The hand Method: My Own Strategic Planning Process

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Information about The hand Method: My Own Strategic Planning Process

Published on January 28, 2016

Author: PalmeroRamon


1. STEFERI STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS THE HAND METHOD STEFERI has come up with an easy way to guide our clients through a strategic planning process, that is easy to remember: “The Hand Method”:

2. 1) The Thumb: Where are you headed? Where do you want to be in the next 5-10 years? What does winning look like for you? How do you define success? Key products: Vision, Mission, Values and Principles.

3. 2) The Pointer: Identify your target consumer. Are your products/ services aligned with their needs? Do you know your consumer/ clients? Have you selected the right territory? Is it sufficient for your long-term success? Key deliverables: choices made or strategies on where to play. The big idea (aha moment) and the need that is being addressed.

4. 3) The Tallest (or middle finger): How do you stand out against your competition? What is your point of difference in those attributes you offer? Do you have a winning business model? Is your value proposition sustainable? How fast can the competition match it? Key deliverable: business model, value proposition, competitive analysis, action plans.

5. 4)The Ring. Show me your treasures… what are your company’s core competencies? Are these aligned with the choices you have made? Do you have a training program in place to build & strengthen capabilities in your organization? Key deliverable: people profile required, people diagnostic, training needs, gaps and actions plans.

6. 5)The Pinky. What tools do you have in place to measure progress towards your goals? Apart from the regular accounting systems, do you have specific ones that help you strengthen your organizational capacities? Key deliverables: identifying system needs, process to work on, benchmarking for best practices.

7. 6)The Handshake: It represents your business relationship with your clients, suppliers, employees and community. Key deliverables: relationship plan.

8. Each step (finger) consists of the following items: a) Definitions and support material b) Q&A to trigger conversation c) Exercises d) Review

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