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Information about The Impact Of Colour - In Advertising, Marketing and Design

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: blurGroup



The colors we choose for our websites, presentations and more can have hugely different affects on people. So what are the best colors to use for your content? How are different colors viewed by the user and how can color combinations be used to help you drive up your conversions?

The Impact of Color In Advertising, Marketing and Design

How do we perceive color? What we perceive through our eyes, is electromagnetic radiation at specific wavelengths.

People can see and interpret colors differently depending on their experiences… Location, age, gender, and even health of those doing the viewing really matters.

Vivid and bright colors are very popular with people at a young age... … Older people are more comfortable with subdued colors.

Color as a tool for your website Color can describe the features and your product characteristics.

Company websites that put users in happy or pleasant moods help to deepen the relationship between them

The different kinds of colors Through colors you can control the reactions of your audience, provoking them to certain behaviors.

Warm bright colors Friendly, courage and energy. TIP: They enlarge the apparent volume of objects and make them appear to be closer. Use them sparingly amongst sets of subdued colors e.g. red, yellow, orange, pink, beige

Cold bright colors Subtle accent, aesthetic, fresh, modernity and professionalism. TIP: Combine them with white and users will remain on your website. Use them to promote health, cosmetics, and products related to medicine. e.g. azure, lavender, silver

Stability, quality, ambitious, hardworking. They don’t attract attention. TIP: Place them as accompanying colors. Use them in business websites such as highlighting computer products, government, science, automotive. Cold dark colors e.g. turquoise, navy, green, violet

Warm dark colors Classical, traditional, luxury, relaxation and elegance. TIP: Use them with cold colors to give an impression of modernity and originality. Use them on finance, consulting, architectonics, craft. e.g. brown, gold, purple

Neutral colors Classic universal combination. Complementary colors on websites. TIP: Use them to foster other sets of colors and to create contrasts. Combine black with bright colors and white with dark colors. White, black and gray

How to apply colors The choice of colors on a website should be reflective of its goals, philosophy, and image so it can attract prospective consumers.

Warm colors urge users to action. Cold colors have a calming effect. Juxtapose opposed colors and bring surprising results.

The color red shown on a light background will be heightened and much more expressive The color red on a cold background will be almost hot. The stronger the contrast, the more powerful the message.

Designers should keep in mind... The lower the number of colors used in a composition the easier will be sustained in the mind of the consumer.

Find out more at Read our fully blog post on the impact of colors by clicking the link below.

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