The Fourth Paradigm - Deltares Data Science Day, November 2014

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Information about The Fourth Paradigm - Deltares Data Science Day, November 2014

Published on November 10, 2014

Author: Azure4Research



In this talk we describe how the Fourth Paradigm for Data-Intensive Research is providing a framework for us to develop tools, technologies and platforms to support actionable science. We discuss applications that take advantage of cloud computing, particularly Microsoft Azure, to realise the potential for turning data into decisions, knowledge and understanding. and

1. 휌 퐷푣 퐷푡 =−훻푝+훻∙휯+풇

2. Data Acquisition & modelling Collaboration and visualisation Analysis & data mining Dissemination & sharing Archiving and preserving Data-intensive Research

3. X-Info • Data ingest • Managing a petabyte • Common schema • How to organize it • How to reorganize it • How to share with others • Query and Vis tools • Building and executing models • Integrating data and Literature • Documenting experiments • Curation and long-term preservation The Generic Problems Experiments & Instruments Simulations Literature Other Archives facts facts facts facts Questions Answers

4. All Scientific Data Online •Many disciplines overlap and use data from other sciences. •Internet can unify all literature and data •Go from literature to computation to data back to literature. •Information at your fingertips – For everyone, everywhere •Increase Scientific Information Velocity •Huge increase in Science Productivity (From Jim Gray’s last talk) Literature Derived and recombined data Raw data

5. Gartner:

6. Manual Measurement Automated Measurement Sample Collection Historical Photographs Counting Ubiquitous Motes Aircraft Surveys Model Output Typing

7. Monitoring Collation Quality assurance Aggregation Analysis Reporting Forecasting Distribution Done poorly, but a few notablecounter-examples Done poorly to moderately, not easy to find Sometimes done well, generally discoverable and available, but could be improved Integration (I. Zaslavsky& CSIRO, BOM, WMO)

8. Web search: “open weather data azure”

9. Water depth map of London(~130km2). Storm eventof 60 minutes and 100 years return period


11. Parker MacCready: Univ. of Washington Rob Fatland:, Wenming Ye, NelsOscar, Microsoft Research

12. Numerical model of 3-D ocean currents and water properties •salinity, •temperature, •biogeochemistry Relies on external data sources: •Bathymetry •Wind and heating •Open Ocean BC’s •Tides •Rivers

13. Model Validation Comparisons are done to an extensive suite of in-situ observations •sea surface height 12 NOAA tide gauges •salinity and temperature over 2000 CTD casts from ECOHAB, RISE, DOE, NANOOS, Hood Canal, IOS, King County, and NOAA •velocity and moored S,T 7 coastal ADCP / CTD moorings from the ECOHAB and RISE projects, 2 moorings from IOS

14. Interactive 3-D Model Visualization using WorldWideTelescope, Narwhal and Layerscape www.layerscape.

15. EH4 32 m Figure from SA Siedlecki, UW/JISAO; Observations from Connolly et al., 2010 Validation: Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature

16. LiveOcean: System Architecture HPC linux150 cores Forecast NetCDFfiles LiveOcean Server •Post Processing •Pre-make .png“views” •Archive NetCDFfiles •API for web sites •Admin.js •Client.js Blob Storage: Forecast Copy Science User python Azure Table: Log Info Admin Website Client Website http://mappable.azurewebsites. net/liveocean/ Rivers USGS Atmosphere UW WRF Ocean HYCOM


18. Cloud Big data Aggregation Machine Learning Analytics

19. The Cloud democratizes access to scale & economies of scale

20. Commodity at Scale



23. Research Cloud Ecosystem


25. Use laptops & desktop computers Overwhelmed by data Finding analysis ever more difficult; sharing even harder

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