The Flickr Redesign - May 20 2013

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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: pjk13



This deck discusses the redesign Flickr that launched in May 2013, beginning with an incremental approach in 2012 and culminating in a massive relaunch in 2013. We created a design vision in 2012 and began to redesign feature by feature. There were clear benefits to this process, but the pace and impact were not optimal. With Marissa Mayer's arrival at Yahoo we presented our vision and quickly found significant renewed enthusiasm for Flickr – she was ready to invest in a much larger relaunch of the Flickr product. With Marissa's support, we changed course to a much faster, revolutionary redesign of the product. The results were spectacular, and put Flickr on a new course.

(Re)designing Flickr Phil King @pkingdesign

re: Flickr

The Need to Redesign

Complexity vs. A Big Redesign

Redesign in Stages • risk of Frankenstein product • frequent, smaller user churn • repeated PR bumps • faster time to market • iteration & course correction vs. One Big Release • less UX fragmentation • larger community impact • single, big PR boost • long wait / no shipping

Ease of Use & Beauty 2012 2013 Redesign in Stages! faster time to market with higher coordination cost

st rt the a f ate o Ease of Use & Beauty 2012 2013 Redesign in Stages? progress in key metrics, not overtaking competition

st Ease of Use & Beauty 2013 Big Relaunch! big effort to retake market leadership rt the a f ate o

Evolution or Revolution: Same Goals & Metrics • bigger photos – photos as the hero • revitalize Flickr brand and product perceptions through design • create daily habit for photo viewing and sharing • be the limitless public / private photo sharing destination • social engagement and photo sharing • photos uploaded (public & private) • new member growth • increase time spent on site

Flickr Relaunch Impact Photos uploaded up 4x – now 12m+ daily New members up 2x – now 60k daily Over 1.5m new members – first 30 days Time spent & social engagement up 10-50% Monthly uniques up 25% – 110mm in July Photos uploaded via Android up 490%

Ship Often (not too often)

Empathy + Opportunity

Quality is the Product

Phil King @pkingdesign

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