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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: GrandmasterPaulDyerP



Dr. Paul W Dyer Talks about the field and the practice and what it means to us. He gives a great description of the action. When we apply the action to our lives the potential is limitless.

The Field And Quantum Practice I have been working through an understanding of enlightenment and balance in this chaotic world I have created for myself. I do enjoy studying chemistry, biology, kinesiology, quantum physics, and so many other science that are blocks to understanding the cosmic balance we can achieve through our practices of forms and formless mind and body and spiritual development . There is a consistent language of design that is spoken through the universe. Quieting the mind of distractions and creating a listening environment within myself I am able to understand the mathematical and energy that the universe gives off. We are all part of the great building blocks of the geometry of life. This force modern day researches and scientist are indeed validating the code us healers light workers internal external martial scientist have been practicing for thousands of years. In breath there is vibration, in vibration there is movement, in movement there is form, and the form is consciousness, and the connection of form is a reality. I do understand most people still and will find it very difficult to come close to the understand and to come close to the band of life source and the understanding of energy movement. Our modern day life style puts enormous pressure on the nervous system, which blocks the source of connection with the higher source. Through internal and external practices that is available to clean up the road blocks that attacks the system and cause tremendous sickness we are able to become less distracted and allow the body

receive the light and allow the source to fill your capacity and complete you. All journey leads to the higher source of love and connection. The body is the architect of nature and it is tune perfectly to the vibration of the universe when we are born. Through our turmoil and creation of destruction of or ego selves we imbalance ourselves and therefore it causes an emotional breakdown. Emotions of fear, apathy, anxiety and all health issues create a different vibration in the body. The vibration of love, joy gratitude radiates higher tones and frequencies. In the internal practices of movements and mental formless work we raise our frequencies and the vibrational tones clears the sickness and forms a barrier of health the circles us. This energy that is being detected by modern day scientist and researchers is now known as chi. The law of resonance states that all energy resonates at a specific frequency. The energy of harmonious frequency can be created by you through words, action, and thoughts. This is why when you develop the higher self you can become unbeatable in the physical life. The art of wholeness of defense in life comes down to self-health development.

The quantum physics states that every atom in the universe has a frequency. Biology and chemistry states that the body consist of a variety of atoms, which contain photons and electrons and a bio electric energy that runs through the body and is directly connected to the source of all things. A healthy body broadcasts a frequency between 62 and 72 Hz. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 Hz, cold and flu has been known to be developed. The Pattern Of Source and action. I have been working on frequency development in the action of breath and movements. Through the connection of forms in association with polarity I have found an increase in strength and power through geometric pattern of connection. The healthy body is a flowing interactive electro-dynamic energy field. Every cell also builds a unique characteristic frequency. Frequencies that are rich in harmonics supply the body with a full band of frequencies that can support and strengthen the bio-system. Every system, organ, tissue, cell, and molecule of the human body vibrates within a certain range of frequency.

I have been practicing vibration tones as I move through a pattern in a metatron cube. Also working through the connection of the platonic solid with equal and opposite’s reaction in vibrational tones. What I have come to understand is an amazing results in heighten emotional and physical awareness with action and stillness. Through this development and understanding I am connecting in my merkabra kundalini field with the electric universe. I have read Immanuel Velikovsky years ago and it just now resonates with my truth of the field of the universe so many of our scientists were referring too. This is just the beginning of the ancient knowledge of spiritual awakening of our inner light being. This is the practice of life. In life there is no defense there is just life. The many illusions of confusions of time and space have created the belief that you must fight your way through the myriad of barriers that lie between you and your goal. My practice, my passion, my goal is to help you and I walk through these barriers of sickness and come out the other side into the light. In the light we shall have completeness. There are many types of information that is encoded with knowledge. Let yourself see the code. Awaken your vision. Start to believe. In my many years of development and education I have receive through the brother and sisterhood of life I have come to understanding of this energy and

source of vitality, fullness and the life force from inside and out. It is this that is the foundation of my practice in the science of life. So I leave you with this: “As Above So Shall Below” It was the word and the word was sound and the solfeggio frequencies of creation can be developed. The code the Key lies within = Enlightenment By: Dr. Paul W Dyer Ph.D,Th.D,Grandmaster of Martial Science. My few remarkable Brothers and teachers.

“As I was practicing with Grandmaster Dyer I was feeling small and part of all things around me and my body began to shake and feel light and floating. He then said yes and we began to practice a form and I felt nothing when I was striking but the bag just flew. I was truly amazed” Student Ken Contact Information :

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