The Importance of Concept Based Learning in a Child’s Development

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Information about The Importance of Concept Based Learning in a Child’s Development

Published on October 17, 2017

Author: cambridgecourt


slide 1: The Importance of Concept Based Learning in a Child’s Development When you enrol your child in a school it is essential that you evaluate the facilities provided by the school and also the pedagogy followed by the institute. This is all the more important if you are enrolling your child in a day boarding school. Since your son or daughter will be spending almost the entire day in the school and you won’t be able to monitor them on a regular basis it becomes all the more important for you to evaluate all aspects of a school before enrolling your child in it. slide 2: Evaluating the Pedagogy of the School The school that you enrol your child in will play a crucial role in the development of their personality. Hence you should ensure that the school encourages children to question innovate analyse and evaluate. Learning by rote except for subject matters where it is absolutely necessary should not be encouraged by the school. Concept based learning is not only an excellent teaching methodology but also crucial to their personality development in school. Children are naturally inquisitive about things around them and this curiosity should be encouraged. Concept based learning also ensures that the students have stronger foundation academically. Which School Should You EnrolYour Child In Cambridge Court World School is a reputed day boarding school. The school believes in following a curriculum that adheres to the norms of concept based learning. The school also believes in giving students ‘In-School written homework’ so that the children do not have to take tuitions fromoutside. So if you are thinking of enrolling your son or daughter in a school that provides concept based learningconsider enrolling your child in Cambridge Court World School. FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT US: Cambridge Court World School slide 3: Sector-3 Shipra Path - Varun Path Mansarovar Jaipur Rajasthan-302020 India. Call Us: +91 9001800492 | PH: 0141-2394874 2394875

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