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Published on March 23, 2009



Event Title: “New Frontiers in Social Media” Date: 12th February 2009 Speaker: Jamie Coomber Company: Profero London Topic: “The future of social media: how conversation and behaviour is changing” *The contents of this slideshow was presented at a Use8 event and reflects the views of the presenting parties ..

Event Description Web 2.0 has brought a new generation of online tools that enable users to network, share resources and participate in discussions on a global scale. This growth in social media is indicative of its entry into mainstream culture and its integration into the daily lives of many. Even in its infancy,social media is having a profound effect on its audience, by offering them new and varied ways to communicate and create - changing their status from user to 'produsers'; breaking the traditional, more closed structure of mass media. New Frontiers in Social Media is an event that will explore how social media will influence our lives in the future. The event will bring together a mix of thought leaders, professionals and academics to answer the questions - How will these technologies evolve? How will they create new experiences for users? and how will they impact social changes? *The contents of this slideshow was presented at a Use8 event and reflects the views of the presenting parties ..

"The future of Social Media; how conversation and behaviour is changing” Jamie Coomber

Social media isn’t Blogging Social networks Widgets RSS Forums Microblogging Podcasts File sharing

Social and media are just two words thrown together to describe some of the new platforms that started to emerge a few years ago Now that these platforms are being taken offline the word ‘media’ should be dropped to just leave.... ...Social

It’s anywhere people are having conversations

Not controlled Not organised Sometimes scary Usually honest

“ Don’t talk to us as if you’ve forgotten how to speak. Don’t make us feel small. Remind us to be larger. Get a little of that human touch.” The Cluetrain Manifesto Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls & David Weinberger 1999

People are creating and selecting their own content

So how has people’s behaviour changed?




So what’s the difference?

I’ve always been sociable...

...but now it’s scalable


So I’ve also become more open minded but... have often found it hard to juggle these conversations

Linda Stone Continuous Partial Attention

So what about the younger generation who are already used to an increased level of noise?

For a 10 year old, most web brands are already established For a 15 year old, social networks are just another form of communication For an 18 year old, it’s common to have published work

They’re used to having access to instant and free information

“ I don't buy Heat (magazine) anymore because to me it's now old - I mean, it only comes out once a week... Topshop's Style Blog tells you what's dropping in 30 seconds!” Zoe 16 from London

They use technologies to express their individuality and share with their friends

Chris Avenir, 18 Ryerson University 147 violations of Academic Code

This is all they’ve known

So what’s happening to the even younger generation?

Lim Ding Wen, 9 Singapore

We have no idea what their world will look like when they grow up, but we do know it will continue to evolve and technology will touch every aspect of life We need to learn from them .


Thank you! For more information about Use8 events please visit: Or follow us on Twitter: *The contents of this slideshow was presented at a Use8 event and reflects the views of the presenting parties ..

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