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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: akiichan


THE HOUSE Unit ; nº 1 Duration: 4 weeks Lesson time: 30 minutes every day AIMS INTENDED OUTCOMES VOCABULARY ACTIONS o To introduce the names of different parts of the house o To learn the different furniture of the house o To introduce basic instructions o To learn simple greetings o To introduce numbers (1-10) o To be able to point to the part of the house when the teacher says to the pupils o To be able to pronounce the names of parts of the house o To be able to point to the different furniture of the house o To be able to do the action when they hear the instruction o To be able to say “hello”, “goodbye” and to say their name in response to “What is your name?” o To begin to be able to count along with the teacher, up to 10 o House o Living room  Sofa  Television  Lamp o Dining room  Chair  Table  Library o Kitchen  Fridge  Table  Chair  Cutlery (spoon, glass, plate) o Bathroom  Bath  Toilet  Towel  Mirror o Bedroom  Bed  Wardrobe  Desk o To turn on/off the TV/Lamp o To lay the table o To cook o To wash the dishes o To take a baht o To wash our hands o To brush our teeth o To use the toilet/towel o To sleep o To paint o To read a story GRAMMAR EVERYDAY LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES

o Possessive; your, my, our, etc. o Questions; where, what, which, how many, etc. o Commands; point to, paint, search, etc. o Numbers 1-10 o Greetings; Hello, Goodbye. o Questions; How are you?, How is the weather today?, etc. Total Physical Response; Children to do actions, following the teacher’s example to begin whit: o Games:  Using flashcards. “The parts of the House”  Hide and seek; Hide the flashcard and found it.  Simon say; to do actions related whit the house’s parts.  Bingo; Collect three cards with furniture of the house and shout “Bingo!” o Songs:  The house song mY o Art activities:  Paint the different parts of the House.  Make our own little house whit a shoes box (Parents help). THE HOUSE Unit ; nº 1 “The House” TIME AIMS ACTIVITY RESOURCES 5 minutes To introduce greetings and the question “How are you?” to de children. “Talkative hat” The teachers give to the children a hat, which they can put in their heads, one by one, and tell to the rest one or two things about them. Hat 8 minutes To learn the different parts of the house and introduce actions from some of their parts (bedroom and bathroom). “Flash Cards” The teachers show to the children the flash cards with drawings of the parts of the house and, together, we will say the name and an action of every place. For example: Bedroom - to read a story. House Flash Cards 10 minutes To begin to learn the first part of the song about the parts of the house. “House Song” The teachers will teach to the children the first part of the song about the parts of the house. Lyrics: Where's Mr. Penguin? He's in the bedroom. What's he doing? He's reading a book. Where's Baby Elephant? He's in the bathroom. What's he doing? He's taking a bath. Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Dining room. Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Dining room. Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Dining

room. Kitchen. Not chicken! It’s a kitchen! 5 minutes To improve the thin mobility and reinforce the vocabulary. “Paint the House” The teachers give to the children the drawings of the two rooms that they have worked in class for paint it. Crayons, Paper 2 minutes To understand the end of the lesson. “Goodbye my little kids” The teachers say goodbye to the children until the next day, and say to the children this : “See you later little kids” And the children answer: “Good bye”

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