The Humanity of Christ

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Published on September 17, 2008

Author: BillWiese


The HUMAN Nature of Christ : The HUMAN Nature of Christ Slide 2: What Human Nature Did Jesus Have? Slide 3: Was It The Perfect Nature that Adam Had-- Slide 4: Or Was it Man’s Nature After Slide 5: 4000 Years of Sin? Slide 6: Brother A: In your letter in regard to the temptations of Christ, you say if He was one with God He could not fall. Imagine, if you can, yourself in Christ's stead in the wilderness. There is no human voice you hear, but you are Slide 7: surrounded with demons under deceptive pretensions as angels from heaven in the most seducing attractions presenting Satan's wily insinuations against God, as he did to our first parents. His sophistry is most deceiving and artful in undermining your Slide 8: confidence in God, destroying your faith and your trust, and keeping your mind on a constant strain so that he can get one clue that he can use to his own advantage to allure you into a controversy, as if reading your thoughts to which you will not give utterance, just as he did to Eve. Manuscript Release Vol. 6 page 110 Slide 9: He could not obtain from Christ one word to lead him on. The word, "It is "written," was spoken" from point to point as he tested Him. But only the quotation of His own words that He had inspired the holy men of old to write would come from Christ's lips. Slide 10: All the great leading temptations wherewith man was beset were artfully presented. Weakened by fasting, Christ's mental sufferings made this ordeal most severe. Forty days and forty nights did He endure this strain. Slide 11: Never were assaults of the prince of darkness more fearful. His fiery darts were surely aimed but they found no lodgment. Manuscript Release Vol. 6 page 110 Slide 12: The point you inquire of me is, In our Lord's great scene of conflict in the wilderness, apparently under the power of Satan and his angels, was He capable, in His human nature, of yielding to these temptations? Manuscript Release Vol. 6 page 110 Slide 13: I will try to answer this important question: As God He could not be tempted: but as a man He could be tempted, and that strongly, and could yield to the temptations. Slide 14: His human nature must pass through the SAME TEST and TRIAL Adam and Eve passed through. His human nature was created; it did not even possess the angelic powers. It was human, identical with our own. He was passing Slide 15: OVER the GROUND where Adam Fell. He was now where, if He endured the test and trial in behalf of the fallen race, He would redeem Adam's disgraceful failure and fall, in our own humanity. Manuscript Release Vol. 6 page 111 Slide 16: The BLENDING TOGETHER of the TWO Slide 17: NATURES did not possess the same Slide 18: SINFUL, CORRUPT, FALLEN Slide 19: DISLOYALTY we possess ! Slide 20: Through being partakers of the divine nature and undefiled. The Godhead was not made human, and the human was not deified by the Blending Together of the Two Natures. Christ did Not Possess the same SINFUL, Slide 21: CORRUPT, FALLEN DISLOYALTY we possess, for then He could not be a Perfect Offering.--Ms 94, 1893, pp. 1-3. ("Could Christ Have Yielded to Temptation?" June 30, 1893.) Manuscript Release Vol. 6 page 112.2 Slide 22: Christ did not seek to be thought great, and yet He was the Majesty of heaven, equal in dignity and glory with the infinite God. He was God manifested in the flesh. What a rebuke is the life of Christ to everything like self- Slide 23: conceit, self-exaltation, seeking to be great among men! He was a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. Wonder, O heaven, and be astonished, O earth! The divine nature in the person of Christ was not Slide 24: transformed in human nature and the human nature of the Son of man was not changed into the divine nature, but they were mysteriously blended in the Saviour of men. He was not the Father but in Him dwelt all the Slide 25: fullness of the Godhead bodily, and yet He calls to a suffering world, "Come unto me, all ye that labor, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and Slide 26: ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." --Letter 8a, 1890, pp. 2, 3. (To M. J. Church, July 7, 1890.)

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