The human heart labeling activity

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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: millerzamora


The heart receives blood from the body (blue) in the right auricle (14), which allows the blood to pass into the right ventricle (10) from which it is pumped to the lungs. The blood comes back charged with oxygen (red) to the left auricle (7). The movement of blood through the lungs is called the pulmonary circulation. The heart depicted above is relaxed and filling with blood. In a moment it will contract and the ventricles (9 and 10) will force blood out to the body and the lungs. To keep blood from entering the auricles, muscle extensions attached with cords to the cuspid valves (8 and 12) will hold them closed. Some valve parts have been cut away to give an interior view of the heart. 1. Aorta 2. Innominate artery 3.Left common carotid artery 4.Left subclavian artery 5.Pulmonary artery 7.Left auricle 8.Bicuspid valve 9.Left ventricle 10.Right ventricle 11.Papillary muscle 13.Inferior vena cava 14.Right auricle 15.Superior vena cava. 6.Pulmonary vein 12.Tricuspid valve

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