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Published on November 15, 2007

Author: mathewpatterson



Mathew Patterson's slides from the Future of Web Design in NYC November 2007.

The talk covered the past and current state of HTML email, and where it is likely to go in the future. Read the full outline at

the future of email design

“HTML mail still sucks”

“I hate HTML email”

Andy Budd “I have a strong dislike of HTML emails”

“ I absolutely hate HTML email” Roger Johansson

“Let the hate flow through you”

the future itof email doesn’t matter! design

HTML email is not going away

“probably the single highest ROI action you can take ”

the future 1998of email == 2007? design

the future email of email building design blocks

Clients imagine this...

...we need to design for this

inboxes are very noisy places with lots of the future on things going everywhere that will of email distract your eye every design few moments email is low bandwidth and low attention It’s a design challenge

Permission + the future relevance = attention of email design

Scannable text is the cornerstone

Core elements Permission Unsubscribe Contact details

the future email is of email dead? design

Better, stronger, faster

the future of email thank you design

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