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Published on July 1, 2008

Author: memorablemedicine



Very brief overview of the eye and ear from a clinical perspective.

The Eye and Ear Clinical Perspective Nick Harvey

The ‘obvious’ eye things

The external eye muscles

What is she doing wrong?!

The Ear

The tympanic membrane (TM)



What is damaged in the left eye? A: trochlear B: oculomotor C: superior rectus D: lateral rectus A: trochlear

What’s the smallest thing you should put in your ear? A: little finger B: elbow C: cotton bud D: tongue B: elbow

What is damaged here? A: medial rectus B: trochlear nerve C: oculomotor nerve D: lateral rectus C: oculomotor nerve

What is the main bone can you see in contact with the TM? A: malleus B: stapes C: mastoid D: incus And which one?! A: malleus

Light reflex cone Tympanic membrane (right) Handle of malleus Incus Stapes Umbo Flaccid part Tense part

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