The importance of being communicative (vers. 2014)

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Published on May 8, 2014

Author: ubifrieda



What are my needs in term of communication and how can I satisfy them? Landscape, starting from Cluetrain Manifesto and going through some definitions (Social media, in comparison with industrial media, social networks, networked publics).
How to create an effective message: my benefits, why customize and fix, usefulness of groups and habits, the importance of immediacy and schedule, the use of different communication techniques.
Finally we outline which rules are essential: conversational and listening rules, blurring of public and private, storytelling, objectives and how everything is summarized in the editorial plan.

Communicate3 IED Lesson 7/2014 Frieda Brioschi / Emma Tracanella /

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Course program 1. Italian Startups 2. Set up a startup in Italy 3. I've got an idea. And now? 4. Market and costs 5. Value analysis and business model 6. Business Model Examples and Pitch 7. Communicate 2

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Today's table of content • Communication, communication and communication 3

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Business model and Pitch: quick recap Past slides available on Slideshare @ubifrieda: 4

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Business model and Pitch: quick recap • Examples of Business Model • Community Models • Business Plan • Your Pitch 5

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Needs 6

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Landscape 7

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Where are we? "A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter—and getting smarter faster than most companies." ! Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999 8

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Social Vs industrial media Some parameters: • Reach: global audience • Accessibility: government or corporate (privately owned)/generally available to the public at little or no cost • Usability: specialized skills and training/anyone with access can operate the means of social media production • Immediacy: instantaneous, days, weeks, or even months/instantaneous • Permanence: cannot be altered/can be altered almost instantaneously by comments or editing 9

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Social media • Online technologies and practices that people use to share text, image, video and audio. • Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content." • They represent a change in how people learn, read and share information and contents: a blend between sociology and technology takes place and it tranforms a monologue (1-to- many) into a dialogue (many-to-many) and information result democratized, transforming persons from users to editors. 10

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Social network Danah Boyd and Nicole Ellison define a social network as "a web- based services that allow individuals to: • construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, • articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and • view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature and nomenclature of these connections may vary from site to site. 11

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Networked publics/1 According to Danah Boyd, social network sites can be understood as networked publics which are simultaneously: • the space constructed through networked technologies and • the imagined community that emerges as a result of the intersection of people, technology, and practice 12

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Networked publics/2 Four properties: • persistence • searchability • replicability • scalability 13 ! Three dynamics: • invisible audiences • collapsed contexts • the blurring of public and private

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate14

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate15

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate16

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate17

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate18

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate19

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate20

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate21

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate22

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate23

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate24

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Top 3 SN 25

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Most used SN in Italy 26

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Effective message 27

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Why? If I write in a well-aimed and simple manner, I can obtain a double effect since: • my contents are shared by my followers and can reach a wider audience • my pagerank, and generally the presence of my brand on search engines, will increase 28

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Customizing • Pages and profiles should always be customized and complete, since they're my public presentation. • I need to include at least: • a photo (my logo?) • a cover image • some information about me/my company. 29

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Fixing • I can always modify my post: if (when!) I discover an error, I must fix it as soon as possible. • Besides, remember to add "content" to your posts, by including your opinion/doubts and not just publishing useful links. 30

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Continuity • Try to publish fresh news at least once a day... ...but not too often. ! • Information overflow is a problem! 31

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Groups • Join groups, since there you may: • Find useful info • Take part in discussions • Find customers/partners/etc. • Don't use groups ONLY as an adverting place, spamming is unfair (and often backfires). 32

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Habits • Learn local habits and adopt them, or help in creating new habits. • Such as... • Friday on Twitter is Follow Friday #FF. • Thursday on Google+ is the moment to share interesting circles. 33

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Immediacy Try to create immediate content: text and images are quick, few videos are ok, watch out for external links. 34

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Time & day • During early morning and after dinner the online information flow is lower: I've more chance that my message reach my public. • For the same reason, Sunday is a great moment for publishing new contents. • But, mind!... 35

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Time & day /2 ...That is not always true! • Some social media (Reddit, Friendfeed) rely on word of mouth to keep the focus on a news piece. • If you write when too few people is there to read and “up” your post, it will fade out quickly. • Be aware that some websites have more public during the working hours, some are more active in the night, some are more continuous (especially if they have a worldwide community). 36

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate37

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Concise • Pay attention to lenght! • The message should be clear but not too long. • Length is related to which medium I'm using: • Twitter: 140 chars • Facebook: Few lines • Blog: Few paragraphs • Newspaper: Few pages 38

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Diversifying • Remember that you can use as many ways of communicating as possible: beyond text/image/video, you can involve people with photo galleries and polls. • In some settings, sound, lights and movement are great attention catalysts. • Think of Steve Job's Keynotes! 39

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate URL shortener • Better avoided. • With a visible link, the user knows what to expect once he clicks. • If they are really needed, use an URL shortener that allows to give a custom name to your links. • Consider that some security systems blocks URL shorteners and redirects in order to prevent malware exploits. 40

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Rules of engagement 41

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Basic assumption "Markets are Conversations" Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999 42

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Conversating • Join the conversations and answer to comments. • As in many other environments, on Social Networks it is critical to listen! 43

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Listening • Listening is not only a matter of courtesy, but a powerful instrument that can let you: • Discover the environment and its opinion leaders • Measure the “sentiment” of a brand/product and its competitors • Improve the management of communication, especially on social media • Enhance CRM 44

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Roles • Present yourself with an official profile whenever needed. • If you want a more direct and involving communication, set up some personal profiles for your key figures. • Human relations are more pleasant and well received. 45

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Editorial plan 46

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Rules External • Rules of engagement for my readers • Moderation • Etiquette • Stay in topic 47 Internal • Your communication must be uniform • Decide who decides what • Keep a regular schedule • Make clear who should answer

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Spreading • The channels I oversee (not necessarily the channels I own) must be advertised and the word spread: on your website, newsletters and events. • Linking a company profile to a “person” (true or fake) profile could be a plus. • Your employees/partners could be your best presentation. 48

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Press release • Include your social channels in the press releases! (mostly FB and Twitter) • Text should be tought out to be shared, too. 49

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Objectives To make measured evaluations, you need targets: • Increase the number of followers • Increase the daily interactions • Increase the percentage of readers coming to the website from Social Networks • Increase the number of subscribers coming from SNs 50

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Tecniques • Observe and copy what you think interesting • Answer. At least once a day. Readers must not always be the first to interact, must they? • Sometimes, share informations not strictly correlated to your business • Be personal, impersonal is not sexy • Keep in mind that a question mark every now and then is important. 51

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Storytelling • Use SNs to tell stories, not only the core of your business. • If you set up an event, tell something about it, its background, challenges, successes etc. • Create expectations (and meet them) • Narrate the everyday life of the agency/company: a photo of the team, a personal touch... 52

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Get a plan! To make a good plan, you need: 1. Analysis 2. Strategy 3. Action 3bis.Luck 53

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Analysis • Is anyone talking about me online? • Where? How? • (Is the presence on that channel worthy?) ! • What do my competitors do? • What they do well? • What can I learn from them? 54

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Strategy • What channel I decided to oversee? • What are the targets for each channel? • BE SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timed) 55

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Actions • Actions must not be unrelated from each other. • Integration is the word: newsletter, websites, events, all the ways of communications must be coordinated 56

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate One last word • Social media are a marketing tool (too). 57

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate Next week • Being net. ! ! ! 58

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