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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: micaelnc



English little summary of my Research Project "The Franchise & McDonald's". For more info visit (only Catalan) or send an email to

The franchise & McDonald’s Micael Navarro Casellas

Summary 1. Introduction 2. Franchise 1. Definition 2. History 3. Characteristics 3. The McDonald’s franchise 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Definition History Characteristics McDonald’s is a role model Inquiry: is McDonald’s the best franchise? 4. McDonald’s & Burger King: comparison between the two giants 5. Conclusions

Introduction -Objectives: • Learn what a franchise is • Affirm or disprove that McDonald’s is the best franchise

The Franchise 1. Definition -Alternative channel with two parts: franchisee and franchisor. -Characteristics: • Cooperation system • Contract • Concession of a trademark, know-how and support • Payment of royalties

The Franchise 2. Antecedents -19th century in North America -Spain: 20th century thanks to Franchises Guide, press and franchise congresses Spanish Franchises Guide 2014 / ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE FRANQUICIAS

The Franchise 3. Characteristics -Advantages • Flexible business • Allows to grow up • Incomes through different ways -Disadvantages • To have a profitable business • Follow established rules

The McDonald’s Franchise 1. Definition -North American fast food restaurant chain -69 million customers daily -Control of providers and advertising -Continuous support McNuggets, a well-known McDonald’s product / MCDONALD’S SWITZERLAND

The McDonald’s Franchise 2. History -Founded in 1940 in LA by Richard and Maurice McDonald -Ray Kroc bougth the company -McDonalds Corporation was born -1960: 100 restaurants -1985: first McDonald’s restaurant in Spain The first McDonald’s restaurant today is a museum/ PANORAMIO

The McDonald’s Franchise 3. Characteristics -Basic values • Quality • Service • Cleaning • Value -Three-legged stool model Providers Franchisees Staff The three-legged stool model / PERSONAL ELABORATION

The McDonald’s Franchise 4. McDonald’s is a role model -McDonald’s products around the globe -Social responsible business -Compromise -Corporative responsibility -Quality -Sustainability -Occupation and professional development Advertising of Ronald McDonald Foundation / PERSONAL ARCHIVE

The McDonald’s Franchise 5. Inquiry: is McDonald’s the best franchise? 15

The McDonald’s Franchise 5. Inquiry: is McDonald’s the best franchise? Pregunta 4. Ha utilitzat mai el servei McAuto de McDonald's? 20 40 18 35 16 30 14 25 12 20 10 8 15 6 10 4 5 2 0 0 Sí No 15-20 anys 21-30 anys 31-40 anys >40 anys

McDonald’s & Burger King: comparison between the two giants • Customers • Advertising • Types of franchise contract

Conclusions  Knowledge  McDonald’s is the best franchise When I finished the inquiries, McDonald’s gave me a coffee / PERSONAL ACHIEVE

The Franchise & McDonald’s Micael Navarro Casellas 2nd Batxillerat, A INS Castelló d’Empúries Castelló d’Empúries, January 20, 2014

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