The future of learning is global - a vision for leadership

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Published on March 29, 2013

Author: julielindsay



Schools want to go global, teachers want to connect their classrooms with the world, but what are the leadership skills needed to 'flatten' a school and launch it into the future. In fact, the future is now, the vision needs to be articulated now, and global learning should be planned across the curriculum now, not as an add on or as something too hard to access. This session will share ideas and resources for planning to move a learning community into a globally connected and collaborative future.

The Future of Learning is Global - A Vision for Leadership Julie Lindsay MA Education Technology Leadership, EdD Student Global Educator, Leader, Innovator, Author Director and Co-founder, Flat Classroom® @julielindsay

Part A: Recipe to Flatten Part B: Leadership Your Classroom for a Global Future

Let’s Go Global!…….what is ‘flat learning’?

…..use oftechnologyto virtuallyeliminatethe physicalwalls of theclassroom

…bringing theworld into theclassroom andopening theclassroom to theworld….

……discovery, engagement, collaborationand co-creation withothers who are notin your physicalspace

‘flat learning’ is important because…

…it connectslearnerswith theworld andimpacts thecontext inwhich welearn

…it is apedagogysupported bytechnology

…it goes …it canbeyond just change theconnecting…. world as we know it - local and global

flat learning isthe future?global learningis the future? is……NOW!

how do you…..go flat?

Holistic – Flat embraces all modes Inquiry -based Flipped Blended Learning Flattened Classroom Challenge -based Project -based

Part A: Recipe to Flatten Your Classroom ….three ingredients

#1 Connection

Connection Habits of lifelong learners“The next best thing tobeing wise oneself is to livein a circle of those who are”C.S.Lewis

Connection Daily Workflow

Connection Pull Technologies

Connection Connected PLN

Connection Teacherpreneur Good teacherpreneurs arent renegades; they are connectors

Connection Connected Learning

Connection Curriculum agility and stability The hidden Contexts curriculum Learning capital Communities

Connection Virtual Participation

Connection Strategy for Curriculum Development Information Communication Location Generation

Connection Taxonomy © Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, ‘Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds’. Pg 55

Connection is not enough……… ………it is only the first step of going globaland flat learning

Connection! • What does your daily connected life look like? • Who do youHow connected communicate with? Collaborate with? Co- are you as an create with? • Are they local or educator? global? • What does it mean to be a connected learner?

#2 Citizenship

Citizenship Digital Identity

Citizenship Digital Citizenship – an enlightened model ©Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay 2012

Citizenship Global awareness and impact

Citizenship Global competency

Citizenship! DISCUSS! Although technology is Digital used in communication, Citizenship digital citizenship is still squarely about relating to people.

#3 Collaboration

If Collaboration is a needed &required 21st Centuryskill, educators need to not onlyteach it, but employ & model itas well

Collaboration Social vs Educational

Collaboration Technopersonal skills - Synchronous

Collaboration Technopersonal skills - Asynchronous

Collaboration Co-Creation © Emily McCurran, Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher

Collaboration Co-Creation

Collaboration Learning to Collaborate and Co-Create

Collaboration Teacher – Student - Learners

Recipe toflatten your classroom

Three ingredients to flatten your classroom Connection Citizenship Collaboration

Part B: Leadership for a Global Future What does this look like? What type of leaders will successfullysupport flat learning?


ISTE NETS.A also include…• Digital Age Learning Culture – create, promote, and sustain a dynamic, digital-age learning culture that provides a rigorous, relevant, and engaging education for all students• Excellence in Professional Practice – promote an environment of professional learning and innovation that empowers educators to enhance student learning through the infusion of contemporary technologies and digital resources• Systemic Improvement – to continuously improve the organization through the effective use of information and technology resources• Digital Citizenship – model and facilitate understanding of social, ethical and legal issues and responsibilities related to an evolving digital culture

Implementing the Vision• How do we allow students and teachers to find their own voice and take charge of their own learning?• How do we promote a culture of sharing and collaboration?• Do we have the courage to do this?• Do we consider change as a normal process?• Are we seduced by the mission of the technology?

A New Paradigm for Educational Leadership• Online learning communities are leveling the playing field to advantage learners• Leadership must address: – School revitalization in a digital world – Teachers as providers of new forms of leadership in schools and communities – Support of the ‘teacherpreneur’

What is a Teacherpreneur?“A teacher who sees an opportunity tomake a profitable learning experiencefor students through the forging ofpartnerships with other classrooms withcommon curriculr goals andexpectations”“The teacherpreneur accepts theresponsibility and risks for the endeavorand is accountable for the outcome”

What do Teacherpreneurs do?Teacherpreneurs take all the best practices ineducation and latest advances in technology anduse them to blaze new trails in teaching andlearning that focus on connection andcollaboration.See Teacherpreneurs -

The rise of the Teacherpreneur Leader• Champions for change – realizers of the vision• New methods of publication and sharing information – keep on teaching!• Building and facilitating communities• Researchers• Pedagogical excellence• Innovate from within• Working within and beyond the school culture• Managers, directors, mentors, guides

Teacherpreneur Leadership A group of teachers Fosters excitementA teacher gets an come together to amongst otheridea for learning do something teachers significant

Community Connector builder Pedagogy Change expert maker IntegratesInnovator Teacherpreneur new technologies

How do school leaders foster the Teacherpreneur Leader?• Encourage customization of learning experiences to local standards while being flexible to embrace the world• Support innovation and encourage pedagogical excellence• Encourage an agile curriculum• Equip teachers to investigate new global relationships and design solutions

Principal Enablers• New role of principals – to enable teacher leadership – Incorporate the aspirations and ideas of others – Make space for individual innovation – Know when to step back – Create opportunities from perceived difficulties – Build on achievements to create a culture of success

Parallel Leadership* Teacher leaders and school principals engage in collective action to build school capacity Three distinct qualities – Mutual trust – Shared purpose – Allowance for individual expressionFor a real-world example refer to interview with Showk Badat Principal at Essa Academy, UK *A form of distributed leadership developed through research by author Frank Crowther in Developing Teacher Leaders, 2nd edition, 2009

When you go flat, you never go back Global collaboration is vital to the classroom of now(remember - the future is now)

A good leader is one who getsout of the way of the learning!

We have so much to learn from jazz- band leaders, for jazz, like leadership, combines the unpredictability of the future with the gifts of individuals From ‘Leadership Jazz’, by Max De Pree

Julie LindsayMA Education Technology Leadership, EdD Student Global Educator, Leader, Innovator, Author Director and Co-founder, Flat Classroom® @julielindsay

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