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Published on September 26, 2017

Author: Michael9598


FILM PITCH: FILM PITCH By Michael Garcia Social Issue- Ritual Rape/Violence: Social Issue- Ritual Rape/Violence Title of Film: The Healing Genre/Themes: Ritual violence, sexual abuse , culture, religion. Based on a true story. Tagline of film: Violence leads to more Violence Target Audience: 18 year old- 25 year old because this type of audience is attracted to horror, sexual analysis. Conventions: Mind games, obsession, paranoia, conflict with their own mind, superstition, spirituality. Synopsis: Synopsis As a teenager and faithful Santeria follower, Maria Gonzalez tells her true story of ritual violence and sexual abuse. She explains how religion, superstition and misconception blurred her from reality as she was being sexually abused by her stepfather, Pedro Malcon , who is a Santeria priest. Note: This film pitch does not denote the Santeria religion nor their priests, as there are many good Santeros out there that are faithful loyal, members willing to help anyone in need. Character Profiles: Character Profiles MARIA GONZALEZ - Main character, 16 year old . Maria is trusting and religious. Here goal is to be free from her stepfather’s abuse. Maria’s character is played by Jessica Lopez. GABRIELA GONZALEZ - Maria’s mother, a good mother, but sometimes looks away from reality. Her goal is to eliminate the evil spirits that bring a danger to Maria. The character will be played by Lourdes Ruiz. PEDRO MALCON - Maria’s Stepfather, a Santero priest, a dark and evil character, who abuses Maria sexually, will be played by Rey Tabares . OTHERS- Adults, police   Narrative: Narrative In the opening scene, Maria is walking on the ocean shore in a white dress. Drum music in the background. As she walks, she is crying. In the next scene Maria is sitting down looking out to the ocean. In this scene she begins having flashbacks as a victim of abuse in the “ritual room”, where Pedro, her stepfather is performing a “healing” on her. At first Maria innocently believes Pedro is trying to help her, but becomes suspicious after he requires her to take off her clothes and cover her eyes. Then we see Maria terrified as he passes flowers on her body. Later that night Pedro stalks Maria in her bedroom. She wakes up to see him sitting on her bed, there he attacks her again, all in the name of “the healing”. He threatens Maria that if she tells on him, he will put a deadly spell on her. The next morning Maria tries to tell her mother about her concerns with Pedro’s advances towards her. Her mother assures Maria that Pedro is taking the necessary steps to heal her from bad spirits. Maria does not tell her mother of the sexual abuse. Maria becomes desperate and ashamed. She tries to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. Her mother finds her on the floor and calls 911. In the last scene, a psychiatrist comes to interview her about her suicide attempt. The police arrest Pedro and Maria finally feels free.   Mise en Scene: Mise en Scene Costumes: Females- white clothing, jeans, white tops, black tops, beaded necklaces. white scarves. Male- Dark clothing, white clothing, beaded necklaces. Lighting: Low Key-Dark, Poorly lit room, High key. Locations/Setting: Beach, Ritual room, bedroom, living room. Furniture: table, bed, chairs Props: religious objects , pills, candles, table cloth, flowers, skulls, knives, stones, sea shells, chicken feathers, blood, plants, roots, yoga mat ,cell phone. White bird, bird cage. Sounds/Music: Drums, broken glass . Camera styles/Photography : Camera styles/Photography Over the shoulder, victim walking into abuse scene Tracking shot of male character Close-up-Facial expressions, blood. Extreme close up of victims Bird’s eye view Pan Shot Slow motion Cameras I will use: GoPro, cell phone. Editing: software will be used. Comparison to similar films: Comparison to similar films I compare my film to the film ”The Sacrament of Blood” from the Hunt by John Walsh . The episode features fugitive Pablo Pinto Mata, a Santeria priest. My film is similar in that both Mata and Malcon (my character) are Santeria priests , and portrayed as a sexual predators who use ritual sexual violence. Difference is that Mata is a murderer running from the law, my character Pedro Malcon , is not a murderer and is caught by police. Mood Board/Influences: Mood Board/Influences

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