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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: jericzabs


The Flood and Noah’s Ark Possible source: Gilgamesh Epic Remote memory of such an archetypal disaster, around 4,000 BCE Elements: ark, remnant was saved, clean and unclean animals, 40 days and night, burnt sacrifice, rainbow, covenant Noah’s Three sons: Shem, Ham & Japeth = 8 survivors w/ their wives; 7 animals/1 pair unclean     Sin committed: Worldwide sin, idolatry Cause of Sin: Forgetfulness of God Effects: Widespread flood and destruction Note of Hope: A remnant was saved through Noah. The earth was restored and God promised to never destroy the world though flood again. Message of the Story 1) Humans have turned God’s creation into evil 2) Evil leads to destructions 3) God starts a new creation with those who are faithful to Him. 4) God makes a covenant with humans

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