The fims 4: a new beginning

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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: kumanazhi



It's near the release of another major Sims game: The Sims 4 - yes, it's a real thing, coming out in fall of Twenty-Fourteen! So, as seemingly traditional of the worlds most popular Sims counterpart, the Fims series; there must be a Fims 4 made available to the public before there is a Sims 4! So, I bring it to you today: it's yours. Yours to keep and enjoy for as long as you want! Also traditional of the rest of the Fims franchise, The Fims 4 is rated T for TEEN, but this time around, the rating graphic looks a heck of a lot more realistic, because the gray cube with the black T on it has been replaced with the actual Entertainment Software Rating Board TEEN symbol! As you can also probably tell by the hues depicted in the above title screen SlideShare server conversion image, the colour quality is much better than LITERALLY ANY of the last Fims games, even combined! The technicolour has received a total makeover! Plus, with all-new Fims 4 high-quality original soundfonts, the soundtrack is sure to have you singing and dancing as you play like never before! There is not a single Sims cover in this game, and all of its music was literally hand crafted by me myself! I spent a total of thirty-seven hours Fimating each and every one of the songs featured in this game, so that their instrumental tunes sound exactly like their vocalized counterparts! So, with all that said, I really hope you enjoy The Fims 4 and all the insanely-hard work I put into it!

To get "The Fims 1", go to:

To get "The Fims 2", go to:

To get "The Fims 3", go to:

WARNING: The bright and rapidly-colour-changing graphics in The Fims 4 may cause seizures in people who have a seizure-related disorder. If you are, or are the parent, guardian, or other supervisor of, a person who has seizures, it is recommended that you slash he or she not play this game; or at least, disgression is advised.


Customize Your Fims – Create Your Dream Life Michael Cheerleader Jackson Girl Male Male 13 50 You know what his traits are, cuz he’s Michael Jackson!!! Hot, sexy, jaundiced, nice, sporty, girly, always happy, flirty, bouncy, energetic, dangerous to get too close to, violent when angry, violent when happy, violent when sad, violent when feeling any emotion, not violent when not feeling any particular way, violent when asleep, sleeps standing, loves purple Short Hair Attend School Your Yard Get More Fims (FREE!) Your House Customize Another House Or Building Obtener Más Fims (¡Gratis!) Long Hair Customize Your World Quit Go To Work Salir

Are you sure you are done playing for now? (The computer WILL ask you if you want to save.) ¿Realmente ha terminado jugando ahora? (El sistema VA A preguntarse si quiere salvar el juego.) Yes Sí No

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