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Published on July 12, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. The history of Minecraft Classic From 0.15a to 0.20a Till to 0.30 alpha

2. The version 0.15a • New leaf texture • New gravel texture • Better tree shape (resembling an oak) • Maybe a removal of human mob spawning

3. The first known multiplayer test • It was aired on June 2009, in Notch’s Youtube video • All the unnamed players are seeing front of me

4. How players from Minecraft have names on top of their heads • Ever since June 1 2009, the player’s head has a name which would be a code • Originally a default player skin is used, steve

5. Sounds from blocks • Inearlyhistory of Minecraft, no one knows about sounds • They were made • Blocks produce sounds • Grass makes sound of shovelling, stone makes a sound of mining, leaves makes a sound of shearing, wood makes sounds of chopping and water makes an inert splash • From c. 0.0.14a_08

6. Chatting in c0.0.15a_02 • First chatting shown

7. Multiplayer versions • 0.0.15a_03-First admin commands • 0.0.16a-Multiplayer released • 0.0.16a_01-Change command /broadcast to /say • ???-Unknown • 0.0.17a-Chatting log when typing. All players listed in Tab menu • 0.0.17a_02-Custom player skin test • 0.0.18a-Multiplayer skins released • 0.0.18a_01-Several bug fixes, new chat characters ., @, and $

8. Whereas the players have custom skins • A default skin is steve, which custom skins can be made by finding textures in the minecraft.jar • The oldest skin is from 13th June

9. How minecraft servers fail to connect • When the connection is closed, minecraft will not connect on a server • Since the test, many people experienced these issues playing the game

10. The version 0.0.18a_02-0.0.19a it • The glass and sponge test found. Later they added to the video game in 0.0.19a • Now the textures of fluids animate when goddeath flowing • It has a better user inventory • Cobblestone no longer occupies the UI • Many blocks will release in the future • 0.0.19a_06-Better glass texture with borders, sponges no longer decay

11. The lastest version, 0.0.20a • It includes 16 wool colors, originally cloth, flowers, mushrooms, block of gold and readded cobblestone. By pressing B key. Admin command /solid breaks Bedrock

12. Thank you for updating the game archives • See you soon for survival test and from 0.20a to 0.30a

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