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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: Atharva_IIMK



An amazing quiz done by the new coordinators of Atharva. A brilliant compilation of questions.

1. Myth Or Fact? Following the Kurukshetra war, Tarpan vidhi were performed for all the fallen. Kunti then requested her sons to perform the rites for Karna as well. When they protested, saying he was a Sūta, she revealed the truth of his birth. The brothers were shocked to find that they had committed fratricide. Yudhishtira, in particular, was furious with his mother What led to this?

Answer Yudhishtira laid a curse upon all women that they should never thereafter be able to keep a secret. The reason behind the fact why women cannot keep a secret within.

2. Trying the new niche?

Answer Japan's Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn (Recent Time Cover Story of East Asia Edition)

Which map?

Answer Map of Nobel Laureates by Country US has won the most with 338 Laureates. India has won 8.

3. Indiansed English The term 'John Doe Injunction‘ is used in the courts of UK,US, Australia and Canada to describe an injunction sought against someone whose identity is not known at the time it is issued. What is the desi version known as?

Answer Ashok Kumar Injunction

4. ID X • X is a well-known mountain flower, belonging to the sunflower family • The common name is from the German literally translating to "noble-white“. • The plant has been used as a symbol for alpinism, for rugged beauty and purity associated with the Alps, and as a national symbol especially of Austria and of Switzerland. • An international airline based in Switzerland, is named after the flower, which also appears in its logo Hint?

Answer Edelweiss

5. Are you sure? • St. Isidore (c. 560-636), served as the Archbishop of Seville in Spain for more than 3 decades and is considered "the last scholar of the ancient world“. • His most influential work was the Etymologiae, also known as the Origines, an encyclopedic tract in which he tried to record everything that was known. Published after his death in 636, it was for a thousand years considered the encyclopedia of all human knowledge. • In 2006 the Vatican declared St. Isidore as the patron saint of the_______. Continued

"Almighty and eternal God, we beseech thee that, through the example of Saint Isidore, bishop and doctor, during our journeys through the _____ we will direct our hands and eyes only to that which is pleasing to thee and treat with charity and patience all those souls whom we encounter. Amen."

Answer The Internet

First time in India • Identify this 2011 children’s movie which was the first Hindi movie to be shot using a still digital camera. It was shot using the Canon EOS 7D. • It was entirely shot in natural light


7. Trivia It is common knowledge that the grand slams are held where they are because Australia, France, Britain and USA where the first four countries to win the Davis Cup. Which is the fifth country to win the Davis Cup?

Answer South Africa

8. What’s that? It is made of Calabash gourd or Mahogany wood. It's classic shape consists of a downward curve which ends with an upcurve where the bowl sits. Beneath the bowl is an air chamber whose function is to cool and dry. What am I talking about?

Answer Sherlock Holmes’ pipe

9. ID X & Y Writers have updated the war and locale in which he is injured. In the original 1963 story, it was the Vietnam War. In the 1990s, it was updated to be the first Gulf War, and later updated again to be the war in X. Y’s real-life model, Hughes was an icon both of American individualism and of the burdens of fame. ID X and Y.

Answer X : Afghanistan Y: Iron Man

10. Ad For Which product?

Answer Shroud of Turin

11. Connect Continued


Answer It is a Hollywood tradition for directors who have their #1 records smashed to take out full page ads congratulating the new record-holders.

12. Logo for?

Answer US Patent Office

13. What’s that?


14. What’s happening?

Answer G8 leaders watching Champions League Final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

15. • X is a 3-banded armadillo with a cheerful and appealing personality. • He is a likeable character and scores 7.3 out of 10 on appeal • His name was chosen by more than 1.7 million fans over Amijubi (Amizade - Friendship and Júbilo - Joy) and Zuzeco (Azul - Blue and Ecologia - Ecology). Hint?

Hint His previous counterpart was “Zakumi”

Answer Fuleco • FIFA World Cup 2014 official mascot • Fuleco is a portmanteau of the words Futebol (football) and Ecologia (Ecology)

16. Identify X

Answer X - Volkswagen Ad Maker- William Bernbach

17. Connect

Answer • All these covers have the letter M of TIME depicted as "devil horns" by adjusting the portraits of these personalities who were accused to be "evil" in one way or the other.

18. ID X • X loved sports and was a die-hard fan of Muhammad Ali, confessing on record that he dreamt of meeting Ali some day. • While on a 14-city-US tour in 1979, he took time out from his schedule and took a flight to Kentucky along with his 18-year• The sonand wife. “My father old-son recounts: wanted to remember this Contd. moment and Ali had an idea. Ali said, 'We will pose like this. You punch me on the face and I will punch you back'. And they laughed about it.” • Who? Hint?

Hint “Ali was aware that my father was a big man in India. He came and sat down. Maybe it was exciting for him to meet my father and he said, 'I am the great Muhammad Ali from America and you are the great ________ ____ from India'.

Answer Mohammed Rafi

19. Who’s that chap? BSNL stopped its 163 year old telegram service on July 15, 2013. Who was the recipient of the last telegram?

Answer Rahul Gandhi The telegram counter closed at 11.45 p.m. and the last message was booked at the counter of Central Telegraph Office (CTO) Janpath by Ashwani Mishra, who sent messages to Mr. Gandhi and Director General of DD news S M Khan

20. ID X & Y • X is the only Indian actress to win the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in Y

Answer • X - Rohini Hattangadi • Y - Gandhi

21. ID • At age 10, X won pre-teen Mr. America pageant. The following year, he became the first male winner of America’s Universal Charm pageant. • X has also produced a number of the US number-one hit singles.

Answer • Justin Timberlake

22.The following dialogue takes place between king Vikaramaditya and Kalidasa (in a paper titled Birth-Place of Kalidasa by Pandit Anand Koul): V. O mendicant, do you indulge in eating mutton ? K. What is the good of it without liquor ? V. Do you like liquor too ? K. Together with prostitutes. V. A prostitute requires to be given money ; wherefrom do you get it? K. Either by gambling or stealing. V. Are you addicted to gambling and stealing too ? K. What other end may not a fallen person come to ? The same joke with motifs of drinking, gambling, harlots and a resolution, has formed a part of all major literary traditions of ancient India. Another example of the joke can be seen in the Sanskrit anthological work Subhasitavali of Vallabhadeva (fifteenth-century CE, Kashmir ). The most recent (and most well known) appearance of the joke happens to be in a Bollywood movie. What are we talking about? xwB_RyN5k

23.After India After Gandhi, Ramachandra Guha’s next work traced the “formative and forgotten years” of Mahatma Gandhi. What is the book titled?

24.ID the advertiser.

25.FITB _ _ _ _ ism (officially The Church of the Latter-Day _ _ _ _ is a religion founded by Oliver Benjamin, a journalist based in Thailand. Although the religion makes use of the iconography and narrative from the movie ___________, adherents believe that this worldview has existed since ancient times, and they list individuals such as Laozi, Epicurus, Heraclitus, Buddha, an d the pre-ecclesiastical Jesus Christ as examples of ancient _ _ _ _ ist prophets. Modern names include Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Kurt Vonnegut and Mark Twain.


26. The priestly blessing, or Raising of the Hands; from the Yiddish word Dukhanen is a Jewish prayer recited by priests during certain Jewish services. The Kohen raises his hands, with the palms facing downward and the thumbs of his outspread hands touching. What has this given rise to in Popular Culture?

The Vulcan Salute


Zeno and Zeno’s Paradox

28. The following is a description of the photograph: X is barefoot. Except Y, all are wearing suits designed by Tommy Nutter. To the left is a white Volkswagen Beetle, which belonged to someone living in the nearby flats. After the huge popularity of the photograph, the number plate (LMW 281F) was stolen repeatedly form the car. The man standing at the right is Paul Cole, an American Tourist,unaware that he had been photographed until he saw the picture months later. Name the photo/location.

Abbey Road

29.Who? This gentleman’s striking resemblance to an extra in the film Andaz Apna Apna, led to fans guessing that he had made a special appearance in the movie. A screen grab from the movie, which bore uncanny resemblance to him went viral on social media; leading him to tweet this.

Shashi Tharoor

30. __________ (Spanish for "bat") was a Navarra fighting bull. According to the PR-specialists, the bull survived 24 sword strokes in an October 5, 1879 fight against Rafael "El Lagartijo" Molina Sanchez, at the Coso de los califas bullring in Córdoba, Spain. The promotional story goes on to tell that __________ fought with such passion and spirit that the crowd called for his life to be spared, an honor which the torero bestowed. His name became popular after Volkswagen AG chose it for naming their new model to honour the passion for bull-fighting of the founder.


31.Fanboy Obligatory Question. FITB

32.Coat of Arms of?

The Wadia Group


34. Excerpt from the website of a company. What has been blanked out?

35. This book is on the #2 spot on Amazon's Political Science bestseller list. It’s been some 70 years after it was 1st published. Most people think that the success of this book on Amazon to the fact, that its not a book that you would like to be seen reading in public. It is a little known fact that this book funded the lifestyle of its author, inflation adjusted this book earned ~$152M USD for the author during his lifetime. Post his death, none of his relatives wanted to have anything to do with the royalties received from his book, next in line were various charities, again none of which wanted any share of the royalties. Finally the proceeds of the royalty were grudgingly accepted by his home state, and given to a charitable cause. This is all set to expire on April 30th 2015, when the rights of this book become public domain. Which book?

Believe it or not.

36. What’s the good word? This word was first used by the feminist critic Rosalind Coward in 1984 book ‘Female Desire’. She wrote : Cooking food and presenting it beautifully is an act of servitude. It is a way of expressing affection through a gift... That we should aspire to produce perfectly finished and presented food is a symbol of a willing and enjoyable participation in servicing others. Food pornography exactly sustains these meanings relating to the preparation of food. The kinds of picture used always repress the process of production of a meal. They are always beautifully lit, often touched up." "If you look at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, apart from the usual suspects who always post selfies, you will find an incredible amount of food photography,“, said a foodie.

Food Porn

37. Why did Cricket Australia apologize after this tweet?

38. Havana. Harlem. Haryana. There is a thread that runs through these centres of excellence in X. They are places where young boys can choose a career in crime if they want to, and they often do. Or, turn to X. This is Shamya Dasgupta, talking about something in his book ‘Bhiwani Junction’. What is X?

4/5 boxers who represented India at the 2008 Olympics came from Bhiwani. Vijender Singh went on to win bronze.

39. The blanks are two words X and Y. A major brand has used this quote to advertise its product when it was launched. Identify the product. Very very figureable from the quote.

40. What’s blanked out?

Shri Rob(a)rt Vadra

41. From who to whom?

Gandhi to Hitler

42. This language X was created by the linguist David J. Peterson. As of September, 2011, this language contained 3,163 words. David Peterson has said that "You know, most people probably don’t really know what Arabic actually sounds like, so to an untrained ear, it might sound like Arabic. To someone who knows Arabic, it doesn’t. I tend to think of the sound as a mix between Arabic (minus the distinctive pharyngeals) and Spanish, due to the dental consonants.“ ID X.

43. The following is the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for a certain chemical __X__. It was compiled after Nathan Zohner, (rather precociously) described the side-effects of __X__ in his project at school. The side effects are such: • Contributes to the "greenhouse effect". • may cause severe burns. • is fatal if inhaled. • contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape. • accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals. • may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes. • has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients. • Despite the danger, Dihydrogen Monoxide is often used: as an industrial solvent and coolant. • In nuclear power the production of a fire many forms of cruel animal the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this an additive in certain "junk-foods" and other food products.

DUH, Water :D Jonathan Zohner ‘How gullible are we’ Project 1997

44. Parody of?

45. Kamiyaabi Paana Mushkil Nahi Hai The legendary American folk singer-musician Pete Seeger passed away in January 2014. Coming from a family which was academically and artistically involved in folk traditions, he was known around the world for popularising several folk anthems. Perhaps his most famous contribution was to make one of these anthems a household name. This song is a protest song that became a key anthem of the AfricanAmerican Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968). Seeger and other famous folksingers in the early 1960s, such as Joan Baez, sang the song at rallies, folk festivals, and concerts in the North and helped make it widely known. Since its rise to prominence, the song, and songs based on it, have been used in a variety of protests worldwide.

We Shall Overcome

46. X was started in 1977 by Dr. Kiran Seth , a young graduate from IIT Kharagpur,who was studying for his doctorate at the Columbia University, New York, when he chanced to attend a Dhrupad concert by Ustad Nasi Aminuddin Dagar and Ustad Zia Fariddudin Dagar at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York. X today is a movement with chapters in over 200 cities and towns in the world. What did he start?

SPIC-MACAY Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth

47. Care to explain?


48)From the audio, either Id the Duo or why they’ve become famous

• Ylvis of “what does the fox say” fame

49. X did not become an official Winter Olympic sport until the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan despite it being played by the Scots, in the early 16th century using worn out brooms and shaped river stones. Id X.


50 • In 1920, the East India Railway Committee chaired by Sir William Acworth recommended the need for unified management of the entire Railway system in India. Based on this the colonial government took some steps like taking over the actual management of all railways. The Acworth Committee also put forward what is known as the ‘Separation Convention’, which explains which peculiar modern day practice in India?

• Separate budget for the Union and the Railways

51 • "I’ll bet if you asked every French politician where X was invented, not a single one would know this. The Franco-Swiss border runs through the CERN campus and building 31 is literally just a few feet into France. However, there is no explicit border within CERN and the main entrance is in Switzerland, so the situation of which country it was invented in is actually quite a tricky one. The current commemorative plaque, which is outside a row of offices where people other than Y worked, is in Switzerland. To add to the confusion, in case Y thought of X at home, his home was in France but he temporarily moved to rented accommodation in Switzerland, just around the time he was developing X. So, strictly speaking, France is the birthplace of X. How delightfully appropriate for an invention which breaks down physical borders.“ • X and Y?

• X – The Internet • Y – Tim Berners-Lee

52. • Who was made an honorary member of the Bradford City Supporters’ Club because of the huge boost he gave to the sales of club scarves since 2002? (bigger pic on next slide)

Harry Potter

53. • This is an audio clip from a movie called Sleep With Me in which two characters, Sid and Duane are having a conversation. Sid says that X is the greatest script written in the history of Hollywood because it has subversion at a massive level. According to Sid X “is a story about a man's struggle with his own homosexuality”. The audio clip has the rest of the conversation. Identify the movie they are talking about i.e X.

• Top Gun • Fun fact : The role of Sid was played by Quentin Tarantino

54. 5 • A long-time character in ___________ comics is the teacher Miss X. When first introduced; she fit the Mrs. X archetype well, being judgmental and old-fashioned. • However, the character has been softened considerably over the years, and her current incarnation is not particularly X-esque. • Mrs. X is a name that has been used to refer to a prudish woman since the early nineteenth century. “What will Mrs. X say? “ is a question often asked when a matter of taste and conduct is being discussed. Mrs. X is a fictional English character who typifies the censorship enacted in everyday life by conventional opinion. X?

• Miss Grundy

55. • Daffco, an acronym for the Dark Forest Furniture Company derives its name from the legendary Kathlekhan estates situated in Chickmagalur . Kathlekhan means Dark Forest in Kannada . It was started as subsidiary and main motive was to supply it's parent industry, as 20-25 per cent of the parent company's cost is furniture. • Name the parent company

56. Myosotis ("mouse's ear") is a genus of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae that are commonly called _________. In a German legend, God named all the plants when a tiny unnamed one cried out, "_________, O Lord!" God replied, "That shall be your name." Henry IV adopted the flower as his symbol during his exile in 1398, and retained the symbol upon his return to England the following year. It was often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. Freemasons began using the flower in 1926 as a symbol well known in Germany as message not to forget the poor and desperate. Give me the blank.

Forget me not

57. He is the captain of the Kerala limited-overs side. Id him.

• Sachin Baby • “On December 17, 1989, the day before 16-year-old Sachin Tendulkar played his first one-day international, a family in the farming town of Thodupuzha in central Kerala celebrated the birth of a son. The father, PC Baby, spent part of the day giving thanks in church, then settled down to watch the cricket. 'We never imagined how big Tendulkar was going to be. But there was something very impressive about him. I wanted my son to grow up to be like him,' said father Baby - so the newborn was called Sachin. Fast-forward 20 years, and he made his first-class debut for Kerala against Andhra in the Ranji Trophy, scoring 32”

58. New York ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty enlisted more than a dozen homeless Austin residents to carry ________, as a "a charitable experiment". Those who participated were paid $20 a day plus donations/tips. The suggested donation was $2 for 15 minutes. Many outraged commentators have pointed out, that the idea is a dumb gimmick that turns humans into walking pieces of hardware. New York Times tech editor David Gallagher offered that the idea was "a little dystopian". ( bigger pic on next slide) What exactly was the idea?


The homeless people were used as Wi-Fi hotspots.

59. • On his return to Britain, he was presented with a purse of 26,000 pounds sterling, a huge sum in those days, which emerged from a collection on his behalf by the Morning Post, a pro-imperialistic newspaper. • Rudyard Kipling said he was "The man who saved India" and even contributed 50 pounds to the fund. • A Thirteen Women Committee was constituted to present "the Saviour of the _____ with sword of honour and a purse." • The Morning Post defended him by saying that his actions "protected the honour of European Women." • In the British Army Museum in London, a testimonial to him by the British Monarch is the first exhibit along the wall of the staircase as one ascends to the first floor devoted to the Indian Army. Upon his death, the Morning Post remembered him in articles titled "The Man Who Saved India" and "He Did His Duty". • Who is the person talked about ?

• General Dyer • There was a radical section among the British who supported his actions during the Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre.

13 ( bigger pic on next slide)

60. • This is X commenting on the many rip-offs his film Y has spawned "I think it was fabulous. Of the many rip-offs (of Y) I loved Hong Kong's Too Many Ways To Be No.1 and this one, Z. The best part is, you have ______ guys coming to the US and looting a US bank. How cool is that! I was truly honoured. And these guys are played by the legends of ________. In fact, X actually felt that Z had more flexibility in its narration, than Y. He says, "Here I am, watching a film that I've directed and then it goes into each character's background. And I'm like, 'Whoa'. For, I always write backgrounds and stuff and it always gets chopped off during the edit. And so I was amazed on seeing this. I felt, this isn't Y. But then it goes into the warehouse scene and I am like, 'Wow, it's back to Y '. Isn't it amazing!" • Y and Z?

14 Which was widely trashed by critics

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