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Published on September 11, 2016

Author: greenorganicss


slide 1: The Healthier and Smarter Choice - Organic Supplements Call us : 844-289-4736 slide 2: • What Constitutes Being Organic: Many times the term ‘ o r g a n ic’ has been touted around conveniently while discussing a healthy life choice. But most people are not that sure on what constitutes being organic let alone know why organic is the healthier choice. Organic supplements are those that not only do not contain any added chemicals but are processed in completely healthy and natural processes. Most organic food components are either herbal or mineral in nature. Rich in antioxidants most organic food are meant to reinvigorate and fortify the human immune system. Due to the very procedures they go through most organic food supplements would be free from chemical additives and free of pesticide and fertilizer residue. The role of organic supplements is to bring added benefits to the people using them. They are seen to slow down the aging processes and aid in faster recovery from diseases and injury. slide 3: • Why Go Organic: The benefits of using organic foods are many. Primarily most organic food materials tend to be free or relatively free of chemical residues. This helps keep the body free form toxic substances that can in the long run have a detrimental effect on the health of consumers. Additionally due to the nature or origin of organic food it makes it easier for the body to assimilate and process such matter. Thus allowing the digestive system to be free of stresses and overload. Most supplements bring to the body minerals and vitamins that are not usually present in the normal type of food matter. This therefore balances out the deficiencies in the normal diet of a person. A number of herbal extracts help the body recuperate from injury and illness faster. The minerals found in most organic additives do complement the body in its functioning aiding a general well being. slide 4: • The Balancing Act: A healthy person is meant to have a balanced diet that has all the constituents required for the sound functioning of the systems. In the normal course of the day most people would be in a rush to finish off meals and at most times it is just another rush job. This is where supplements help. They tend to bridge over deficiencies and inadequacies in the diet that would otherwise would not have made a complete diet. The very nature of organic food is to help with its faster assimilation. Most organic vitamins show their effects with a few days of starting them. Due to the very potent nature of such minerals the body tends to show results in quick time. Once a choice to using organic food have been made it is very easy to locate them. Most supermarkets have an entire marked out area that is solely meant for the sale and display of organic food supplements. Most organic farmers do tend to have a comprehensive website that lists out the outlets where their products are on sale and there would always be a provision to order organic produce online. slide 5: Contact Us • Address: • Green Organic Supplements Inc • 11 Second Ave. • Brentwood NY 11717 • Telephone: • 844-BUY-GREN 844-289-4736 • Fax: • 1-631-434-3787 •

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