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Published on March 9, 2014

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The history of film

The first silent films... 'Race Horse' ● Made in 1887 'The Lumiere Brothers' ● Made between 1895 – 1897 All of the first films were in black and white. ● They used mime or exagerated movement. ●

The first sound film... 'The jazz singer' ● ● ● Made in 1927. The big city orchestra would play music as the audience watched the film. The USA were the first to make experiments with sound in films.

The first cartoon film... 'Mickey Mouse' ● Made by Walt Disney in 1928. ● Remains his most famous character. ● ● Was shown in black and white until it came out in colour but not aired for the public. First colour copy 'the band concert' shown to the public in 1935.

The first colour film... 'Cupid Angling' ● Made in 1918 Famous early colour films... 'The Wizard of Oz' ● Made in 1918 'Gone with the wind' ● Made in 1918

The history of Horror

1800 The first ever horror film… • • • • • The first ever true horror film was made in 1896 by a man named George Melies. The film was called “The Devils Castle” The film included ghosts, cavaliers, skeletons and witches. The film only lasted for three minutes The film was not in colour and

1900’s Early horror films 1906 – Ten minute version of ‘Notre Dame De Paris called Esmeralda’ was released by Alice Guy. 1908 – A stage play of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was filmed. 1909 – ‘Hugo the hunch back’ released in USAS & ‘Love of a hunchback’ released in the UK. 1910 – the first version of Frankenstein was created by Edison studios.

1900’s Early 1930’s – the first horror film with sound was made. This film was called ‘Dracula’ by Tod Browning. 1932 – Tod Browning created a controversial film called ‘freaks’ this was the first film about circus acts. 1932 – films combined science fiction with gothic horror. Late 1930’s – The first sadistic films were made.

1900’s 1950’s – horror films came to great Britain. 1957 – The first colour horror film was made. ‘The curse of Frankenstein’ the film showed a lot of gore and blood. 1960’s – advances in technology created sub genres. ‘horror-of-Armageddon’ ‘horror-of-demonic’.

Development of horror films Horror films continue to develop but still maintain similar conventions and storylines. Historic events often create a change in horror films as these create new fear within people which film makers then use to create horror films that really scare people. Fear of the unknown is commonly used in films today such as the ‘paranormal activity’ film series.

Convention’s in horror films

Sound and Music • Eerie sounds ● Howling • Eerie music ● Loud • Screams ● Fast • Growling ● Gloomy • Unpredictable music ● Negative • On edge music ● Doors slamming • Heavy breathing ● Creaking • Unknown sounds ● Whispering • Creepy Nursery rhymes ● Children singing

Costume and Makeup Make up Costume • Gorey Dark clothing • Fake blood Robes • Pale White dresses • Ill looking Torn clothing • Dark eyes Masks • Old skin Fangs/ sharp teeth • Torn flesh Blood stains • Dark hair

Titles • Scary fonts such as…

Setting • Forest • Dark • Night • Scary old house • Deserted • Lonely • Moonlit • Corridors

Lightning • Dark • Moonlit • Pitch black • Torch light • Candle light • Spot light • Harsh lighting • Flashes of light

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