The Good & Bad Sides of Coffee

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Information about The Good & Bad Sides of Coffee

Published on April 26, 2014

Author: renomatedemo


PowerPoint Presentation: 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 1 A WIKI 4 GROUP PRESENTATION CONTENTS: CONTENTS The History Of Coffee Wiki’s7 Step Guide To Coffee Appreciation Latest News & Trends Coffee – Export & Production Process – By Anyone Major Coffee Producers – By Brooke Coffee & Forced Labor Market – By Scott Espresso Joins The C offee World – By Emma Coffee Has World Impact – By Kirsty Summary Conclusion 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 2 The History of Coffee : The History of Coffee 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 3 History reveals that a goat herder by the name of Kaldi , discovered coffee after noticing that his goats showed signs of ‘spirited’ behavior after eating the berries off a certain tree In the Ethiopian highlands. 3 Wiki 4’s Seven Step Guide to Coffee Appreciation: 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 4 Wiki 4’s Seven Step Guide to Coffee Appreciation 4 Latest News & Trends: CBS NEWS Latest News & Trends Latest news from America is that fewer Americans drink a daily cup of coffee ( Reuters) - The number of American adults who enjoy a daily cup of coffee has dropped to 61 percent this year, from 63 percent in 2013, the annual National Coffee Association of USA's National Coffee Drinking Trends study (22/2/14) The popularity of espresso-based coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, however, jumped with 18 percent of the 3,000 adults surveyed saying they drink these daily. This is up from 13 percent last year. 26/04/2014 5 Coffee -Export & Production Process: CBS NEWS Coffee -Export & Production Process 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 6 MAJOR COFFEE PRODUCERS: MAJOR COFFEE PRODUCERS 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 7 COFFEE & FORCED LABOR MARKET: C OFFEE & FORCED LABOR MARKET 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 8 Espresso joins the coffee world: Espresso joins the coffee world Espresso is a process of extracting flavor from coffee beans. In 1901, Luigi Bezzera filed a patent for a machine that contained a boiler and four " groups”. Each group could take varying sized filters that contained the coffee grounds. Boiling water and steam were forced through the coffee and into the cup. Desiderio Pavoni purchased Luigi Bezzera's patent in 1903 and in 1905, began manufacturing machines based on the patent. The first espresso machine was installed in the United States in 1927 at Regio's in New York. The "La Pavoni " machine is on display there today. 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 9 Coffee Has World Impact: Coffee Has World Impact Due to the economic importance of coffee exports, a number of Latin American countries made arrangements before World War II to allocate export quotas so that each country would be assured a certain share of the United States coffee market. The first coffee quota agreement was arranged in 1940 and was administered by an Inter-American Coffee Board . The idea of establishing coffee export quotas on a worldwide basis was adopted in 1962, when an International Coffee Agreement was negotiated by the United Nations. 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 10 Summary: Summary 26/04/2014 11 References: R eferences 26/04/2014 WIKI 4 2014 12

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