The Fruitarian Diet Review: A Not so Common Diet

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Information about The Fruitarian Diet Review: A Not so Common Diet
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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: MrNagamori



For a diet, the fruitarian diet is actually a somewhat healthy diet. Here are the pros and cons of the fruitarian diet.

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What is it? ➔ The fruitarian diet (A.K.A. Frutarianism) is focused mainly on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and various seeds. Grains and animal products are excluded from this diet. And the animal protein products can be replaced with nuts and other plant based high protein sources.

What is it? (Con't) ➔ ➔ In basic terms, people on this diet will only eat items that fall from plant life. They will sometimes avoid the harvesting process as they believe it will hurt the plant. Other twists of this same diet could include the consumption of processed foods. Although people on this diet prefer fresh plant products, some will still eat refined sugar and processed oils.

The Pros It’s a (somewhat) natural based diet It can be a simple diet The diet offers a variety of nutrients This diet probably did us well before the canned goods and other processed foods

The Cons ➔ ➔ There are many variations of the original diet Still includes regular processed foods

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