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Published on February 10, 2009

Author: giulia


The Great Rift Valley : The Great Rift Valley By Giulia Lopomo FACT : FACT A Scottish explorer named John Walter Gregory named the Great Rift Valley when he found it in his travels in the late nineteenth century. Slide 3: Where? Slide 4: Somalia Ethiopia Kenya Tanzania Malawi Democratic Republic of Congo Burundi Rwanda Creation : Creation FACT : FACT Many human remains have been found in the Great Rift Valley, including Lucy, the Australopithecus afarensis considered a missing step between an older early human and homo sapiens. Slide 7: Height Tallest point=6,000 feet above sea level (Kenya) Lowest Point=1,300 feet below sea level (Red Sea) LAND : LAND The Great Rift Valley stretches from Lebanon to Malawi, and so contains a lot of different land. It can be: Farm Land Uninhabitable Land Grassland FACT : FACT Rift Valley Disease is an illness that can be caught while visiting there, although people who live there year round are more resistant and the disease mainly affects live stock. It is not a major or life threatening disease and lasts from two to twelve days b) Symptoms include: FEVER 2. HEADACHE 3. MUSLCE PAIN 4. LOSS OF APPETITE 5. WEIGHT LOSS Development : Development There are lost of Great Rift Valley lodges. They range from low key places to resorts. Most of the nice resorts are in Kenya, who most indentifies with the GRV and contains more of it than any other African country. Development : Development There are several homes and farms in the Great Rift Valley, and also schools for those who live near. There are 40 different African tribes that live there, including: Luo – (Obama) Kikuyu Samburu Kisii Embu Kenya : Kenya Kenya contains more of the great rift valley than any other African country. Most of the pictures and information you will find has to do with the Kenyan part of it. Can compare it to Las Vegas and Nevada, or the Grand canyon and Arizona. Fact : Fact After the Kenya election in 2007 there were protests because people thought the new President had bought his election. Violence broke out around the Great Rift Valley and at least 185 people were killed in the chaos. Possibilities : Possibilities Dude, did you know Madagascar was once attached to Africa by like, a bigger Great Rift Valley? Awesome! So like, in the future…the part of Africa east of the Rift Valley will break off? Yeah man. SO WHAT? : SO WHAT? The Great Rift Valley is not only a beautiful piece of land, it is also useful. It contains good, fertile land that is naturally watered by the many lakes around it. It is used for geothermal energy, a type of energy generated by the earth’s heat. Bibliography : Bibliography 1) "Great Rift Valley."infoplease. 2009.infoplease 08 Feb 2009<>. 2) Normann, Chris. "Africa." views of the earth. 2007. 08 Feb 2009<>. 3) "Great Rift Valley." Jambo Kenya. 2009. Gateway to East Africa. 08 Feb 2009<>. 4) "Great Rift Valley." Safari Lodges. 2008. African Safari. 08 Feb 2009 <>. 5) "Africa's Great Rift Valley." Wikipedia. 2008. Wiki. 08 Feb 2009 <Wikipedia>. 6) "Africa's Great Rift Valley." Wikipedia. 2008. Wiki. 08 Feb 2009 <Wikipedia>. 8) Chambers, Waldo. "Great Rift Valley."American Encyclopedia. 9) E. Thomas, Benjamin. "Great Rift Valley."American Encyclopedia.

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