The Hottest New Marketing Trend For 2017 Isn't New At All...

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Information about The Hottest New Marketing Trend For 2017 Isn't New At All...

Published on December 22, 2016

Author: LeadGnome


1. MARKETING TREND FOR 2017 ISN’T NEW AT ALL THE HOTTEST NEW You may be surprised, but the hottest marketing trend of 2017 isn’t new at all. It’s a fresh twist on an old favorite: Email marketing is 40x better at acquiring new customers than social media.1 2 3 72% of people prefer promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media. Email marketing has an ROI of 3,800%. Email continues to be a top marketing channel for 2017 due to it’s unbeatable ROI and ability to deliver your message with pinpoint accuracy Email marketing is crucial to generating awareness and boosting sales. But even with all of these amazing stats, your email marketing can still do MORE. Yes, really! Convert Campaign Reply Emails Into Account Based Intelligence What is Account Based Intelligence (ABI)? Email marketing campaigns inevitably result in replies -- primarily Out-Of-Office, Left-The-Company and other types of messages. These replies contain hidden Account Based Intelligence (ABI) your sales and marketing teams can leverage to expand reach, personalize messaging and boost revenue. On average, two email campaigns per month can generate 36% net new contacts for your customer database. With Gartner reporting that 7-8 people are actively involved in the buying process, increasing coverage (a key account based marketing metric) within key accounts is a must. Data gathered from reply emails that can fuel your sales pipeline. 72% of reply emails append & cleanse your customer database. With databases going stale at a rate of 40%+ per year (and up to 70% in B2B markets with high turnover, like Silicon Valley Technology), having fresh contact data is a critical advantage. A cell phone number for your lead, contact information for your lead’s peers or supervisors, a date when your lead will return to the office, etc. Examples: Leverage ABI in Your Sales & Marketing Systems Discover Sales Trigger Events to Grow Pipeline Generate Net New Contacts to Increase Sales Velocity Append & Cleanse Existing Leads to Improve Engagement Automation Eliminates Data Entry & Saves Time • Set an alert to connect when they’re back. (Increase connect rate) • New contacts added to your database within target accounts. (Increase sales velocity) If a Lead Left- The-Company • Connect with their replacement as early as possible. (Increase renewal rate) • Connect with your lead at their new company. (Create new opportunities) If a Lead’s Email Address Changes • Research what caused the change. Was the company acquired? Was it a rebranding? (Increase account intelligence; create new opportunities) If a Lead’s Anti- Spam Blocks Email • Alert to spam verification request (Increase click-through rate) “First in wins the sale 74% of the time.” -- Craig Elias, CEO at Shift Selling Increase contact databases by 36%; improve lead quality by 80%. 94% of businesses suspect their customer and prospect databases are inaccurate. Increasing efficiency by 20% saves up to one day per week! If a Lead is Out-Of-Office Automate Workflows for Maximum Impact Sources: DMA UK | Engagio | Gartner | Informatica | LeadGnome | MarketingSherpa | McKinsey

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