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Published on February 27, 2014

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Published monthly, "The Good News" serves as a way to connect with our congregation and the greater Los Angles community. All are welcome, so please feel free to download a copy of the "Good News!"
Originally founded in 1892, First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood is dedicated to serving the needs of its congregation and community by teaching, exploring and enjoying life as people of faith. We are Biblical without being boring or bullies. Methodists are the "four-part" warm-heart people, using scripture, tradition, reason and experience to learn and grow. You and your family are invited to join us as we learn, worship, and celebrate with us.

First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood GOOD NEWS March 2014 e-mail: IN THIS ISSUE: • Shrove Tuesday Service • Ash Wednesday • Hop Into Fashion • Easter Basket Mission • PB & J Project GOOD NEWS is published monthly by First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood, California 91601 Phone (818) 763-8231 Minerva Carcaño Bishop Rev. Dr. Cedrick Bridgeforth District Superintendent Dr. Joey K. McDonald Pastor Congregation Ministers Jeff Thomas Director of Music Roger Eshleman Organist Nylean Rapinac Administrator Patty Kelsey Director, Program Ministries Jessica Renslow Director, Outreach Ministries A NOTE FROM PASTOR JOEY When I was in my last year of graduate school, now amazingly twenty eight years ago, life was hectic.  I was serving 29 Palms United Methodist Church full time.  Sue had no career option in the high desert that didn’t involve a hair net so she stayed with her company in Orange County and came up on weekends.  Our sons were with me or in child care.  I had three semesters of course work left, the last one seemed the toughest.   My Dad had died the previous November, and I was driving 120 miles, one way to school...sometimes five days a week.  It was especially difficult for an 8:00 AM class.  This meant waking my sons at 5:00 AM so I could make class. One cold and rainy spring morning in March of 1986, we were running just a bit behind schedule.  I started the trek to school, only to run over a rock that had washed onto the road causing me to lose a hubcap.  I stopped, found the hubcap, pounded it back on getting my hands filthy and skinning a knuckle in the process.  As highway 62 turns south heading out of the Morongo Valley, the storm worsened and slowed my journey.   I could feel my class slipping away.  Finally, I reached interstate 10 and headed west toward Claremont.  With the rain still falling, the early morning sun was just peeking through the clouds behind me.   Then a marvelous thing happened...a beautiful, full rainbow appeared in front of me, and stranger still it began to rain inside the car.  At least I assumed so because my cheeks were wet.   I was crying, stopping to compose myself, I walked toward the rainbow a few feet pausing to take it in along with the sweetness of the desert air.  Back on the road, for as long as I could, I just basked in the glory of that rainbow. This was B.C.P., before cell phones (imagine that) so after class, which I indeed made on time, I called my Mother and shared the story.  She said, “When you saw the rainbow you thought of your Dad.”  I said, “How did you know?” and she reminded me of how my Dad would stop the car on vacations to have us admire rainbows and remind us of the Noah blessing.   What makes this significant is that my parents’ relatives lived in Pennsylvania and Michigan, so the car trips were long and deliberate, dawdling was not on the agenda.  Except when there was a rainbow, then Dad would stop the car and make sure we all saw it.  Several years ago, my son Aaron drove his 1969 Plymouth Barracuda to Carlisle Pennsylvania to a national show for Chrysler enthusiasts.  I met him in Chicago and drove the twenty-one hundred miles back with him.  It was August and we were in the Midwest so there were thunder storms.  Somewhere in Iowa there was a big one, but there was also a beautiful rainbow.  Aaron stopped and said, “Let’s take a good look.”  So we did.  Every time I see a rainbow, I think of my Dad, because he knew every color in the band across the sky gives us good reason to be glad and hopeful. Your Friend and Pastor, Joey

COME AND WORSHIP The following Bible passages will be the basis for the 10:30 messages in March. Please take time each week to read the selected passages. March 2 March 9 March 16 March 23 March 30 A Well Devised Truth On Being Without Understanding The Direction Of Help The Unburdened Heart 2 Peter 1:16-21 Not The Obvious Choice Psalm 32 Psalm 121 Psalm 96 1 Samuel 16:1-13 HIGHLIGHTS OF WORSHIP February 2 - Today we had the start of our focus on Black History with a song performed by Norman Kelsey. Phillip Mottaz and Norman Kelsey shared our monthly announcements. We also collected well over our goal of 100 cans of soup for the food pantry during our Souper Sunday collection contest! Ralph Seybold delivered triple the amount of canned goods this month to the Pantry! Thank you to everyone who donated! February 9 - Today was Boy Scout Sunday. The Boy Scouts took part in the entire worship service and their Scout Coordinator, Kathi Ellis, also shared announcements. February 16 - Our service was full of inspiring and delightful moments including Rhonda Scott sharing her Black History Moment, which brought a smile and chuckle to our worship service. Patty Kelsey presented a Children’s Moment about Jesus being our Valentine every day! February 23 - This morning we enjoyed special music from Francis Nyaforh, who sang an original song, accompanied by Jeff Thomas on the Piano. The song was called “One Good Reason,” inspired by a moment in his life. Ken Ellis presented Pastor Joey with a certificate of appreciation from the California Pacific Annual Conference to NOHO FUMC for hosting the Lay Servant Ministries workshop. Our church hosted a California Pacific Annual Conference Lay Servant event on Saturday, February 22nd. Ken Ellis lead the charge for “Called to Witness,” which brought 60 plus Lay Servants from all over our district. Three workshops were presented: Being the Hand of Christ: Ministry in the Community Caring: A Life Giving Witness Called to Witness as You Go The Keynote Address was given by Thomas R. Williams. Lunch was also prepared by Kathi Ellis and her UMW Team. A certificate was given to our church as a thank you for opening our campus to this special event.

The United Methodist Women INVITES YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS 59th Fashion Show & Luncheon SATURDAY March 8th 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Social Hall Doors Open at 10:30 am FEATURING THE LATEST FASHIONS FROM A LITTLE HISTORY: Martha circle started it all in Norma Villee’s backyard, Spring 1955. Then Ruth Circle took over the food a few years later. Minette Harris and Betty Hogarth are the only original members of Martha Circle. Tickets $20 per person Traditions are so important, come and support the United Methodist Women! Enjoy a delicious salad buffet! Donations going to UMW Mission Projects First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood 4832 Tujunga Avenue NoHo 91601

Easter is a time of praise and celebration! The highest Holy day on the Christian Calendar. If you take a look back to your childhood, you'll recall that Easter was also a time for Easter baskets filled with chocolate rabbits, jelly beans and for homeless surprises! Many children living in a car, at a shelter, in the and needy park or part of a family which is lucky to have food to eat won't be receiving children treats like these. For about 10 years now, the Mission Team has been providing baskets to children from families in need. Baskets filled with little things you would like to find in a basket if you were a child. Chocolate bunnies, individually wrapped candies, small toys, books, stuffed animals, crayons, and bubbles!  This year, our church family will be assembling 100 baskets! The baskets will be delivered to Hope for the Valley Rescue Mission and to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. We will collect items on two Sundays, March 30th and April 6th.  Please leave your donations on the table by Boyer Chapel.  On Palm Sunday, April 13th, we will all help assemble the baskets following coffee fellowship outside the Lounge. (The baskets and Easter grass are being provided). Thank you for your amazing generosity! From Your Mission Team. It is time to order your Easter Lilies! Each year, a cross is erected in the chancel of the Sanctuary, which is made of Easter Lilies. The lovely plants are given in memory and in honor of loved ones and are $10 per plant. The plants may be taken home following the 10:30 am worship service on Easter Sunday, April 20th. Your Name ______________________________________ Phone Number ________________________ Please Circle One: (In Memory) or (In Honor) of _____________________________________________________________ (In Memory) or (In Honor) of _____________________________________________________________ (In Memory) or (In Honor) of _____________________________________________________________ Total Number of Lilies Ordered _________ @ $10.00 per plant Total Due ______________

What’s Happening in March? Shrove Tuesday - March 4th Join us, as we come together for worship on this day before the 40 days of Lent at 7:00 PM in Boyer Chapel. Following worship we will be serving PANCAKES in the Lounge. Wednesday, March 5th - Ash Wednesday Silent Meditation and Communion. 6:00 - 7:30 PM Boyer Chapel. Prayer chapel open at 5:00 PM. Saturday, March 8th - The 59th Annual UMW Fashion Show! Hop Into Fashion! 10:30 AM 2:00 PM. Social Hall. Tickets $20. Donations go to UMW Missions Projects. Saturday, March 8th - Remember to set clocks forward 1 hour! Daylight Savings Time! Sunday, March 9th - Missions Sunday! Please bring nonperishable proteins to donate to the Food Pantry! (Tuna, Peanut Butter, Chili) Monday, March 10th- NO Martha Circle Monday, March 10th- VBS Planning Meeting in the Lounge. 7:30 PM. Tuesday, March 11th- ALL CHURCH MOVIE NIGHT! 6:45 Dinner. 7:15 Movie. See details below. Monday, March 17th- Tabitha Circle Meets at 10:30 AM in the Hand in Hand Room. Wednesday, March 19th- Ruth Circle meets at 7:30 PM in the Community Room Thursday, March 20th- PB & J Project! Meet in the Lounge at 7:00 PM to make 150 sandwiches for the homeless! Wednesday March 26th - NO UMW Boutique Workshop. Thursday, March 27th - BUNCO BUNCH meets at 7:30 PM in the Lounge! Tuesday, March 25th- United Methodist Men meets at Hill Street Cafe. 7:30 PM. United Methodist Men Fundraiser Throughout March, the UMM will be selling See’s Candies to raise funds for their projects and events. Please be sure to support the UMM and buy some delicious Easter Candy! .  March 4th 7:00 PM Worship Boyer Chapel Join us for a pancake dessert bar in the Lounge! Living it up before giving it up! March 5th 6:00 - 7:30 PM Boyer Chapel Silent Communion Candle Lighting Boyer Chapel and the Prayer Chapel will be open at 5:00 PM Prayer guide will be available to give suggestions for your meditation. SCI-FI MONTH Tuesday, March 11th 6:45 dinner 7:15 movie

PB & J PROJECT The Mission Team has committed to provide 150 peanut butter & jam sandwiches for distribution to the homeless clients of the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry on the 3rd Friday of every month. After a test run in October, it was agreed that this was a good way our church could support the Food Pantry. On Thursday, February 20, Josie Bashout, Jodi Smith, Brad Swanson, Deanne Cox, Chuck Schafer and Lynn Yoshizumi met in the Lounge and produced the sandwiches in less than an hour. Hope to see you on Thursday, March 20, for an hour or so of fellowship and sandwich making. Many hands make light work! What you can do: 1. Join us on the 3rd Thursday in the Lounge at 7pm and help make the sandwiches! 2. Donate sandwich fixings:      *White or wheat bread *Creamy peanut butter *Jam (spreads better than jelly) 3. Host you own sandwich-making night - invite your family or friends call Lynn Yoshizumi, 818-764-8803. March 9th * * * Please bring: Jars of peanut butter Cans/pouches of Tuna Soups high in protein

ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING By Lynn Yoshizumi CONGRATULATIONS & BON VOYAGE Gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing lay the foundation for all United Methodist Committee on Relief work by covering the costs of doing business. This means all contributions designated to specific programs can go 100 percent to those programs because UMCOR’s basic expenses are covered. Neither UMCOR’s administration costs nor the numerous Advance programs for disaster relief, aiding refugees and alleviating human suffering around the world receive apportionment funds. Sunday, March 30th, is designated the One Great Hour of Sharing but donations may be made to UMCOR any time throughout the year. You may donate by writing a check to FUMC/NH with UMCOR on the memo line and placing it in the offering plate. Our church will send one check for all UMCOR donations to the national headquarters. RECOGNIZING OUR ACOLYTES It has been 12 months since we sent our first Acolytes in many years down the center aisle to begin worship service. ACOLYTES Daniella Lake Isabella Day Brandon Ancheta Bryan Ancheta Thank you for your commitment and graceful demeanor during worship. Our church is grateful for your dedication. You make worship much more special. On Sunday, March 16th, the Acolytes will be recognized in front of the congregation. Tara Varilek completed her Foreign Service Specialist orientation! On Tuesday, February 25th, the State Department held their flag ceremony where trainees were given the flag of the country where they would serve. Tara will be heading to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Congratulations, Tara! Safe journey abroad.

NoHo FUMC will be hosting a Tabletop Day gaming event on April 5! Tabletop Day is organized by the Geek & Sundry web series “Tabletop.” People all around the world register to host public board game parties. Our event will take place in the Lounge from 1-7 pm. We will be joined by special guest Peter Vaughan, designer of the game “What the Food?” a fun card game about a high school food fight. He will be teaching people how to play his game. There will also be some other games available, or feel free to bring your own.  And don’t forget to invite some friends! To see our event on the Tabletop website, go to: LENTEN PRACTICES FOR A BETTER WORLD Lay Servant, Rachel Mottaz These are the four ways we support our church and church family.  These are four ways that we can begin to change the world and ourselves. Some of you may know that for the last several years, I have made and shared a Lent Calendar.  It was used to guide you through the Lenten season by providing ideas on how to give something up, how to replace that time with prayer and how to give back. In lieu of that this year, I propose to you, the Prayer, Presence, Gifts and Service Commitment Board. On this board, that will be mobile and conveniently accessible, I have provided cards under each category.  There are prayer requests, service opportunities, ways and ideas for tithing and for your continued presence.  I am kindly, respectfully and imploringly requesting your participation.  In addition to visiting this board often to choose a card and commit to that action, I invite you to create cards of your own to hang on here.  For example, if you haven’t been able to mow your lawn or complete that random chore and you would like someone to help, write it on a card and put it under Service.  If you know of someone who needs prayers, write it on a card and put it under Prayers.  If you are hosting an event and you’d like people to attend, write it on a card and put it under Presence.  If you are a part of a group here and you need money for supplies, like the Tabitha Circle, who makes these beautiful blankets for babies born at Olive View, as well as babies born here, they might need money for fabric or labels, I’ve written that on cards and put that under Gifts.  Commit to one card per week.  Then maybe two or three, and you will see how this group can start changing the world.    CHOCOLATE = HAPPY MEN By David Eshleman, UMM President This year the United Methodist Men will be having a See's Candies fund raiser for Easter.   We will be taking orders for special Easter themed chocolate to raise money for our programs to continue, and to grow in new ways.   I sincerely hope you will each buy delicious See's Candies from us, as well as enjoy a wonderful Easter with family.  Look for men with order forms starting in March!

March 1 March 1 March 1 March 1 March 1 March 2 March 3 March 4 March 6 March 8 March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14 March 14 March 17 Jerry Acosta Mildred Doyel Willa Koenigsaecker Desi Resinos Barbara Roberts JoAnn Parnell Amy Schwartz Ken Jewett Jessica Davis Michael Kent Zachary Thomas Pat Sucher Harold Koenigsaecker Logan Jaramillo Logan Sada JoAnn Roche March 18 March 19 March 19 March 20 March 24 March 26 March 27 March 28 March 28 March 29 March 30 March 30 March 30 March 30 March 30 Sue McDonald Bridget Deason Jackie Mellville John Kent Morgan Paull Cathy Rogers Jane Koss Tim Coyle Anne Roche Alycia Watts Joan Becker Daniel Cox Eli Cox Carrie Downs-Minetree Deborah Moore Wishing you many blessings on your birthday! Love, Your Church Family Dirk Craft, co-worker of Dave Henke, is losing his battle with leukemia. Now at the last stages of life. Norman Kelsey’s Mother, Pat Vail, underwent another surgery to now remove the appliance and begin procedure to clear out infection. She will be in traction for six weeks and undergoing replacement surgery in April. Monica McLaughlin has been under a lot of stress that has kept her from church. She is looking for relief. Kim Deason has been having a horrible time with sciatic nerve pain and deep vein thrombosis. Julie Shuford’s Uncle, Bern, was hospitalized for massive blood clots in his lungs and a severe staph infection. He fell into a coma. The family had to make heart wrenching decisions this past week. Andy Merrill will be undergoing open heart surgery very soon. Chris Moore’s Mother, Katherine, went into cardiac arrest on February 12th and passed away. Prayers are requested for Chris and Deb during this difficult time. Prayers for Frank Quintana who is in the process of being evaluated for surgery that may help his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

Reflections ! Joey K. "Donald Do you ever have those days when thirty seconds seems way too long to wait for a traffic signal?  The few seconds it takes for your computer to reach the internet is an eternity.  In other words a simple task which might require a modicum of patience is asking something just not possible at the time.  People who study human behavior tell us that technology has now driven humans to the state where we are often lacking proper civil decorum.  Hence the likes of road rage, parking lot and shopping rage.  For a variety of reasons we both work and play at speeds without leaving room for contemplation.  Since we can check facts and figures nearly instantaneously, we are apt to think we know more than we actually do.  This frees us to criticize, even condemn those we disagree with. This can become a non aerobic exercise for those of the muscle bound brain.  Very good for the inflated ego, very bad for the soul. The Apostle Paul addresses this in his writing to the early Church. In his first letter to the people of Corinth, responding to critics of his teaching along with that of his disciples, he urges caution and calm.   “Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries. Moreover, it is required of stewards that they should be found trustworthy.   However, with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by any human. I do not even judge myself.  I am not aware of anything against myself, but I am not thereby acquitted.  It is the Lord who judges me.” 4:1-4 NRSV The words of Paul were strong when he wrote them.   They are even more harsh today because we actually think we know something.   There is a wonderful song titled, “I’m In A Hurry (and I Don’t Know Why)” written by Randy Van Warmer and Roger Murrah.  The refrain says volumes.  “I’m in a hurry to get things done, oh, I rush and rush until life’s no fun.  All I really gotta do is live and die, but I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.”  We seek to know, to make sense, to understand, to figure things out.  The truth of the matter is, we cannot know and understand everything no matter how diligent we are.  Over the years I have read of many folks rich, poor, famous, or pedestrian, educated or not, each with the singular belief that God does not exist.  As a younger person this would either send me into a fit of anger, or a fancy for prayer over the said souls.  Now it seems bemusing to ponder whether God ever doubts the existence of a nonbeliever. Reflections are part of the weekly bulletin inserts for worship. This writing is originally from February 27, 2011 and Dr. McDonald’s sermon was titled “A Faith Journey Is Not A Timed Event” based on 1 Corinthians 4:1-5

OPPORTUNITIES FOR WORSHIP March 2 March 9 Transfiguration Sunday. White or Gold. Exo. 24:12-18; Ps. 99 or UMH 819; 2 Pet. 1:16-21; Matt. 17:1-9 First Sunday in Lent. Girl Scout Sunday. Purple. Gen. 2:15-17; 3:1-7; Ps. 32 or UMH 766; Rom. 5:12-19; Matt. 4:1-11 March 16 Second Sunday in Lent. Purple. Gen. 12:1-4a; Ps. 121 or UMH 844; Rom. 4:1-5,13-17; John 3:1-17 March 23 March 30 Third Sunday in Lent. Purple. Exo. 17:1-7; Ps. 95 or (UMH 814); Rom. 5:1-11; John 4:5-42 Fourth Sunday in Lent. One Great Hour Of Sharing. Purple. 1 Sam. 16:1-13; Ps. 23 or UMH 754 or 137; Eph. 5:8-14; John 9:1-41 Sunday Worship Services at 10:30 AM in the Main Sanctuary Adult Sunday School meets at 9:15 AM in the Hand in Hand Room Children’s Sunday School meets at 10:30 AM in the Community Room/Nursery Children’s Moment every second & third Sunday of the month during 10:30 AM worship Communion will be served on March 2nd at 10:30 AM worship & Ash Wednesday (Silent) 8:15 AM Worship Services in Boyer Chapel March 2 - Pastor Joey March 9 - Norman Kelsey March 16 - Patty Kelsey March 23 - Sandra Smith March 30 - Sandra Smith Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday Worship Schedule in Boyer Chapel March 4th - 7:00 PM March 5th - Prayer & Silent Communion 6:00 - 7:30 PM Please have your articles for the Good News to the church office by March17th for the April 2014 publication or email them to If you no longer wish to receive this publication, please contact the church office or return this address label noting that we are to discontinue sending it. Thank you. POSTMASTER - Please send changes of address to: First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood 4832 Tujunga Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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