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Published on November 9, 2019

Author: digimarcon


1. Naguib Toihiri HEAD OF SEO AND GROWTH, ARTEFACT DUBAI, UAE ~ OCTOBER 22 - 23, 2019 DIGIMARCONMIDDLEEAST.COM | #DigiMarConMiddleEast DIGIMARCONDUBAI.AE | #DigiMarConDubai The Future of Search with Artificial Intelligence KEYNOTE

2. Today I will not talk about… Mobile-First Keywords Ranking Landing Pages Optimisation

3. What’s coming next ? SEO First Signs Of Life World Wide Web invented by Tim Berners-Lee First website published online Mobile First Index released Panda update - duplicate content penalty Penguin update - manipulative link schemes penalty A brief story of Search industry... 1989 1991 1997 2011 2012 2015 2020?

4. Voice Search Image Search Amazon Search

5. Voice Search Image Search Amazon Search 54% of product searches begin on Amazon up from 46% in 2015 Jumpshot 2018 23% of online searches happen on Google Image Sparktoro 2018 45% of UAE Internet population use Voice search & Voice Commands Global Web Index 2018

6. How AI can help us deliver better results ?

7. “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than, I don’t know, electricity or fire” Sundar Pichai CEO at Google

8. (Machine) Learning from a set of examples, growing over time ● Supervised ● Unsupervised ● Reinforcement Learns to recognize spam in an inbox AI Learning Sensing Processing signals from the outside world ● Computer Vision ● Speech recognition ● Natural Language Processing ● Feature construction ● … Planning Moving in an environment to attain a goal ● Monte-Carlo Tree Search ● Markov decision process* ● Genetic algorithms ● .... Knowing & Reasoning Deducing facts from other facts, rules, connections ● Rule-based engine ● Expert systems ● Ontologies ● …. Camera of a driverless car The robot must go charge itself then leave home I can prove a mathematical theorem from axioms * Stochastic model used to study optimization problems using dynamic programming or reinforcement learning algorithms Current State of AI application areas.

9. Validate Scale Up Insights

10. In other words, NLP aims to give the ability to computers to turn unstructured textual data into structured data, to create value Natural language processing is the science of empowering computers to process and understand human languages

11. Emulate Google Results using BERT NLP.

12. Validate Scale Up Insights

13. DigiMarCon 2019 is the best Digital Marketing Conference in the Middle East. A combination of expert panel, conference, webinar, and other events, it brings together the most dedicated and diverse group of marketers to deliver the most insightful information, strategies, and tools to market your company the right way. We have assembled a robust conference program to be used by all kinds of marketers. We've selected a mix of workshops that focus on the fundamentals of digital marketing as well as special

14. Auto Generate Unique Content at Scale.

15. Validate Scale Up Insights

16. Automatize data digestion and brings your focus on main actionable insights. Diagnostic of the drop Root causes automatically identified

17. Budget reallocation through insights on best/worst performers and how your budget will be invested at its best. Prediction allows digital marketers to run quantified simulations to take data-driven actions

18. Understand the relevancy of your text content Speed up your content production through automation Unlock Insights and predict account performance Validate Scale Up Insights

19. Visionary marketing leaders need to understand AI and how it impacts consumers and marketers. They must take proactive steps to ready themselves and their organizations for the AI-powered future. We help brands move from intuition-based decision making to data-driven decision making, to automated decision making – allowing their teams to no longer waste time on repetitive error-prone tasks, but to concentrate on higher value-added work. At Artefact, AI is not just a buzzword, it is at the heart of our mindset and expertise. AI will improve the productivity of your digital marketing and help you make smarter decisions

20. 522hours per year lost on repetitive tasks * *DJS Research 2017 DUMB WORK GUESS WORK Manual and time-consuming tasks can disappear thanks to AI AI ​​can confirm or deny human intuition in the prediction of the optimal customer dialogue / journey 522 hours per year lost on repetitive tasks* What tasks to automate with AI ?

21. Creation of new uses (Chatbots) Algorithmic Omnichannel Orchestration Sales Prediction Dynamic Persona Creation The way we use AI in our day to day activities at Artefact Predictive life moments detection Client segmentation Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) Content Indexation Automated Mix Media Optimization Automated Trafficking Bid Optimization Automated Reporting Cross-channel Synergy detection ROPO Measurement INSIGHTS CREATION ACTIVATION MEASUREMENT

22. IA Planning Insights Setup and control Optimisation AUDIENCE BUILDER MY DCO DISPLAY OPTIMIZER AUTOMATED REPORTING SMART MEDIA PLANNING AUDIENCE INSIGHTS • Our product team develops tools to automatize low value processes • The team also builds decision-making algorithms, based on machine learning capacities • For our clients, it means that Artefact teams are spending more time to design business strategies than managing manual tasks AI OCTOPUS,our proprietary optimization platform

23. Design Assemble Industrialize OPEN-SOURCE FRAMEWORKS OPEN SOURCE LIBRARIES Capabilities are designed using best in class open source technologies Designed capabilities are then combined together as lego bricks NLP Toolkit Secured API authentification Time Series Forecasting Automated Feature Engineering A tailor-made solution is provided for our customers, perfectly integrated into their IT ecosystem APPROACH Best of breed technologies - Easy integration of new models and open-source technologies BENEFITS Easy integration - Infrastructure agnostic - No data silo created Scalability & maintenance - Easy to add additional lego bricks - Total control over maintenance & roadmap NΛUTILUS platform built with LEGO bricks of open source technologies for fast scalability

24. Thanks to AI, digital marketers can concentrate on higher value-added work: Strategy and Creativity

25. Thanks for your attention . +971 4 434 3249 . . DIC-15, Office G9-11, Dubai

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