help’ Professor Nigel Healey PVC (International) 7 March 2014

Overview • Globalisation • Internationalisation as a response to globalisation • Opportunities at NTU for internationalisation 2

Globalisation • The global integration of the markets for goods, services, capital, labour and knowledge • Enabling factors: English, US culture (music, movies, celebrity), telecommunications, air travel, internet • Political factors: free trade agreements (European single market), World Trade Organisation, end of Cold War and Chinese isolationism 3

Global brands 4

The world‟s largest corporations Rank Company 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Revenues ($b) Royal Dutch Shell Wal-Mart Stores Exxon Mobil Sinopec Group China National Petroleum BP State Grid Toyota Motor Volkswagen Total Profits ($b) 481.7 469.2 449.9 428.2 408.6 388.3 298.4 265.7 247.6 234.3 26.6 17.0 44.9 8.2 18.2 11.6 12.3 11.6 27.9 13.7 Source: Fortune Global 500 5

Top five employability skills Key Skills Basic Definitions – Ability to... Communication Convey information in both verbal and written formats as appropriate for the needs of the target audience. Interpersonal Develop a rapport with others and form working relationships, listen effectively, manage conflict, understand human motivation, understand and respect cultural difference and have a global focus on interpersonal skills. Teamwork Work in groups towards a combined effort. Leadership Influence, supervise, direct and motivate others to achieve a recognised objective. Problem-solving Understand and deal with difficult questions or things, apply logic or reasoning to review information, identify problems, their causes, evaluate options and select the best solution. Source: Ballarat University 6

In a globalised world… • Communication, Interpersonal, Teamwork, Leadership, Problem-solving require: – Cross-cultural motivation: You are curious about new surroundings and cultures and actively seek out learning opportunities. – Cross-cultural knowledge: You have a good understanding of different cultures and apply this knowledge in your daily life. – Strategic thinking: You engage in cultural interactions with the intent to enhance your personal development and contribute to your workplace – Cross-cultural behaviour: You demonstrate flexibility in your interactions and are able to recognize and adapt to cultural nuances in the workplace and beyond. Source: University of Victoria 7

Cultural differences • Alcohol • Smoking • Spitting • Men kissing men • Men shaking hands with women • Eating: what, how and when • Common language does not equal communication • History, religion and national patriotism 8

Surviving in the global labour market • You will be working for 50 years. The world in 2064 will be as different from today as the world in 1964. • During your career. you will work: – For a foreign-owned multinational corporation – In different countries – With colleagues from all over the world • We are all becoming Premier League soccer players 9

How can NTU help you survive in the global labour market? • Our core mission „to enhance the learning experience and global employability of our students‟ • Internationalisation of our curriculum, students and staff is the way we prepare graduates for a globalised world 10

Enhancing the learning experience of students NTU will prepare all its students to become highly employable global citizens by its: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Internationalisation of the curriculum International student recruitment International teaching partnerships International student experience and support Internationalisation of the faculty 11

Internationalisation: how it fits together International student body International teaching partnerships International student support Internationalised curriculum An international learning experience = global employability Globallyconnected research Internationallyoriented staff 12

1. Internationalisation of the curriculum • Showcase and celebrate internationalism • Incorporate international or comparative content in modules • Provide at least one “international learning experience” during a student‟s course • Promote outbound mobility 13

Inaugural NTU Global Week 11-15 February 2013 08 March 2014 14

Date/time Monday 3 March 11.30 am - 12.30 pm Event Location Mandarin Language Taster: Have a go at speaking some basic Mandarin. Clifton Global Lounge Monday 3 March 12 – 1 pm City Newton (Follow the dragon from outside Newton Dragon Dance: Come and watch the traditional dragon dance for Chinese New on the Goldsmith Street side Year! into the building and down to the central courtyard) Spanish Language Taster session: More than 400 million people speak Spanish worldwide. Come along us to learn some phrases from this widely spoken Brackenhurst Bramley TG7 language. Monday 3 March 12 – 4 pm Gomusin: Come see a display of traditional Korean shoes designed and decorated by NTU Students. Coffee, tea and biscuits provided. Monday 3 March 12 – 1 pm Tuesday 4 March 11 – 4 pm Tuesday 4 March 12.30 – 1.30 pm Tuesday 4 March 1 – 2 pm Tuesday 4 March 1 – 2 pm TBC Tuesday 4 March 2 - 4 pm Tuesday 4 March 5.15 – 6 pm City Global Lounge (Goldsmith Street, next to the Chaucer building) Rangoli: Rangoli is a folk art from India where you make colourful works of art City Newton, Central using sand. Come and watch a Rangoli artist creating some Rangoli art, and Courtyard even have the chance to join in! City Newton, Central Bollywood dancing: Come and learn how to do Bollywood dancing. Courtyard Japanese Language Taster: Come along to learn some Japanese phrase. Konitchywa! Clifton Global Lounge Chinese traditional music: Come hear NTU student Xiao Zhao play the traditional Chinese Erhu also known as a 'Chinese violin'. Clifton Main Hall Gatka: Come and see a professional demonstration of this weapon-based martial arts which originated in Northern India. City The Level, SU Building Peace and Hope: A Celebration in Story, Word, and Song. Come hear representatives of different global faith traditions speak from their context about positive and transforming multi-faith engagement. City Global Lounge (Goldsmith Street, next to the Chaucer building) 15

Chinese New Year Gala 2014 16

New global university website 17

Outbound mobility • New scholarships (Santander) • New International Exchange Office, reporting directly to PVC(I) • NTU membership of ISEP • Hosted British Council “Generation UK” road show, 1 November 2013 • International Exchange Week, 11-15 November 2013 • Development of new partnerships to send NTU students for summer schools • Promotion of international volunteering opportunities in partnership with NTSU 18

2. International student recruitment • 3,000 international students on campus from 100 different countries • New in-country offices in India, China and Nigeria • Global counsellors conference each December • Education Destination Nottingham • Work experience for international students 19

3. International teaching partnerships • NTU will develop teaching partnerships with peer institutions to: – promote student, staff and knowledge exchange – enhance NTU‟s international reputation through association with leading universities 20

New dual degrees BA International Relations 1+1+1 LLB European Law 2+1 MSc Management 1+1 LLB 3+1+1 21

4. International student experience and support • NTU will provide international students with a comprehensive orientation and appropriate support and guidance to ensure a positive and enhancing study experience at NTU • Expanded range of social support activities offered by International Development Office, Student Services and NTSU • International buddy system, help integrate UK and international students • Alumni events internationally to create a global family of NTU graduates 22

October NTU Global Lounge Calendar (City/Clifton/Brackenhurst) 1 Tu Term 1 starts 2 We November 1 Fr Returners reception (prov) ADBE Erasmus Info Session 2 Sa 2 Mo 3 Su 3 Tu Welcome events for Pre-departure January start session (prov) students meeting 4 Fr 4 Mo 4 We Psychology: International Students Support session 5 Th IDO Agents Conference 6 Fr IDO: International Counsellors Conference event NLS Erasmus Info Session • • • • • • • • • Returners‟ Reception, 2 Oct Incoming Exchange Welcome, 9 Oct International Volunteering, 14 and 22 Oct IDO Student Ambassadors, 15 Oct Erasmus, 18 and 24 Oct HIVE European Entrepreneur Exchange, 25 Oct NTSU Int. Assembly, 29 Oct Erasmus, 1 and 4 Nov Int. Partners Meeting, 8 Nov Uganda Public Health Awareness, 12 Nov Int. Volunteers' Training, 15 Nov International Exchange Week, 18-22 Nov 5 Sa 5 Tu 6 We 7 Mo • • • 1 Su 3 Th 6 Su Highlights: December Mexican Day of the Dead display and celebration Social Sciences Global Lounge international 7 Th Decoration students get Committee meeting together 8 Tu 8 Fr 9 We Incoming Exchange Welcome BLSS College Global Week Internationalisation Committee meeting Committee International Partnerships Meeting Chanukah social NLS Erasmus Session Term 1 ends 7 Sa Broadcast Journalism student project interviews re: Global Lounge and Internationalisation at NTU 8 Su 9 Sa 9 Mo 10 Th 10 Su 10 Tu IDO Christmas Video - 'Merry Xmas' in different languages 11 Fr More Broadcast 11 Mo Journalism student project interviews 11 We Global Week Committee meeting 12 Th Careers and Development: team development event 13 Fr Afternoon tea Vietnamese student event Mince Pie drop-ins for International Students S3 Dr Linda Gibson: Talk about doing public health work in Uganda with Water for Kids (charity) 12 Sa Students Services 12 Tu staff - Global Lounge tour 13 Su Tour of Global Lounge given to Karen from Anne 13 We Priest's Office regarding using Lounge for future events International 14 Mo Volunteering Info Session 14 Th Global Week Comms & Marketing Plan meeting 14 Sa IDO Student 15 Tu Ambassador Event 15 Fr Training session for volunteers for the Intl Exchange Week 15 Su 16 We 16 Sa 17 Th 17 Su 18 Fr S3 Erasmus Session 18 Mo 16 Mo 17 Tu Intl Exchange Week at Brack International 18 We Exchange 19 Th Week 20 Fr at 21 Sa Clifton 22 Su 19 Sa 19 Tu 20 Su 20 We 21 Mo 21 Th in the City International 22 Tu Volunteering Info Session 22 Fr S3 23 We Internationalisation Group meeting 23 Sa 23 Mo International Exchange Week Global Warming social 24 Th CADBE Erasmus Info Session 24 Su 24 Tu 25 Fr The Hive's European Entrepreneur Exchange Programme meeting Drop-in info session Korean Embassy 25 Mo for NLS Summer visit and meetings Schools with students 25 We 26 Sa CADBE 26 Tu Internationalisation Committee meeting 27 Su Drop-in info session Global Week NBS Tandem 27 We for NLS Summer Committee Language Session Schools meeting 28 Mo 28 Th 29 Tu NTSU Intl Student Assembly 30 We NLS Year 2 Pathway talk Decorate Global Lounge for Day of 31 Th the Dead celebration S3 Erasmus Info Session GEO Research 29 Fr Seminar 30 Sa 26 Th Thanksgiving Day social 27 Fr 28 Sa CADBE Session meeting with students going to Harbin IDO session with Thai and Vietnamese students 29 Su 30 Mo 31 Tu 23 Xmas celebration Global Lounge Christmas Social

5. Internationalisation of the faculty • NTU will support staff (academic and professional services) with training and skills necessary to deliver a “Gold Standard” service for international students – Staff teaching training programme focuses on internationalisation – Sessions for staff on importance of international students – Staff training on students‟ learning styles, cultural awareness, etc 24

Conclusions • Globalisation means our graduates compete in a global labour market for jobs and careers • …against graduates from across the world • Succeeding in the global labour market means having the crosscultural awareness and competencies to work in foreign countries with colleagues from everywhere • Our goal is to provide students with an internationalised learning environment, with opportunities for outbound mobility… • …and so graduate global citizens • Internationalisation @ NTU is for everyone! 25

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