The Extreme Future of Health Care 2014

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Published on January 22, 2014

Author: jcanton



Radical trends in health care and medicine will change business and society. This presentation fresh from Dr. James Canton's New Keynote Presentation and from his upcoming new book looks at the trends in biotech, synthetic biology, digital health, genomics, wellness and regenerative medicine that will shape the near future of our world and health. Find out what's next and how to prepare today. For more info see

The Extreme Future of Health Care Dr. James Canton CEO & Chairman Institute for Global Futures

Are you Future-Ready What is your Vision?

Institute for Global Futures Global Think Tank •  Founded 1990 •  Keynotes, reports, advisory •  Advise Business & Government

Worldwide Clients

Health Trakker

Trend Trakker Terrorism News May 18-20, 2002 News-Matrix

Key Themes •  Future Trends •  Drivers of Change •  New Medical Model •  Disruptive Innovations

NeuroWeb: Thinking Network Welcome to the Extreme Future

Disease Begins at the Atomic

Defense Industry Futures Disruptive Change

Health Care Change Drivers •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Cost Disease Law Innovation Population Prosperity Longevity Model

The End of Medicine

Health Care 2025 •  New Medical Model: Predict, Prevent, Promote Health

Emerging Consumer Genomics Market: Predict Genotype Algorithms/ bioinformatics Genes Surrogate markers Proteomics SNPs Phenotype Probability of disease Colonoscopy Mammogramm PSA screening Take preventive drugs Healthier Personalized disease screening/ medical intervention Lifestyle modification Longer Lives Environment / family history Quit smoking Watch nutrition Exercise Reduce sun exposure

Disease Progression Driving Medicine Below the Symptom Line Post treatment testing Drug / device intervention SYMPTOMS APPEAR Diagnosis – prognosis Screening Predisposition testing HEALTHY Source: Millennium Predictive Medicine; Start-up 2000

Shift from a Disease-Centric to Prevention-Centric Medical Model

Managing Accelerating Change

5 Game ChangingTechnologies

Convergent Technologies


Conquering Disease at the Atomic Scale: Designed Care •  From InSilico Biology, to Molecular Delivery, to Intracellular NanoBiology •  The Evolution of Applied NanoMedicine

Silencing Disease Genes

Reprogramming Disease

Next Health C Delivery Platform

eMedicine: Wireless

Key Themes

eHealth & eLab Realities

Whole Genome $100 Sequencing


Personalized Pharma

Predictive Health Analytics

Predictive Diagnostics Futures •  •  •  •  Biochip Implants Proactive Diagnostics - Direct User Interface Dynamic NanoBio Enhanced Immune System Molecular Sensors / Nanobiological System Integration

Big Health Data Analytics: Real-Time


GeoMedicine: Breast Cancer GeoMedicine

Distributed Real-Time Medicine

Networked Patient Data

Cloud Health Know Management

Immersive Tele-presence

What’s Coming •  Time-Space

NeuroWeb: Thinking Network

Future Web Phone

Personalized Medicine

Wellness as Competitive Advantage

Predicting Future Health

Institute for Global Futures •  •  •  •  Founded 1990 Think Tank Advise Fortune 1000 about future trends Advise government

Institute for Global Futures •  •  •  •  Founded 1990 Think Tank Advise Fortune 1000 about future trends Advise government

Health Cloud Computing

NanoBioNeuro-Devices Enhancement of HumanPerformance

GeoWeb, Media Mashup Virtual Labs & Techs

Artificial Life Networks: Co-Evolution with Humans

Real-Time Wireless Lab Diagnostics

Real-time Health Data

Wireless Health Portals


Smart Electronic Lab Records


New Directions

PostGenomic Society

Personalized Med Futures




Real-time NBINQ Visualization

Designed Evolution: NBINQ Devices, Personalized Genetics




Artificial Life Networks: On-Demand Digital Brains

Enhancing Memory Nanotech: The Next IT

NeuroRejuvenation Nanotech: The Next IT

Institute for Global Futures •  •  •  •  Founded 1990 Think Tank Advise Fortune 1000 about future trends Advise government

Hacking Human Evolution?

Summary § Consumers demand future innovation § Creating a sustainable health care model—Wellness Model § Building the Predictive Medical Model § Regenerative Medicine plus PostGenomics will drive Longevity •  Twitter: #Futureguru •  Facebook: Institute for global futures •  Blog: Futureguru

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