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Published on August 2, 2013

Author: adeleramosbz


Black Power movement in Belize THE HISTORY OF UBAD 1969-1974

UNITED BLACK ASSOCIATION for DEVELOPMENT Main influences: Marcus Garvey (UNIA) and Islam The meeting which established UBAD took place at a farm owned by the late Wilhelm Arnold at Mile 26 on the Old Northern Highway.

February 9 marked 44 years since the founding of the United Black Association for Development (UBAD) UBAD contributor (deceased)

The UBAD movement made a small but important contribution to Garifuna culture in Belize by reviving in 1969 the basic black nationalism which had swept across British Honduras fifty years before in the form of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). (Garifuna icon, Thomas Vincent Ramos, who founded Garifuna Settlement Day in 1941, was a UNIA member.) BLACK NATIONALISM: Creoles and Garinagu

Six months its creation, UBAD raised the money to buy a Gestetner machine to establish a newspaper. That newspaper was called AMANDALA – the nation‟s leading newspaper, birthed on August 13, 1969. Even after UBAD was divided, and later dissolved in 1974, AMANDALA remained.

Lionel Clarke was the first president of UBAD. After he migrated to the US, Amandala publisher, Evan X Hyde, became the second president of UBAD in March 1969. He was 21 years old. Hyde later became president of the UBAD Party for Freedom, Justice and Equality.

EXTANT UBAD-ERSEvan X Hyde Ismail Shabazz Hyde and Shabazz were jailed for sedition in February 1970. They were tried in July 1970 and acquitted. Charles X Eagan, also known as “Justice” and later known as Ibrahim Abdullah, was also one of 10 UBAD founders.

The AMANDALA of February 20, 1970, ran a critical article of an election petition heard and dismissed in the Supreme Court after General Elections on December 5, 1969 – won by the PUP. See page 62 and 63 of the book, X Communications "GAMES OLD PEOPLE PLAY" The article which got Hyde and Shabbaz in trouble was over the 1969 general elections.

21st February, 1970 Mr. Albert Staines, Esq., Director of Public Prosecution, Regent Street, Belize City. Dear Director, Long and many are the violations of our laws by almost every newspaper in the country. Each infraction of the law that has gone unnoticed has encouraged bolder and bolder steps until what is a very serious breach of our Criminal Code now emerges on the front page of Amandala No. 17 of the 20th February, 1970, entitled “Games Old People Play.” (Copy enclosed.) In respect of this article I would wish to draw your attention to the offence of Seditious Libel, section 244 of the Code and Seditious Conspiracy, section 245 and the definitions relating thereto. I feel that as officers of the Court we would be guilty of grave neglect of our duty for its protection and preservation, if we allow so important an institution to come to disrepute at the hands of any publisher. Yours faithfully, (V. H. COURTENAY) Attorney General

What were some of the things that UBAD advocated for? CAUSES

UBAD declared in 1969 that “black is beautiful” “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL”

UBAD demanded in 1969 that African and Indian history be taught in Belize‟s schools THE TEACHING OF AFRICAN AND INDIAN OF HISTORY

The reduction of the minimum voting age – which was first 21 and is now 18 EXPANDING VOTING RIGHTS

Before KREM Radio came into being on November 17, 1989., the airwaves were monopolized by the Government. INDEPENDENT RADIO


• Organized for needy children. • Food was transported to UBAD headquarters near Hyde's Lane. • A bakery called UBAFU (Garifuna word meaning „power‟) was also established. • Its demise was said to be due to lack of financing. BREAKFAST PROGRAM


In October 1969, UBAD and the People‟s Action Committee (PAC) merged to form the Revolitical Action Movement (RAM) at Rockville on the Western Highway. This was reflected in the newspaper‟s masthead, as AMANDALA became “Amandala with Fire” UBAD AND POLITICS

Around September/October of 1971, Goldson‟s National Independence Party (NIP) approached the UBAD Party with a coalition offer for the December 1971 Belize City Council election. In this election, the NIP offered six candidates and the UBAD Party, three. -- Evan X Hyde, AMANDALA, June 7, 2013 UBAD AND POLITICS

After UBAD split in two in 1975, and half of its leadership helped spark the new United Democratic Party‟s rise to political strength in 1974, Mr. Price reached out to the other half of UBAD, the faction which had remained independent. This was the faction led by Evan X Hyde, publisher/editor of AMANDALA, who had run as the only UBAD candidate in the Collet constituency in the October 1974 general elections. UBAD AND POLITICS

The history shows that, of the four political parties which began the process of unification, the UBAD Party ended up with the least. In fact, I would say personally that the UBAD ended up with nothing, nothing except division and destruction. -- Evan X Hyde, AMANDALA, 28 June 2013 UBAD AND POLITICS

THE REBELLION OF MAY 1972 Conditions of oppression were such in 1972 that a faction of the UBAD movement became violent and nihilistic on the night of May 29, 1972. That violent faction of UBAD clearly did not know where they were going with the spontaneous uprising, only that the politico-socio-economic conditions were such that those conditions had to be rejected, by any means necessary. -- Evan X Hyde, AMANDALA, 28 June 2013

The important thing to understand about May 29 of 1972 is that the young people of the population center were at a higher level of political education than they had ever been. Although the voting age was still at 21 in 1972 (it would be reduced to 18 in 1978), one of the three UBAD Party candidates had topped the nine candidate NIP/UBAD coalition slate in December of 1971. UBAD was a unique political party, because there were no party financiers. - Evan X Hyde, AMANDALA, 27 May 2010

On May 29, 1972, a demonstration in Belize City organized by UBAD became violent in the night. The violence began with the stoning of the Guatemalan Consulate, which was on Albert Street (between Church and Bishop Streets) at the time. The evidence in Supreme Court five months later indicated that a UBAD officer and two UBAD members had taken matters further than Albert and Regent Streets, where mass violence against stores and commercial establishments had taken place. Norman Fairweather, Edwardo Burns and Michael Hyde (deceased) were acquitted by jury of attempted arson and damage to public property in the October 1972 session of the Supreme Court. The Crown prosecution charged, among other things, that the UBAD trio had attacked and battered Radio Belize transmitting equipment on Princess Margaret Drive. -- Evan X Hyde, ibid

UBAD dissolved… Hyde wrote in AMANDALA column dated November 8, 1974, an article entitled "Farewell to Arms".

Dissolved in 1974 UBAD DIVIDED IN 1973

KREM + AMANDALA (KREM was to be Amandala radio…) THE RISE OF KREMANDALA A professional media organization, was built on the foundation provided by a black-conscious, revolutionary organization called UBAD

The idea for the KREM Radio station originated in early 1979 while Rufus X and I were visiting New Orleans…. Campaigning to get back into power in 1989, the PUP decided they would now support the so-called Radio Amandala concept. The PUP won in September of 1989, and KREM began broadcasting on November 17, 1989. - See more at: RADIO AMANDALA CONCEPT 10 years from conception to birth

United Black Association for Development Educational Foundation (UEF) was formed on the shoulders of UBAD, on Sunday, March 10, 1996, in Belize City, Belize, Central America, and is currently housed at the Library of African and Indian Studies at 3304 Partridge Street, in Belize City. STILL RISING…

In September of 2003, the UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF) and Dr. Ted Aranda‟s World Garifuna Organization (WGO) organized a Belize Black Summit, the first of its kind here… STILL RISING…

Krem Television was established in 2004. It is part of KREMANDALA Ltd. KREM News was launched this year, 2013


Power to the people AMANDLA NGAWETHU

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