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Published on April 2, 2014

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"Depression is like living in a glass coffin but not yet buried, watching the world pass by. On one of my two good days a month, I'm screaming to be let out, but most of the rest of the month, I'm begging to be buried."

How our hormones play a significant role in depression.

How Big Pharma play a significant role in depression.

Estrogen deficiency and it's role with depression.

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

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Depression "Depression is like living in a glass coffin that no one has yet buried, watching the world living their lives and passing by. On one of my two good days a month, I'm screaming to be let out. But the rest of the month, I'm begging to be buried altogether."

My History of Depression Symptoms of depression since pre-puberty 1982 “Severely Clinically Depressed” 1990s “Chemical Imbalance”

A Name for How I Felt • Have you been diagnosed with depression or struggle with sadness? • Maybe you're scared of being criticized? • Have you lost interest? • Have aches and pains?

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging Psychotropic drugs. It's the story of big money-drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure. These drugs kill an estimated 42,000 people every year and the death count keeps rising. Containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, this riveting documentary rips the mask off psychotropic drugging and exposes a brutal but well-entrenched money-making machine. Before these drugs were introduced in the market, people who had these conditions would not have been given any drugs at all. It’s the branding of a disease and it is the branding of a drug for a treatment of a disease that did not exist before the industry made the disease.

Marketing of Drugs • Ask your doctor. • Talk to your doctor about. • Talk to your healthcare professional. • Go tell your doctor today. • Tell your doctor about. • Go to your doctor immediately.

Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 In 1967, a group of leading psychiatrists got together to map out their vision of the future. Their plan was to create, provide and even mandate people to take a new range of psychotropic products they’d recommend as the only solution for a list of not yet existent mental diseases people would be made to believe they actually had. Among this group of “leading experts” were, Heinz Lehmann, Joseph Zubin, Nathan Kline, Charles Savage, William Turner, MD, Wayne O Evans, PhD. They produced a document manual called “Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 Us By Normal Humans″ where they outline their plan for the future.

The Plan "We see a developing potential for nearly a total control of human emotional status, mental functioning, and will to act." Psychiatrist Wayne O Evans, 1967, (one of the compilers and editors of this manual). Their plan: to create by the year 2000, a range of psychiatric drugs regulating every aspect of human behavior.

We’ve Been Told We’re Sick Most people have had a psychiatric diagnosis such as: general anxiety disorder, bipolar, PTSD, and ADHD. Most people have been given prescriptions to manage their disorder such as Zoloft, Ritalin, Depakote, lithium, Paxil, Adderall, Lexapro, lorazepam, Prozac, Elevil, Seroquel, and Prozac. Over 100 million people worldwide are on psychiatric drugs. How did this happen?

Mike Adams, Consumer Health Advocate “They want you to think you're diseased from birth and that all those experiences of life, childhood, adolescence, teenage years, adulthood, and being a senior senior citizen, that these are all just various stages of disease."

Pamela Seefeld, Clinical Pharmacist "Let's face it, we've all been depressed at one time, we've all been anxious at one time, these are normal emotions that we feel."

Devoid of Science There are no available tests to prove somebody has a psychiatric illness or what medications to use for those illnesses. Yet doctors will convince you that you’re sick. Nobody's addressing to root cause but prescribed prescription drugs to alleviate the symptoms. The side effects of those drugs are outrageous and largely unknown by the time to drug hits the market.

Dr. Thomas Dorman “Given the ability to be able to write prescriptions for diseases gave psychiatrists a place where they are respected in the eyes of their peers and in the medical community as a real physician. If they were writing prescriptions for diseases then they needed a diagnostic code to be able to bill which is where the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders came from the DSM-IV. Created by consensus by a group of psychologists psychiatrist get together and if they made common observations, they have a vote, and now have classified a new disease, and they give it a number and it graduates it to the DSM classification."

Side Effects Most of these prescription drugs cause liver problems, heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, obesity, sleeplessness, immune system problems, cancer, and a bunch of other medical problems including death. Psychotropic drugs cause serious adverse reactions. Doctors and drug companies are very aware of how dangerous these drugs and the diseases they cause. It's us, the patient who is the unsuspecting target consumer who is left broke, diseased, and drugged, and needing more drugs to handle the side effects of the original script.

Lexapro Example The side effects cause the very disease the drug is supposed to treat. Other side effects are insomnia, ejaculation disorder, nausea, increased sweating, fatigue and somnolence, decreased libido and anorgasmia. Basically what happens is within one hour of taking a Lexapro you lose your libido, you lose your desire to want to be touched, you lose your emotional ability to connect, you get isolation behavior, you become numb and stop caring about yourself and others. That's a good way to control somebody's mind.

Dr. Death There are over 3000 deaths per month associated to psychotropic drugs brought on by the drug companies who have golden handcuffs on the doctors who write the scripts. 80% of all psychiatric drugs are written by general practitioner physicians and this is done because it’s considered “Standard of Care” Medicine.

Standard of Care Doctors are required by law to screen every patient for depression. If they don’t they will not get paid and have the risk of getting their license take away.

Root Cause? Most of the disorders in the DVM IV+ are a result of estrogen deficiency in women. When estrogen is suboptimal……

Menopause Talk Radio with MarieHoäg,MBA When Estrogen is Suboptimal • Acne • Anti-social Behavior • Anxiety • Bleeding Gums • Bloating • Body odor changes • Breast tenderness • Brittle/splitting nails • Cognitive decline • Constipation • Controlling behavior • Depression • Diabetes • Dizziness

Menopause Talk Radio with MarieHoäg,MBA • Emotional disconnect • Lack of motivation or drive • Facial Hair • Fatigue • Feelings of lethargy • Fibromyalgia • Forgetfulness • Hair Loss • Headaches Tension • Heart palpitations • Heartbeat irregular • Hot flashes • High Cholesterol • High Blood Pressure When Estrogen is Suboptimal

Menopause Talk Radio with MarieHoäg,MBA • Incontinence • Insomnia • Irritability • Isolation • Itchy all over • Joint pain • Loneliness • Dry Skin • Low libido • Memory Loss • Mental decline • Migraines • Mood swings • Muscle Mass Loss • Night sweats • Skin irregularities When Estrogen is Suboptimal

Menopause Talk Radio with MarieHoäg,MBA • Not wanting to be touched • Osteoporosis • Periods irregular • Periods last for days • Painful intercourse • Panic attacks • Sugar addiction • Tingling extremities • Vaginal atrophy • Vaginal dryness • Weight gain • Loss of subcutaneous fat • Lines around lips When Estrogen is Suboptimal

Menopause Talk Radio with MarieHoäg,MBA • Vaginal and/or bladder infections • UTI’s • Decreased verbal skills • Emotional instability • Feelings of despair • Addictive behavior • Gags Easily • Shortness of Breath • Nausea • Banana Boobs • Crying easily • Insulin resistant When Estrogen is Suboptimal

Menopause Talk Radio with MarieHoäg,MBA • Diet • Environmental Toxins • Eating disorders • Excessive exercising • Pituitary diseases • Low body fat • Medications • Genetics • Sedentary lifestyle What Causes Estrogen Deficiency?

Menopause Talk Radio with MarieHoäg,MBA Fourth Generation Bioidentical Cyclic Hormone Restoration How to Fix Estrogen Deficiency?

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