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Published on March 19, 2008

Author: mattanium



A presentation I gave on March 17th to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association about the future of advertising in the digital age.

The future of advertising. Matt Dickman//Fleishman-Hillard//MCAD//MIMA//March 17, 2008


First, let’s make a deal.

About me.

The foundation for tomorrow is here today.

If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less. General Eric Shineski, Retired Chief of Staff, U.S. Army

The world has changed.

1.0 2.0


The faces have changed.

“The best idea is boss” -CP+B

The roadmap changed.

The language changed.

<html> <head> <title>The web changed things.</title> </head> <body> Hello World! </body> </html>

The pace changed.

Choice is growing exponentially.

Marketers are at a crossroads.

Most agencies were not built for dialogue.

Traditional digital is running rampant.

Most marketers on Facebook use it as a broadcast platform.

They were created to push.

And shout.

Sometimes that works.

Advertising is better at emotion.

It just doesn’t work in a vacuum.

Or a silo.

PR Advertising

PR Advertising Interactive

PR Interactive

Advertising Interactive


PR Advertising Interactive


PR Advertising Interactive


Experiences rule.

Storytelling is a must.

Creating and enabling fans.


Location agnostic.


Widgets are portable, brand gateways.

Time agnostic.

We have to listen and adapt.

End of interruption.

Social media will be the standard.

It’s all social.

It’s all personal.

The “me” economy.

15 megabytes is the new 15 minutes.

Consumer buzz can be great.

Or really bad.

Hurricane Kohls.

Paul McEnany |

Wal-Mart flog.

Either way, it spreads quickly.

They don’t call it viral for nothing.

We have to keep our eyes open.

And look below the surface.


Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Bridge collapses - 6:00pm

I hear about it on Twitter a little after 6pm.

The story unfolds.

29 minutes

45 minutes

45 minutes

49 minutes

Mainstream media catches up.

1 hour

Some alert friends.

1 hour 42 minutes

Some ask questions.

3 hours 8 minutes

Some reflect back.

People upload images.

Distributed through widgets.

And through mashups.

There are even new worlds to explore.


Put strategy first.

Adding value should be the goal.

Thank you! Matt Dickman

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