The Global Classroom—Reaching Out Global Learners

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Information about The Global Classroom—Reaching Out Global Learners

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: akarim717



For a long time we treat our classroom as our "secret garden". Nobody really knows what's going on in the classroom. Everything that happens in the classroom is between the teacher and the students within the confine of the physical boundary of the classroom. Now educators have the opportunity and platform to reach out global learners via MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses.

Abd Karim Alias CDAE, Universiti Sains Malaysia

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. ~NELSON MANDELA 2   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014  

What are the Roles of Higher Education? Image  source:  h:p://office.microso?.com/en-­‐us/clipart/   3   Abd  Karim  Alias@2012  

The Role of Higher Education TO NURTURE THE FUTURE NATION BUILDERS 4   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014  

The Role of Higher Education TO SEED CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE MIND 5   Image source: Abd  Karim  Alias@2012  

The Role of Higher Education TO CREATE & EXPAND THE FRONTIER OF KNOWLEDGE Image  source:  h:p://office.microso?.com/en-­‐us/clipart/   6   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014  

The Role of Higher Education TO DISSEMINATE KNOWLEDGE 7   Image source: Abd  Karim  Alias@2012  

The Role of Higher Education TO CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY 8   Image source: Abd  Karim  Alias@2014  

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 26.1), which states that: “Everyone has the right to education” e source: Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   9  

BOYER’S 4 DOMAINS OF SCHOLARSHIP Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   10  

Access to education in any form is still a challenge in too many parts of the world

Access to education in any form is still a challenge in too many parts of the world 12   Image source: Abd  Karim  Alias@2012  

Classroom as a secret garden Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   15  


license…open vs proprietary. Steve  Wheeler,  University  of  Plymouth,  2011   “Open” means…open source (code), free resources, research that is publicly available on the Web, free courses (free enrollment), open h:p://  

means…few barriers, anyone could be a player, this challenges all providers of education Image source: Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   18  

New Culture of Learning 19   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011  

nes U   iTu 20  

Just in case Just in time Just enough Just for me 21   Diagram credit: Abd  Karim  Alias@2014  

…We learn best by acquiring information that is relevant to us in the moment, based on our current context. Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   22  

People expect to work, learn, socialize, and play whenever and wherever they want to. Image  source:  h:p://   Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   23  

The world as a 24   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011  

A Global Classroom 25   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011  

Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   26  

The TRAILBLAZERS... Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   27  

The TRAILBLAZERS... Professor Thrun gave up his tenured position at Stanford to teach online courses at a new start-up he’s founded called Udacity. Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   28  

Welcome to the brave new world of MOOCs Abd  Karim  Alias@2014  

…is NOT about replacing the traditional universities but it is about WIDENING ACCESS TO EDUCATION. Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   30  


A Global Classroom 32   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011  

OCW MIT OCW launched in 2001 From making resources freely available…to OER UNESCO OER Declaration 2012 …open massive participatory learning ecosystems MOOCs Small beginning by George Siemen in 2008 Diagram  template  credit  to:   FLI-0924-3DC-3N

France U Numerique Others Mooc providers CourseSites Miriada X FutureLearn iversity Coursera Open2Study Canvas Networks NovoEd Udacity EdX Data  adopted  from  Dhawal  Shah,  MOOCs  in  2013:  Breaking  Down  the  Numbers     Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   34  

Mooc subjects Social Sciences Humanities Engineering Maths & Stats Education Health & Medicine Comp. Science Business & Management Data  adopted  from  Dhawal  Shah,  MOOCs  in  2013:  Breaking  Down  the  Numbers     Science Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   35  

Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   36  

Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   37  

Abd  Karim  Alias@2012   39  

4 Revenue models Moocs challenges Credentialing, Accredidation Course Completion Rate Student Authentication

3 Business Models Make students pay for certificates of completion Allow institutions to pay for sponsored classes Offer students additional paid resources Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen Courses  are  free  but   proof  of  passing  would   need  to  be  purchased   Diagram  template  credit  to:   UniversiZes  can  pay  to   have  MOOC  courses   taught  on  their   campuses   Students  can  pay  for   library  resources,   tutoring,  textbook,  etc.  

Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen

h:p://   44   Abd  Karim  Alias@2011  

MOOCs – The 4C Model of Learning Behavior Connect Contribute COLLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE Create Diagram  template  credit  to:   Consume FMD-1502-3DA-4N

…The value of MOOCs may not be the MOOCs themselves, but rather the plethora of new innovations and added services as a spin-off. Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   46  

…Start small… Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   47  

Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   48  

Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   49  

– What do You Want to Learn Today? Abd  Karim  Alias@2011   50  

– What do You Want to Learn Today? Abd  Karim  Alias@2013   51  

MOOCs as game changer…catalysts of major educational change. Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   52  

Download from Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   53  

Abd  Karim  Alias@2014   54  

MOOCs for breakfast anyone? Abd Karim Alias@2014 55  

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