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Information about THE GAME COMPANY - Farvi comunicare per noi è un gioco!

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: stefanomomoni



We are an innovative start up engaged in the realization
of interactive ADVERGAMES, a new and very powerful form
of non-conventional communication.


TGC We are an innovative start up engaged in the realization of interactive ADVERGAMES, a new and very powerful form of non-conventional communication. Innovative online games allowing our customers to get their audience involved in an amazing way, both in the marketing sector than in other social and edutainment contexts. In this way companies and consumers can discuss each other with a new informal, interesting, pleasant and exciting language. All this happens in an actual scenario of the online games which shows interesting signals of stunning growth, displaying a standard player available to dedicate time and money for his/her entertainment.

ADVERGAMES The interactive online games, which actually constitute the main concept of our project, are identified with the term ADVERGAMES, games able to communicate advertising messages, socialize, share and develop the awareness brand implied by the same game. “Advergame” is indeed the result of the crasis between the words “advertising” and “game”. Our ADVERGAMES differ from the others because of a remarkable detail: they interact in real time with the player detecting his/her desires and passions.

THE PLATFORM All this is possible thank to a new IT platform, the core of our project, called Play Life Platform, containing the most advanced algorithms of opinion mining and semantic analysis (provided by La Sapienza University of Rome and partner of the project) and powering all the advergames, realized in the form of multimedia apps, available on all devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, console). Such advanced artificial intelligence allows the platform to dialog in real time with the player, stimulating him/her to reveal what he/she loves, in a funny way.

PROFILING Sponsors can therefore experiment and use new relationship modalities based on the “one to one” multimedia advertainment. They can promote, commercialize, test products and define their reference targets with measurable results never seen before. Moreover they’ll have the possibility to make their consumers long-term faithful, thank to social processes and the possibility to win real prizes. The user profilings obtained become an important database, exclusive patrimony of TGC which in turn becomes a source of income.

PLAY&TRAVEL The first advergame realized with such innovative concepts is Play & Travel, the unique online game dedicated to travels. It is a different game since it defines the best player among the other online players and allows to win real travels (no other online games are able to offer it, actually). su To play and have fun, it is sufficient to go to the dedicated website and join in, to be catapulted in a trip where everybody will show to be real and expert travellers, by solving theme quizzes and games, collecting scores, climbing charts and winning real prizes. All this while the name, the brand and the partner companies products will be showed the whole time under the eyes of consumers in an active way. N.B. This game has already risen the interest of many international companies.

BUSINESS MODEL THEREFORE, OUR CLIENTS WILL BE: • PLAYERS: games will also have a paid premium version which will allow to win richer prizes than the basic version ones. • COMPANIES: they’ll pay a fee for the personalization and insertion of their products and brands within the games. • MEDIA CENTERS: they’ll have the possibility to sell games like advertising spaces. The online game becomes a real media. • SPONSORING COMPANIES • WEB MARKETING AGENCIES

BUSINESS MODEL Players Aziende Società di sponsoring Centri Media Agenzie Web Marketing

PERSPECTIVES Considering the difficulties and the bureaucratic and fiscal obstacles existing in Italy, we expect to open in the next months an English company, settled in London, that will be in charge of (i) the general governance, (ii) the server management on which the new platform will be installed, (iii) the technical and operational management and (iiii) the financial supervision.

PERSPECTIVES The project THE GAME COMPANY was considered by Lazio Region to be a deserving one, for its innovative and business contents, awarding him a financing of 100.000¤ non repayable, in order to enhance its project of start up. Also IBM considers very interesting the business proposal THE GAME COMPANY, admitting it to its world special programme “IBM Global Entrepreneur Program”, dedicated to those innovative startups most brilliant, with real possibilities to success.

COMPANY PROFILE The Game Company srl was constituted on November the 13th 2013 and is enrolled in the special register of the innovative Startups at the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce) of Rome (VAT number: 12619851004). It is associated to the Incubator ITech BIC Lazio of Rome. It is headquartered in Rome, The founding members are:

COMPANY PROFILE STEFANO MOMONI> CEO of the Company Corporate governance, public relations, development, management and planning control Born in Rome in 1966, graduated from Economics and Business at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Expert in management, he is tourist technical director since 2002 and legal representative of Sunny Life srl. He started his professional career in 1996. Reference Meeting Planner of important Public Bodies and Italian Companies he permanently collaborates with. He is professor of tourist and technical subjects for MICE organization and other several organizations. He coordinates the artistic and creative direction of the group Sunny World, dealing with the planning and realization of many educational, promotional and conference events, in collaboration with the best Italian and foreign competences.

COMPANY PROFILE CARLO VENTURA > Art Director and Graphic Designer Born in Nairobi in 1962 he worked in international advertising agencies for important clients such as Agip, Alitalia, Eni, Fiat Auto, Renault, Poste Italiane, Telecom, Toyota. Thank to such important responsibilities he obtained many rewards at national and international level. Editor, music recording producer and writer of childhood tales, he also has a brief but fruitful experience as creator of promo and educational board games for Procter & Gamble and Sodexò Italia.

COMPANY PROFILE RICCARDO PEZZOTTA > Project Manager and Commercial Born in Bergamo in 1970, he is expert in Project Management in tourist sector. He coordinates, for the group Sunny World, the internal tour operator for different business units of incentive business (Sunny Lab) and leisure (Sunny Life), in collaboration with the main international DMCs and the most important Italian providers. Moreover he is responsible of several projects of kids edutainment and kids marketing, in the “Young Project”, sector of Sunny World. He is professor of technical, education and tourist subjects for Lazio Region.

COMPANY PROFILE RICCARDO RIEDI > Lawyer, Expert in ICT legal and contractual assistance Born in Rome in 1963, he is Senior Partner at the Law Office “Caruso”, in which he is official receiver and serves as consultant and legal assistant for many companies in the field of civil, commercial. He he also author of several publications and articles for important editors of the sector.

ADVERGAMES WORK IN PROGRESS ® ® Football ® Social Match The extreme challenge for football addicted Play, win, go! KIDS ZONE ® The first Educational Web Advergame Wedding ® Players Win the day of your dreams

The Game Company srl enrolled in the special register of the innovative Startups at the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce) of Rome (VAT number: 12619851004). Headquarter: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 436 – Rome Associated at the Incubator ITech BIC Lazio – Rome Ph. +39.06.522.44.023 - Fax +39.06.833.91.987 Mob. +39.335.75.35.646 (dr. Stefano Momoni) -

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