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Published on May 19, 2013

Author: arvindtirkey


The Holy Land : The Holy Land Objective: : Objective: How do the three major monotheistic religions connect to the Holy Land and how could this lead to conflict? What makes the Holy Land “holy” to Jewish people? Roots of Judaism : Roots of Judaism God made a covenant (promise) with Abraham In that covenant was the mention of the Promised Land Abraham was told “I will give to you and your offspring after you the land of your sojourns—the whole land of Canaan—as an everlasting possession.” Abe’s grandson was Jacob (also known as Israel) God’s People in Exile: God’s People in Exile Because they did not follow God’s law for them, the people of Israel we enslaved by the Egyptians. Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt around 1250 B.C. 1200 B.C enter the Promised Land and named it Israel. King David and King Solomon help make Israel prosperous Fall of Israel : Fall of Israel After Solomon's death, Israel split into Judah (South) and Israel (North). Israel is conquered by Assyrians (722 B.C.) and Judah by the Babylonians (586 B.C.) Solomon's Temple destroyed by the Babylonians Jews are in exile In Exile: In Exile Jewish people stay together through common religion even without a homeland. Many beliefs of Judaism were developed during their exile as a “bonding agent” for the people. The Diaspora became the majority and ever since there has been more Jews outside the Holy Land than in the Holy Land. We’re Home… Maybe…: We’re Home… Maybe… Persia conquered the Babylonians and the Jews were allowed return to the Holy Land The temple is rebuilt on the ruins of the first temple Diaspora Continues: Diaspora Continues In 45 B.C. The Romans take over and renamed it Palestina (Palestine) Rome controlled this area during the life of Jesus 70 C.E. Romans destroy Temple after a Jewish rebellion Due to violence between the Romans and Jews, many Jews flee and are once again without a homeland Diaspora Everywhere… : Diaspora Everywhere… Jews faced persecution the world over Never felt at home (always having to “fit in”) Many Jewish communities were separated from society and were looked down upon and blamed for every social malady. Persecution of Jews: Persecution of Jews England (1287 AD) France (1306 AD), and later Spain (1492 AD) all expelled the Jews from their lands Jews faced special persecution under Ferdinand and Isabella being told they had to convert to Christianity, leave or die. 150,000 Jews left at this time. However many Jews “converted” to Christianity and were secret Jews. This population was known as the Marranos No matter where they went, they were persecuted in some way. The Hope of the Jews: The Hope of the Jews Jews migrate all over the world for the next 1000+ years. Jews want to end exile and return to the Promised Land 4 out of the 5 books of the Tanakh focus on the Exodus of the Jews, so “searching for the promised land” is a central theme to the Jewish faith. Jews also believe that at the end of the world God will send a Messiah and establish a kingdom of peace in Jerusalem. How does this differ from Christianity? Zionism: Zionism Jews continued to want a nation of their own and this movement became known as Zionism Being safe from persecution was the goal Theodor Herzl, 1896: “The Jewish State” arguing for a Jewish homeland in the Holy land Zionism in Action : Zionism in Action Zionist Organization Lobbied to create a Jewish state Helped Jews to move to the Holy Land Some Jews were moving to the Holy Land to escape persecution By 1900: 4,500 Jewish residents settled in Holy Land Zionist saw their return as “aliya” or a spiritual journey closer to holiness. Who else was living in the Holy Land? World War I: World War I During WWI, Turkey sided with Germany Arabs sided with Great Britain because they wanted freedom from the Turks Dec. 19 th 1917: Great Britain takes over control of Jerusalem By the end of the war Great Britain controls most of the Middle East League of Nations establishes Mandate of Palestine Palestinians and Jews lobby Great Britain to form their own separate state British Mandate of Palestine : British Mandate of Palestine Balfour Declaration : Balfour Declaration 1917: Balfour Declaration: Promised a Jewish homeland but also promised to not infringe upon the rights of Palestinians (an impossible idea) This planted the seeds of the Arab-Israeli Conflict While British occupied Holy Land, the Jewish were functioning as a sovereign nation How do you think Israeli’s and Arab’s responded to this declaration? The Moving Intensifies: The Moving Intensifies 1919: 35,000 Jews come back to Palestine 1924: Another wave, this one with 60,000 Jews, comes to Palestine. The Jews began to buy land in large pieces for the new “Israelis” to settle on They were not moving into an abandoned territory. WWII: WWII Zionism stronger than ever Holocaust causes “sympathy” for Jews worldwide and talk increases about forming a Jewish homeland Jews fought in the war on the side of the Allies. After WWII 200,000 Jews needed a home Impact of Holocaust : Impact of Holocaust The British did not want Jews in Palestine because they feared a revolt with the Palestinians. Jews attack the British soldiers in Oct. 1945 At the same time, Palestinians were making demands of Great Britain as well. Great Britain turns to the UN for help UN Recommendation : UN Recommendation August 31, 1947 UN recommends Palestine be split in half This would create two countries Jerusalem would be controlled by the U.N. In Nov. this was approved U.N. General Assembly Independence : Independence The Palestinians rejected this plan angrily arguing that it was not fair for the rest of the world to decide to split up their territory May 14, 1948 Israel becomes an independent nation : What makes the Holy Land “holy” to Jewish people?

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