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Published on March 19, 2018

Author: anadcz


Unit Plan: The Epic of Gilgamesh: Unit Plan: The Epic of Gilgamesh Adriana Chavez EDSC 304 Content Standards: Content Standards Big Ideas/Unit Goals: Big Ideas/Unit Goals Students will explore the Epic of Gilgamesh and develop responses underlining the following questions: 1. What does it mean to be a human? 2. What are some qualities humanity desires? How are these qualities shaped by the context of society? 2. Why do we value heroic characters like Gilgamesh? 3. How are the cultural attitudes represented in world literature similar to our modern attitudes? 21 st Century Skills Goals: Students will uses communication and collaboration creating skills making posters of mythological god, answering a Socrative question through their devices, and dispensing their understanding to their class. Students will use information and technology skills using search engines for information, creating a Poppet organizer , and use google document slides and documents to set up a final project. Students will use creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills when developing a modern interpretation of Gilgamesh on google slides. Learning Objectives and Assessments : Learning Objectives and Assessments Learning Objectives: Students will gain an appreciation and activate prior knowledge text exploring the historical and mythological background to the Epic of Gilgamesh. Students will create the hero’s journey and describe central characteristics of the protagonist through plotting hero’s journey. Students will work collaboratively to analyze connections between themes and characteristics and use their findings to create a modern Gilgamesh experience. Assessments Entry: Socrative responses, small group presentations on mythological god in the text, short journal responses. Formative: Popit organizer, comprehensive questions, journal reflections, In-class discussions. Summative: . Digital modern narratives of the Epic of Gilgamesh: uses themes, plot structure, & creativity of their overall understandings. Two Learning Activities: Two Learning Activities Entry/Pre-Reading : Students will be encouraged to activate prior knowledge and excitement by responding to a Socrative question: what powers influences people of our society/community? Student will respond and discuss. Moving them to explore the mythological powers (Ninsun, Ishtar, etc ) of the text in groups of three. Student will conduct safe internet searches for information and pictures to create large posters to their the class. They will draw their character, explain who are they are in Sumerian society, what powers they have and overall predict their significance to characters in our text. During the end of read: Students will complete a Poppet of Gilgamesh’s heroric journey with a partner. They will give detail of each section of the plot and use search engines to find images that will reestablish understanding of the moment. Students will have a set of comprehension questions/guide they will also complete while detailing key moments in their Poppet’s, activating understanding of themes and Gilgamesh’s complexity. Why Gilgamesh?: Why Gilgamesh? I choose to teach the text of The Epic of Gilgamesh because it was one of the “fun” reads I was introduced during my sophomore year of high school. The text lends itself to easily engage with students because it is short. The matter of fact it uses Sumerian myths and is plotted in an adventure excites students. More importantly, students fall in love with the protagonist because Gilgamesh resonates with young adults. Gilgamesh, like a young adult, is a complex figure making dismantling choice throughout the plot only because he is attempting to form his identity in society. Thus, the text lends itself for student’s to explore themselves while understanding the protagonist in the story. Moreover teaching The Epic of Gilgamesh was also influenced by the Enduring Hero Unit plan I evaluated. This plan illustrated how the form of a heroric journey can easily be manipulated into a short digital narrative. Gilgamesh follows the heroric journey, allowing me to push for a fun digital narrative on students rather than an essay.

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